Jonathan and Tabitha Warren, both of Grafton, May27,1790.*CR

WAIT (Wate)

Nathan of Leicester and Hannah Peirks, May20,1773.

Olive and Asa Knowlton, Feb.2,1789.


Samuell and Olive Tucker, int.Sept.22,1775.

Sally and Josiah Norcros Jr., int.Mar.16,1820.


Eli [Wolcott. int.], of Worcester and Mary Flint, Dec.25 [or 26], 1828.PR


Edward of Brookfield and Mary Fay of Westburough, Nov.末,1742.*

Hezekiah and Sarah Prescott of Lancaster, Sept.29,1747.*

Martha and Stephen Hastings, June16,1757.

Eunice of Sutton and Edward Goddard, June11,1764. In Sutton.*

Lydia and Joseph Bixby, both resident in Shrewsbury, int.Sept.30,1767.

Catharine of Worcester and Shepherd Pratt, int.Nov.7,1801.

Azariah of Needham and Hannah Phillips, int.Sept.18,1834.

William S. of Oakham (s.Rev. John and Eunice, a.23) and Frances Ann Howe, Nov.5,1846.

Susan (d.Solomon and Mary) and Prentiss Lamb, Sept.28,1848.*


Ruth and Ebenezer Nurse, Nov.1,1733.*

Persis and Bezaleel Eager, Feb.26,1735-6.*

Beriah and Hanah Stow, both of Marlbrough, Nov.26,1745.*

Lucretia of Westborough and Joshua Willard of Petersham, Feb.28,1757.*

Elisha and Mary Baldwin, int.Apr.17,1762.

Jonas and Sarah Draper of Worcester, Dec.1,1768. In Worcester.

Jonas Jr. and Levinah Glazier, int.Mar.9,1770.

Katherine and Thomas Clark of Worcester, int.Mar.11,1774.

John and Mindwell Harrington of Worcester, int.May26,1774.

Ithamar and Phebe Parker, int.Nov.17,1778.

Abagail and Simeon Keys, Dec.18,1781. In Sutton.

Thomas Walter and Elizabeth Denny of Leicester, int.Sept.25,1782.

John and Sally Bigelow, both of Worcester,末蔓末, [1792 or 1793].*

Sarah [Sally.int.] and Elijah Brigham of Westborough, Dec.16,1792.

Andrew H. and Sally Henshaw, July2,1809.

Harriot [Harriet. int.] and William Williams of Pomfret, CT, May13,1817.

Elisabeth D. [Denny.int.] and Nathan Baldwin, May26,1817.

Sarah Henshaw and Benjamin L. Putnam of Marietta, O., Oct.3,1824.

Caroline and Benjamin P. Dix of Groton, Dec.30,1830.


Betsey, Mrs., of Sherburne and John Mason Jr., June27,1797. In Sherborn.

Harriot Jemima and Franklin Newell of Providence, Nov.10,1811.

Ann Janette and Dr. Azor R. Phelps, int.Oct.5,1833.


Persis C. of Holden and Calvin N. Slocomb, int.Apr.14,1827.


Keziah of Weston and Jacob Smith, Nov.23,1738. In Weston.*

Thankful and Francis Cutting, May11,1750.*

Mary of Upton and Elijah Harrington, int.Nov.18,1780.

Tabitha and Jonathan Wadsworth, both of Grafton, May27,1790.*CR

Elisha of New Braintree and Eunice Whipple of Grafton, May28,1793.*

Willard of Grafton and Marinda Wheelock, Dec.1,1825.

Nathaniel C. of Springfield and Maria Parker, Dec.6,1825.

Caleb H. and Elizabeth H. Bartlett of Northborough, int.Aug.17,1832.

Mary C. and Calvin Knowlton, Jan.25,1838.

Hannah H. of Northborough and Abram Peaslee, int.Aug.8,1839.

Henry E. and Susannah W. Wood of Worcester, Nov.26,1840. In Northborough.

Harriet A. (d.Nahum) and George Hapgood of Westboro', Mar.26,1844.

Manerva and Frederick F. Elliot of New England Ville (Grafton), int.Mar.21,1846.

Joseph H. of Worcester (a.32) and Abigail Newton, Dec.31,1846.

Marinda M. and Ezra Phillips Jr., int.Mar.18,1847.


Daniel and Hannah Bond of Waltham, Feb.1,1737-8. In Watertown.*

Sarah of Weston and Joseph Smith, Dec.3,1740.

Hephzibah and Hananiah Parker of Westboro', Nov.9,1775. In Westborough.

Sarah and Joshua Wheelock,末蔓末,1790. Int. Jan.26.


Nathan [Waite. int.], of Leicester and Joanna Tucker, Apr.25,1765.


Moses of Winchester, NH, and Hannah Butler, int.June22,1761.


Oliver of Leicester and Elisabath Blare of Worcester, Jan.6,1742-3.*


Jane of Holden and John McBride, Nov.7,1751. In Holden.*


John and Abigail Cutting, int.Dec.4,1781.

Priscilla and Ephraim Bennett, int.Jan.12,1785.

William and Nancy M. Temple, Apr.15,1841.

WESSON (Wyson)

Rebeckah, wid., of "Worcester Gore so called" and Benjamin Baker, int.Apr.18,1777.

Lydia and Daniel Mixer, int.Dec.18,1783.

Rebekah Colbarn and Solomon Parsons Jr. of Leicester, int.May11,1789.

Joel [Jr. int.] of Grafton Gore and Thankful Newton, Sept.15,1796. In Grafton.

John of Grafton and Azubah Baker, Dec.16,1805.

Jemima and John Johnson, int.July21,1816.

Lydia, wid., and Samuel Smith, int.Mar.26,1818.

Asa and Susanna Cummings, Apr.12,1818.

Samuel of Providence, RI, and Relief Smith, Nov.5,1820.

Phineas of Providence, RI, and Lucy Smith, Jan.14,1824.

Ephraim and Lucretia Bellows, May2,1829.

Selena and Charles Harrington, Aug.19,1829.

Nancy and Adam Harrington 2d, May16,1830.

Cornelia B. of Worcester and Henry H. Harrington, int.Jan.8,1833.

Rufus Jr. of Grafton and Miriam Harrington, July23,1840.

WETHERBE (Witherby)

Silas of Grafton and Thankful Keyes, Oct.9,1738. In Grafton.*


Mary A. [Wetherbee. int.], and Leonard Brewer of Boylston, Dec.26,1837.


George of New Braintree and Amelia Bigelow, Sept.18,1783. In New Braintree.

WHEELER (Wheelor, Wheler, Whelor)

Ephraim and Miriam Marten, Dec.30,1729.*

Hesediah [Hezediah Whelor. int.] and David Taylor, Apr.8,1746.

Cyrus and Lois Wheelock, May1,1746.

Damaris and John Barr of New Braintree, Oct.25,1751.*

Persis and John Baker Jr., June11,1754.

Dinah and Aaron Smith, Aug.4,1757.

Meriam and Asa Rice, int.June11,1763.

Elizabeth and Ass Smith, June9,1764.

Lucy and Zebulon Throop, both of Rutland, May27,1765.*

Ephraim and wid.Elisabeth Temple, Mar.22,1769.

Dinah of Marlborough and David Stratton, int.Nov.18,1769.

Solomon and Ziporah Harrington of Grafton, Aug.26,1771.

Lois and Jonathan Thurstin, May5,1773.

Artemas and Leucretia How, int.Aug.2,1777.

Aaron and Ruth Brittain, int.Oct.22,1784.

Abigail and John Tufts Jr. of Charlestown, int.Aug.22,1806.

Leonard of Bridport, VT, and Dolly How, Jan.29,1821.

America of Bolton and Lucy Temple, Oct.22,1826.

Hiram M. and Maria H. Palmer of Worcester, Oct.18,1840.

Hiram M. and Nancy R. 末末 of Northbridge, int.Apr.22,1847.

Elhanan C. (s.Ebenezer and Rhoda, a.22) and Ellen S. Knowlton, Jan.1,1849.

WHEELOCK (Whelock)

Samuel and Huldah Rice of Westboro', Feb.15,1720. In Marlborough.*

Martha and Ephraim Pratt, July9,1724.*

Tamer and Ebenezer Keyes, July13,1725.*

Elizabeth and Israel Allinn, Feb.14,1727-8.*

Mary and Eli Keyes, Oct.28,1734.*

Lois and Cyrus Wheeler, May1,1746.

Timoty and Sarah Rand, Oct.22,1747.*

Nahor and Abigail Williams, Dec.16,1747.*

Jonathan and Anna Drury, June20,1753.

Samuel and Dorcas Teny of Worcester, Apr.16,1754. In Worcester.

Persis and Ezekiel Newton, Nov.24,1755.

Gershom Jr. and Susanna Knowlton, int.Feb.12,1757.

Huldah and Timothy Newton, int.Nov.20,1762.

Gershom, Capt. and wid.Elizabeth Rice, int.Apr.27,1764.

Stephen and Leucretia Newton, Jan.18,1774.

Timothy of Ipswich, NH, and wid.Abigail Shearman, int.July5,1782.

Silas and Anna Whitney, July16,1783. In Grafton.

Abigail [wid.int.] and Daniel Hemenway, Nov.4,1783. In Grafton.

Asa of Wardsborough, VT, and Lucy Maynard, Jan.24,1788.

Abigail and Daniel Harris of Wardsborough, VT, Feb.24,1788.

Joshua and Sarah Warrin末蔓末, [1789 or 1790]. Int. Jan.26.

Elisabeth and John Rice Jr., Nov.16,1790.

Resinah [Rezinah.int.] and Abijah Drury, Feb.22,1792.

Silas, Dr., and Hannah Harrington, Dec.7,1800.

Vashti, wid., and Daniel Willington of Worcester, int.May13,1801.

Susannah [Susanna.int.] and Barlow Carpenter of Wardsborough, VT, Feb.6,1803.

Joseph and Judith Foster of Grafton, int.July12,1806.

Silas Jr. and Mary Smith, int.Sept.17,1808.

Thomas and Sally Nurse Fairbank of Grafton, int.Nov.27,1808.

Anna and Ezra Phillips, Sept.27,1809.

Sally and Gardner Goddard, int.Nov.25,1809.

Betsey and Elijah Harrington Jr., Jan.17,1810.

Gershom and Miriam Eager of Boylston, Dec.4,1811.

Gardner of Worcester and Anna Harrington, Dec.31,1818.

Harriott and Henry Snow, June6,1824.

Marinda and Willard Warren of Grafton, Dec.1,1825.

Zimri, resident in Northborough, and Sarah M. Sever, int.June17,1826.

Eliza and Oliver Harrington, Apr.14,1828.

Abraham and Catharine H. Pratt, Sept.26,1830.

Nathan S. of Grafton and Elizabeth Batherick, int.June11,1836.

Abraham and Mary E. Bradley of Smithfield, RI, int.Sept.7,1839.

Luke M. and Roxana Bartlett of Newton, int.Mar.12,1840.

Erastus (s.Gershom and Miriam, a.29) and Susan A. Goodnow, Apr.22,1847.

Gershom (s.Ephraim and Mary, a.68, widr.) and Sally Fisk, Jan.6,1848.

Mary E. (d.Abraham and Martha, a.17) and Simon B. Sargent, Oct.15,1848.

Mary E. (d.Gardner and Anna, a.23) and Jasper S. Nelson, Oct.31,1848.


Ephraim and Azubah Eager, int.Oct.10,1761.

Jonathan [Wheeler. int.], of Grafton and Anna Rand, Apr.2,1765.

Jacob [Wheeler. int.], of Petersham and wid.Huldah Maynard, Mar.5,1778.

Joseph Jr. of Worcester and Lucy Sumner, Jan.13,1793.

Nathan and Susanna Heard of Rutland, int.Apr.5,1805.


Lidia and William Norcross, Nov.6,1741.*

WHELOCK (Wheelock)

Rachel and Daniel Willard, both of Worcester, Mar.2,1742-3.*

Abigail and Daniel Potter of Brookfield, Oct.14,1745.

Ziporah of Mendon and Josiah Wood of Upton, Feb.3,1757.*


Josiah and Elizabeth Bally, Feb.28,1743-4.

Miriam and James Eager, both of Westborough, Mar.13,1744-5.*

John [Wheelor. int.], and Jedidah Biglo, Apr.30,1760.

Ruth and Abishai Crossman, both of Boylston, Jan.28,1794.*


George of New Braintree and Amelia Biglow, int.June27,1783.


Thomas and Martha Hugings, both of Westborough, June17,1755.*

Mary of Westborough and Nathan Hill, int.July10,1772.

Hannah and Humphry Biglow, Oct.26,1791. In Grafton.

James Jr. and Sally Merriam, both of Grafton, Nov.27,1792.*

John Jr. and Lucy Stowe, both of Grafton, May23,1793.*

Eunice of Grafton and Elisha Warren of New Braintree, May28,1793.*

Joseph of Grafton and Katharine Hastings, Oct.15,1797.

Joseph, Dr., late resident in Shrewsbury, and Rebecka Jeffrey, now of Shrewsbury, July4,1819.

Adaline of Boylston and William A. Green, int.May3,1836.


Mary of Sterling and Jacob Glazier, int.June15,1782.


Joseph of Lancaster and Patience Ball of Westborough, Nov.13,1745.*

John and Mara Holland, int.Apr.26,1785.

John of Northborough and Sarah Knowlton, Oct.28,1798. In Grafton.

Seth of Goshen and Relief Stone, June4,1800.

Oliver and Betsy Chickering, both of Worcester, Sept.11,1827.*

Laura A. of Northbridge and Orison W. Brigham, int.Sept.17,1842.


John Lak [Lake. int.] and Olive Wyman, Aug.27,1782. In Rutland.

Relief and Reuben Foster Blood, Feb.24,1805.

Rebecka and Thomas Knowlton Jr., Nov.1,1809.

Calvin and Maria Cloyes of Westborough, Sept.17,1820.


Daniel and Thankfull Allin, Mar.8,1738-9.*

Thomas and Ann Gould of Westborough, int.Feb.24,1753.

Elisabeth [Elizabeth.int.] and Joseph Mixer Jr., Apr.24,1754.

Silas ["of No town but near Lancaster". int.] and Jane Pearson, Apr.15,1758.

Lucy and Asaph Shermon of Grafton, int.June25,1762.

Samuel Jr. and Phebe Harrington of Grafton, int.Aug.14,1762.

Lydia and Josiah Boyden, both of Worcester, Apr.16,1766.*

Lydia and William Brittan of Rutland, Nov.3,1767.

Susanna and John Bellows of Southborough, Oct.4,1768.

Timothy and Katherine Davenport, Dec.8,1768.

Sarah and Nathan banister of Brookfield, Dec.17,1769.

Nathaniel of New Marlborough and Molly Houghton of Lancaster, Jan.21,1771.*

Daniel and Katy Stone of County Gore, Sept.26,1771. In Oxford.

Jonas and Tamar Houghton of Lancaster, Jan.11,1773.

Eliphalet and Lois Houghton of Lancaster, int.July13,1776.

Salle and John Fisher Lyon of Grafton, int.Jan.17,1777.

Abigail, wid., and Ebenezer Cutler, both of Grafton, Apr.19,1779.*

Sarah and Jonas Hemenway, int.Feb.5,1780.

Levi and Lydia Rice of Townsed, int.Oct.16,1780.

Anna and Silas Wheelock, July16,1783. In Grafton.

Hannah and Joseph Bellows, int.Jan.15,1785.

Lois of Grafton and George Brown Jr., Jan.10,1791. In Grafton.

John Smith of Westboro' and Susanna Knowlton, Feb.25,1794. In Grafton.

Jonah of Westborough and Anna Rider, May21,1797. In Westborough.

Amos of Worcester and Betty Parker, int.Aug.15,1800.

Lucy of Upton and Abraham Knowlton, int.May17,1805.

Joseph H., resident in Shrewsbury, and Lucy Green, Jan.5,1817.

Lydia and Samuel Whitney, Apr.1,1828.

Samuel and Lydia Whitney, Apr.1,1828.

Mary and Oliver Nurse Jr., Mar.19,1829.

Abigail C. and Elisha Gale of Westborough, Nov.3,1831.

Mary and Edward W. Green of Westborough, Dec.10,1833.

Martha A. of Westborough and Samuel Hobbs, int.Feb.19,1835.

Samuel N. of Worcester and Frances Rice, July10,1838.

Mary A. and Sullivan F. Flagg of Southborough, int.May13,1849.

Martha M. of Westboro' and William D. Pierce, int.Nov.10,1849.


Phebe of Leicester and Ralph Earl, July19,1750. In Leicester.*


Nathaniel and Sarah Rice, Aug.17,1753.

Joel and Hannah Allen of Westborough, int.Dec.28,1755.

Joel and Reziner Rand, Apr.28,1761.

Sarah, wid., and George Harrington of Brookfield, int.Mar.11,1774.

Sally of Spencer and Ebenezer Kingsbury, May9,1797. In Spencer.


Joshua and Sarah Keyes, Dec.21,1731.*

Prudence and Timothy Keyes of Rutland, May1,1755.

Reziner, "Living Between Lancaster and Petersham in ye County of Worcester In no town," and William Bemus of Narragansett No. 2, Sept.15,1755.*

Reuben of Sterling and Mary Pierce, Feb.16,1784. In Lancaster.

Betsy and Noah Sexton of Somers, CT, Nov.27,1805.

Sally and Jonas Polland of Bolton, June30,1806.

Martha of Lancaster and Ebenezer Bragg, int.Oct.10,1810.

Mary of Boylston and Joseph Hastings, int.Nov.27,1835.


Amasa of Templeton and Mary Goddard, June3,1830.


Daniel and Rachel Whelock, both of Worcester, Mar.2,1742-3.*

Mary of Grafton and Daniel Goddard, Nov.17,1756. In Grafton.

Joshua of Petersham and Lucretia Ward of Westborough, Feb.28,1757.*

Thomas and Elizabeth Davinport, Jan.11,1759.

Daniel and Elisabeth Bayley of Marlboro, int.Oct.30,1764.

Anna and Ashley Keyes, Oct.20,1788.

Eunice of Worcester and John Bellows Jr., int.July12,1806.

Submit T. of West Boylston and David Barns, int.Mar.3,1826.


Dorothy [Dorathy.int.] of Westborough and Reuben Maynard, May22,1745. In Westborough.

Abigail and Nahor Wheelock, Dec.16,1747.*

Lucy, Mrs.Pomfred and Rev. Joseph Sumner, int.Apr.4,1763.

Dinah and David Hastings, May25,1765. In Lancaster.

Hannah and Benjamin Goddard, Nov.14,1769. In Charlton.

Lucy and Berzillai Holt, int.Nov.9,1770.

Mary and Jonas Bennett, Jan.10,1773.

Abigil of New Ipswich, NH, and Simon Maynard, int.Mar.8,1792.

William of Pomfret, CT, and Harriot Ward, May13,1817.

Samuel C., Dr., and Rebecka Sumner of Roxbury, int.Mar.28,1818.

William and Maria Denny of Leicester, int.Nov.1,1826.

James (s.Joseph, a.36) and Maria Cutler, Mar.31,1847.


Mary [Molly.int.] of Worcester and Alvin Howe, Apr.21,1779. in Worcester.

Daniel of Worcester and wid.Vashti Wheelock, int.May13,1801.


Catherine of Sudbury and Jonathan Bennett Jr., int.Mar.5,1770.

Harriet Newell and Benjamin Knowlton, Sept.20,1834.


Lucy of Northborough and William Rixford, int.Dec.25,1778.

Azriah of Spencer and Salley Witherby, int.Sept.19,1783.

Mary and Ashbel Baker, Apr.22,1802.


Sarah, resident in Shrewsbury, and Josiah Pratt, Oct.8,1724.*

Ann of Lancaster and Thomas Newton Mar.29,1727.*

Abigail and Abiel Bragg, Jan.29,1753.

Benjamin "of a place called Gardner's farms" and Sarah Sawyer, July4,1754.

Susanna and John Frost of Westborough, int.Oct.30,1756.*

Susanna of Rutland and Henry Miles, Jan.24,1770. In Rutland.

Sarah of Northborough and Nathaniel Bragg, int.Nov.28,1770.

Samuel of Fitzwilliam and Levinah Witherby, int.Dec.11,1779.

Jonas of Spencer and Lucy Ann Slocomb, Nov.5,1835.

Henry and Sarah b. Stow, Nov.22,1837.

George W. and Miriam Newton, Apr.2,1840.


John and Keziah Lovell of Holden, Oct.30,1758. In Holden.

Sarah and Edward Newton, Feb. [5 or] 7,1760.

Elisabeth and Richard Stanford of Natick, int.June26,1764.

Silence and Ebenezer Belknap of Holden, Oct.27,1764. In Holden.

Aaron and Ruth Winch of Framingham, int.May17,1773.

Ruth of Framingham and Aaron Winch, int.May17,1773.


Anna of Grafton and Samuel Biglo Jr., int.Nov.3,1770.

Joshua of Marlborough, VT, and Annah Temple, Feb.24,1793.

Monroe [Munro. int.] of Lancaster (s.Samuel and Sarah, a.23) and Nancy Flagg, June11,1845.


William and Ann Bryard of Lancaster, int.Nov.14,1771.

Prudence and Antepas Smith, int.Sept.14,1784.

WITHERBY (Wetherbe, Wetherby)

John Keyes [Witherbye. int.], and Levinah Rand, May3,1768.

Mary and Leonard Brigham, Aug.22,1774.CR

Levinah and Samuel Wilson of Fitzwilliam, int.Dec.11,1779.

Salley and Azriah Willson of Spencer, int.Sept.19,1783.

Patty and Benjamin Batchelor Jr. of Grafton, Feb.21,1793.*

Sally and Joseph Merriam 3d of Grafton, Aug.28,1794.

Mary and Joseph Despeau, May1,1796.*

Jonathan and Virtue Hemenway, Oct.30,1796.

Thomas Jr. and Susannah Knowlton, June5,1800.

Lewis Jr. and Deborah Fay, Nov.17,1818.

Thomas H. and Lois M. Drury, int.Feb.4,1824.

Thomas and Lois M. Drury, Feb.22,1824.*

Elizabeth and Elijah A. Brigham, May17,1825.

Lucy G. of Boylston and Samuel Woodburn Jr., int.Dec.15,1832.

Relief and Nathan Crafts Jr. of Newton, Jan.15,1834.

Susan R. and William G. Maynard of Worcester, Oct.28,1841.


Elibazeth and John Gilburt, both of Brookfield, June8,1743.*


Josiah of Upton and Ziporah Whelock of Mendon, Feb.3,1757.*

Stephen of Boston and Lucy Rice, Feb.19,1805.

Levi W. of Townsend and Angeline A. Smith, Jan.27,1834.

Susannah W. of Worcester and Henry E. Warren, Nov.26,1840. In Northborough.

Lydia and Belchertown and Joseph Henshaw, int.Aug.14,1847.


Samuel Jr. and Lucy G. Witherby of Boylston, int.Dec.15,1832.


William, Dr., and Sarah P. Hemenway, Sept.16,1828.

WRIGHT (Right)

Patte of Rutland Destrict and Joshua Randal, Apr.17,1767.

John and Deliverance Houghton, Sept.26,1781.

Moody and Betsey Barrows, Mar.10,1817.

Samuel of Northampton and Elisabeth Slocomb, Mar.27,1823.

Christopher of Northampton and Vesty Mason, Apr.20,1831.

Edwin of Northampton and Mary H. Rogers, Feb.8,1837.


Sarah and Moses Garfield, Jan.19,1749-50.*


Ross and wid.Sarah Hagit of Bradford, int.Mar.30,1761.

Jonas of Lancaster and Hannah Smith, May27,1772.

Sarah and Thadeus Easterbrook of Rutland, Dec.31,1772.

Katey and Jonathan Harrington, int.Feb.13,1779.

Seth and Mary Brown, int.Aug.17,1782.

Olive and John Lak Whiting, Aug.27,1782. In Rutland.

Patience, Mrs., and William Raa of Greenwich, Nov.5,1782.

Mary and Calvin Howe, Nov.26,1815.

Seth [Jr. int.] and Lucy baker, Nov.28,1816.

Oliver and Hannah K. Drury, Apr.15,1819.

Charles D. and Mary A. Bartlett of Northborough, int.Sept.1,1843.


Thomas D. and Lucinda Rogers of Stow, int.Jan.10,1809.

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