Amos and Juliann Hooker, Apr.23,1829.

Hannah of Petersham and Aaron Whitney, July20,1769.

Susan of Roxbury and Dr. David Goodridge, int.Oct.25,1813.


Elizabeth of Bolton and Caleb Church, July11,1764. In Bolton.

John Farmington of Mason, NH, and Abigail Hastings, int.Jan.9,1823.

Lovell Esq. and Elisabeth Russell of Rutland, int.Aug.21,1804.

Lovell Esq. and Lydia Loring of Hingham, int.May17,1828.

Nancy of Brookfield and Austin Nichols, int.Apr.24,1830.

William N. (s.Jacob and Anstis, a.25, chair maker) and Minerva Horton, Apr.19,1849.


Elizabeth and Reuben Nurse, Jan.5,1794.


Aaron and Sarah Richardson, Nov.4,1788.


Sally and Enoch Johnson. Nov.18,1794.


Abel and Fanna Johnson. Mar.末,1798.


Rebecca Winthrop of Providence. RI, and Eli Gray, int.July12,1829.

William H. of Athol and Lucy Loveling, Dec.30,1817.


Benjamin Barber and Betsey C. Gage, int.Aug.15,1843.

Samuel Jr. of Worcester and Sally Cutting, Dec.3,1834.


Welcome and Azubah Ingersol, both of Petersham, Sept.23,1824.


Elijah, Capt., of Hardwick and Mrs.Rachel Samson, May15,1786.

Huldah of Connington and Joseph Knowlton Jr., int.Dec.末,1786.

Maria Ann and David Wright, Feb.7,1793.

Thomas Wildes and Persis Cutting, Feb.20,1798.


Alace W. of Hubbardston and Benjamin F. Coleman, int.Sept.27,1833.

David and Susa Fairbanks, Mar.2,1808.

Jonathan of York State [of New Marlboro. int.] and Sarah Sawtell, June22,1778.

Lois of Hubbardston and Luke Sawyer, int.May1,1847.

Lucy and John Coaplemon of Granby, int.Dec.18,1780.

Nathan of Hubbardston and Dolly Brigham Howe, Dec.17,1815.

Nathan of Hubbardston and Betsey Davis, May29,1822.

Peter Jr. and Anna Force of Newbraintree, int.Apr.26,1805.

Sarah B. of Leicester and Daniel W. Parker, int.Oct.26,1847.


Elizabeth and Daniel Shattuck, int.Jan.5,1778.

Relief and Benjamin Sawtell, Nov.30,1775.


Lucy of Brookfield and William Sprague, Feb.21,1792. At Brookfield.


Caroline (d.William and Mary, a.23) and George Peirce, July27,1846.

Sarah (d.William and Mary, a.23) and Edward Roberts, Oct.18,1846.

WEATHERBEE (Wetherbee)

Polley and Otis Coalman of Gerry, int.Aug.22,1789.

Uriah and Mary Nicolas, Oct.9,1764.


Ardin and Elizabeth Partridge, Nov.10,1839.

WELLINGTON (Willington)

Almira (d.Charles, a.26) and Joseph H. Baldwin of Savannah.GA. Sept.8,1846.

Charles, Rev., and Anna Smith of Boston, int.May20,1807.

Charles, Rev., and Adelaide Russell, July27,1831.

Elisabeth S. and Leander Leland, Dec.26,1833.

Margaret C. (d.Charles and Anna, a.26) and Leonard Stone Jr., Oct.26,1848.

Mary W. and Jacob Batchelder, Nov.21,1833.

Rebecca S. and Dr. Artemas L. Brown, June19,1834.


Abigail and Andrew Gardner, Mar.3,1774.

Charles B., [Weston. Rutland VR], and Polly Hooker of Rutland, int.Jan.17,1795.

Cynthia and Jonathan May, Nov.25,1813.

Harrison C. of Phillipston (s.Asa and Sally, a.24, shoemaker) and Chloe E. Potter, Dec.26,1844.

James and Abigail Ross, Mar.25,1784.

John and Hannah May of Sterling, int.Sept.26,1789.

Katy and James Johnson, Mar.22,1791.

Lucy and Charles Tilden of Lebannon, NH, July7,1789.

Theodosia Kimball and Andrew Gardner, int.July21,1798.


Benjamin W. [Whitney.int.] and Sarah Lawrence, Apr.31 (sic), 1844.

Charles Therel and Catharine Rindge, int.Apr.17,1837.

John and Polly Whitney, both of Petersham, Apr.20,1795.

Martha and Joseph Stratton of Athol, Nov.8,1826.

Sally and Erastus Buridge, Feb.11,1819.

WETHERBEE (Weatherbee)

Hannah of Westminster and Samuel Whitney, int.Oct.11,1812.

Judith and Abner Foster, Oct.12,1798.


Abel and Thankful Osgood, Nov.30,1798.

Abigail R. [Richardson. int.] and Josiah B. Goodnow, Sept.18,1838.

Benjamin S. and Julia H. Doggett of Mendon, int.June2,1849.

Beaulah and Jesse Wilkinson, Jan.29,1800.

Dorathy and Abijah Wood of Westminster, int.Nov.14,1779.

Eden B. (s.John and Lucy(Baldwin), a.29, mechanic) and Clarissa Wilder, Sept.9,1845.

Eden B. (widr., s.John and Lucy(Baldwin), a.30, mechanic) and Mary Wilder, June7,1847.

Edmond and Caty Brown, Feb.15,1803.

Elizabeth and Isaac Tower of Rutland, int.Jan.8,1781.

Ezra Lovell (s.Josiah and Martha, a.24, mason) and Mary Ann Wilder, Dec.30,1847.

John and Lucy Baldwin, May27,1810.

Joshuer [Joshua.int.] of Bolton, Abigail Greenleaf, Jan.28,1813.

Josiah W. (s.Josiah and Martha, a.24, mason) and Nancy K. Wilder, Nov.29,1849.

Lois [Louis.int.] and Samuel Taylor, Feb.24,1772.

Lucy and Israel Lamb, Oct.31,1765.

Lydia and William Trask, May6,1834.

Maria P. at Royalston and Charles Everett, int.June7,1844.

Miriam and Israel Richardson, Dec.14,1784.

Rebecca and Levi Fish of Ashburnham, June2,1777.

Rebecca and David Frye of Royalston, int.Feb.5,1814.

Sarah, Mrs., and Joseph Rice, Feb.3,1780.

Sarah and Towsend Banett of Ashburnham, Feb.18,1830.

Thomas and Mary Childs of Westminster, int.Dec.22,1771.

Thomas Jr. and Lucy Hagar, May27,1783.

WHETCOMB (Whitcomb)

Achseh, and Abijah Fisk, Nov.26,1801.

Jonathan Jr. and Milla Wright, May25,1790.

Liefy [Lepha.int.] and Lyman Knowlton, Dec.17,1795.

MilIa and James F. Robbins, May2,1811.

Rufus and Anne Partridge, both of Gardner, Feb.25,1807.

Suel and SaUy Newton of Gerry, int.May16,1807.


Lucinda and Aaron Hunt, Nov.2,1826.

WHITCOM (Whetcomb)

Israel Stedman of Winchendon and Phebe J. Davenport, Nov.28,1842.


Bellona and David W. Spear, Oct.7,1834.

Edmund H. of Winchendon and Betsy B. Day, int.Nov.7,1840.

Betsey and Steven Burpee, both of Sterling, Oct.28,1787.

Betsey and Stephen Townshend of Putney, VT, Nov.28,1799.

Betsy and Nathan Smith, Nov.26,1805.

Betsey and Phinebas Wright of Westford, July4,1814.

Eunice and Jonathan Cutting of Sudbury, Oct.27,1778.

Eunice and Isaac Gregory, Dec.16,1782.

Eunice and Samuel Gregory of Royalston, May2,1790.

Ezra and Joanna Bruce, int.June13,1774.

Franklin and Charlotte Johnson, Oct.29,1829.

Israel of Winchendon and Emme Stone, int.July17,1805.

Joanna and Robert Holden, Feb.23,1788.

Job and Abigail Whitney, int.Mar.6,1769.

Job Jr. and Polly Gates, May27,1803.

Joshua and Eunice Prescott of Lancaster, Feb.26,1772. In Lancaster.

Levi and Hannah Baker of Littleton, int.Dec.4,1786.

Marcy and Silas Sawyer Jr. of Phillipston, int.Nov.30,1820.

Milla and Daniel Jackson, Mar.9,1800.

Patience and Charles Gates, int.June3,1809.

Rufus of Hubbardston and Jerusha Rice, Apr.15,1819.

Samuel and Betsey Bryant, May8,1803.

Sarah and Josiah Willis Sever, Dec.28,1769.

Sarah, wid., of Gerry and Amos Richardson Jr., Oct.2,1787.

Sally and Jeremy Slocomb, Feb.20,1809.

Sarah, Mrs., of Bolton and Capt. Stephen Brooks, int.Oct.13,1815.

Sally and Theodore C. Gray, May2,1833.

Seney and Silas Osgood.Nov.24,1802.

Simeon and Sally Cutler, int.Apr.10,1782.

Sophia H. [Houghton. int.] and George Davis of Westford.Apr.28,1824.

Susa and John Hancock, Jan.24,1798.


Artemas and Eliza S. Thompson of Phillipston, int.Apr.2,1836.

Asa and Mary Ann Spooner, June15,1830.

Benjamin and Ruth Wilson of Lincoln, int.Apr.12,1773.

Comfort of Gerry and Stephen Knowlton, int.Oct.5,1795.

James W. [of Grafton. dup.] and Elizabeth Holden, Sept.11,1838.

John, Dr., of Westminster and Lucy B. Howe, Dec.4,1827.

Jonathan Jr. of Hadley and Achsah T. Wilder, int.Oct.30,1839. [No certificate given in consequence of the death of Miss Wilder.]

Joseph A. of Boston (s.Aaron and Mary, a.43, merchant) and Charlotte Partridge, June10,1844.

Keith of Warwick and Laura Jane Robbins, int.Apr.7,1831.

Mary and John Piper of Westboro, Jan.8,1777.

Nancy and Dexter Swan, both of Phillipston, Dec.29,1831.

Rebekah of Phillipston and Daniel Witt, int.Feb.10,1838.

Ruth, Mrs., of Gerry and James Rice of Barre, July12,1787

Stephen and Harriet Smith, int.Nov.10,1826.

Susanna and Hezekiah Whitney, Dec.15,1793.

Thomas and Prudence Haywood of Concord, int.Nov.17,1766.

William and Elizabeth Ball, Mar.24,1777.

William and Rebecca Eveline Newton of Phillipston, int.Mar.31,1838.

Windsor and Frances H. Whitney of Hubbardston, int.Sept.11,1841.

Winsor and Elizabeth P. Whitney, Dec.7,1842.


Aaron and Hannah Wait of Petersham, July20,1769.

Abigail and Job Whitcomb, int.Mar.6,1769.

Abigail and Elisha Maynard of Westfield, NY, Jan.26,1792.

Bethiah of Westmorland and George Farrar, Apr.末,1783.

Eleazer S. and Lucy Peckham of Dana, int.Mar.20,1847.

Eliza B. of Petersham and Thomas B. Greenwood, int.Sept.16,1845.

Betty and Thomas Maynard [Hayward?] Jr. Mar.24,1783.

Betsey of Sterling and Joshua Church, int.May4,1820.

Elizabeth B. and Winsor White, Dec.7,1842.

Betsey (d.William and Dulcena, a.17) and Charles W. Wilder, Sept.13,1847.

Eunice and David Thurston, Apr.16,1766.

Frances H. of Hubbardston and Windsor White, int.Sept.11,1841.

George W. [Washington. int.] of Hubbardston and Abigail Sawyer, Sept.19,1838.

Henry, Capt., of Gardner and Mary Ann S. Bassett, May6,1824.

Hezekiah and Susanna White, Dec.15,1793.*

Jonathan and Lorena French, May28,1843.

Levi of Harvard and Sarah Davis, Jan.6,1812.

Molla of Petersham and Samuel King, int.Apr.12,1773.

Polly and John West, both of Petersham, Apr.20,1795.*

Mary of Sterling and John Sawyer Jr., int.Nov.26,1827.

Moses and Martha Cunningham of Barre, Dec.17,1782 [1783, BarreCR], In Barre.

Moses and Tabitha Keyes of Gerry, int.June23,1798.

Phebe of Athol and Artemas Hancock, int.Nov.16,1811.

Ruth and Silas Bruce, Mar.8,1790.

Salmon and Hepzibah Raymond, Apr.22,1784.

Samuel and Sarah Smith of Barre, int.May12,1804.

Samuel and Hannah Wetherbee of Westminster, int.Oct.1,1812.

Sally of Gardner and Luther Alden, int.May14,1819.

Sarah of Bolton and William Bently Sanger, int.May31,1823.

Sibel (d.William and Dulcena, a.21) and Lisancler Warren Benton of Buckland, Dec.31,1846.

Susa and Luis Turner, June5,1788.

William and Dulcena Turner, Feb.10,1819.


Hannah and Simon Stone, Feb.27,1770.

John (s.Levi and Mary, a.23, farmer) and Lucy R. Gray, Nov.18,1845.

WIELEY (Wiley, Willey)

Moses and Lydia Homes of New Braintree, int.Apr.13,1794.


Caroline (d.Thomas and Fanny(Andrews), a.20) and Aaron Gates, Nov.9,1847.


Abel of Lancaster and Hannah Merritt, Sept.30,1806.

Abigail and Elisha P. Cook, Feb.2,1826.

Achsah of Lancaster and Ebenezer Ross, int.Jan.16,1769.

Achsah T. and Jonathan White Jr. of Hadley, int.Oct.30,1839. [No certificate given in consequence of the death of Miss Wilder.]

Annis and Peter Newton, Nov.3,1813.

Asenath and Joel Grout Jr. of Gerry, June2,1789.

Aseenath and Capt. Silas Church, Oct.1,1817.

Charles W. (s.Arden and Clarissa, a.21, chair staff dresser) and Betsey Whitney, Sept.13,1847.

Clarissa (d.Josiah and Mary, a.21, seating chairs) and Eden B. Wheeler, Sept.9,1845.

David and Clarisa Howe, Nov.7,1833.

Betty and Jonas Baker, Feb.16,1779.

Betsy and Aaron Knight of Winchendon, Oct.5,1806.

Ephraim and Rebeckah 末末, (Hunt. int.), Apr.12,1827.

Eunice of Winchendon and Eli Bruce, int.Nov.2,1793.

Gillam and Mary Paul of Shutesbury, int.Mar.10,1814.

Gillam and Annis Hunt, Jan.25,1820.

James L. and Adeline Bigelow of Westminster, int.Aug.23,1841.

John Jr. and Mrs.Beatrix Sawyer, Dec.29,1785.

John Jr. and Mary Hollon of Harvard, int.May21,1787.

Jonathan Jr. of Sterling and Mrs.Asenath Fairbank, Sept.25,1791

Josiah and Sarah Orcutt of Wendall,末蔓末,1791 [int.Nov.6,1790]. In Wendall.

Josiah, Lieut., and Betsey Smith, Feb.17,1802.

Josiah Jr., Capt., and Rebekah Kendall of Athol, int.Aug.14,1807.

Josiah, Capt., and Dinah Sawyer, June5,1827.

Levi and Sarah Moody, Nov.30,1783.

Mary [Marcy.int.; Mercy.Petersham VR] of Petersham and Benjamin Jones, Dec.7,1775.

Mary P. and Henry Chase of Hubbardston, Apr.15,1843.

Mary (d.Josiah and Polly.a.27) and Eden B. Wheeler, June7,1847.

Mary Ann (d.Ephraim and Rebeckah, a.19, dressmaker) and Ezra Lovell Wheeler, Dec.30,1847.

Merrick and Catherine Rice Day, int.May9,1830.

Nancy of Leominster and Silas Bruce, int.Aug.21,1827.

Nancy K. (d.EphnLim and Rebeckah, a.18) and Josiah W. Wheeler, Nov.29,1849.

Osgood and Betsy Farnsworth, int.Mar.11,1809.

Samuel N. and Harriat A. Skinner of Ware, int.Sept.17,1836.

Silas and Lucy Johnson, Aug.23,1825.

Wells and Martha B. Newton, June8,1837.

WILEY (Wieley, Willey)

Jane of Worcester and Samuel Nichols, Dec.7 [Oct.14. Worcester VR], 1769. In Worcester

Phebe and Josiah Newton of Hubbardston, May26,1796.

Samuel of Athol and Nancy Norcross, Oct.4,1827.


Rufus of Marlboro' (s.Edward and Mary, a.21, farmer) and Abigail Irene Priest, Sept.2,1846.


Amasa and Mary Goddard of Shrewsbwy, int.May15,1830.

Daniel and Catharine Sprague, May20,1827.

Daniel and Lucy Hale of Hubbardston, int.June22,1833.

Jesse and Beaulah Wheeler, Jan.29,1800.

Jesse and Rachel Howe, Sept.17,1809.

Polly and Luke Watson Sprague, Dec.27,1824.

Sarah [Sally Wilkinson. int.] and Joseph Lovell of Needham, Apr.10,1796.

WILLEY (Wieley, Wiley)

Moses [Wiley.int.] and Phebe Fitts of Worcester, June14,1774. In Worcester.


George Blackwell of Boston and Margaret O'Brien, int.Aug.26,1847.

Granville C. and Tabitha C. Penniman of Gardner, int.Oct.31,1823.

WILLINGTON (Wellington)

Anna and Joseph C. Batchelder of Topsfield, Nov.9,1837.

Sarah and John Piper, Aug.1,1784. In Athol.

WILLIS (Wills)

Caroline and Abiather F. Potter, Nov.6,1839.

Ezra and Nabby Sawyer, June30,1810.

Susan of Newton and John Simonds, int.Apr.1,1837.


Dianna of Athol and Albirgence Bryant, int.May17,1846.

WILLS (Willis)

Releaf and Thomas Davenport, both of Petersham, Oct.11,1787.*


Caroline and Erastus Coy, int.Dec.7,1839.

Philomelia and Adolphus Clerk, both of Barre, Feb.23,1820.*

Ruth of Lincoln and Benjamin White, int.Apr.12,1713.


James and Sally Cobleigh, Nov.30,1826.


Mary and Walter Derby of Westminster, July4,1837.


Francis of Worcester and Nancy Holden, Nov.6,1833.


Margaret of Westminster and Ezra Jones, int.Aug.30,1823.


Dexter (s.Edwin and Nancy, a.33, mechanic) and Mary W. Rice, Apr.26,1849.


Aaron of Newbraintree and Polly Mower, Apr.20,1794.

Mary B. and George F. Gray, both of Phillipston, Jan.19,1832.*


Benjamin L. and Anna Edmands of Winchendon, int.Jan.3,1829.

Benjamin and Hannah Smith of Ashburnham, int.Mar.26,1836.

Mary and Samuel Gilbert Davis, July24,1814.


Daniel and Rebekah White of Phillipston, int.Feb.10,1838.

Nelson of Hubbardston and Betsey Hartwell, int.Nov.5,1842.

WOOD (Woods)

Abijah of Westminster and Dorathy Wheeler, int.Nov.14,1779.

Amos and Semira Hancock, Feb.15,1824.

Dolly of Gardner and John E. Baldwin, June16,1842.

Eunice and Silas Stickney, int.Oct.29,1803.

Jonathan of Gardner and Louis Carrell, Dec.30,1798.

Jonathan of Gardner and Mrs.Olive Morse, Nov.6,1833.

Joshua and Eliza Hovey of North Oxford, int.Apr.25,1845.

Sally and Nathan Smith the 2nd, Feb.6,1806.

Sylvanus of Fitchburg and Caroline M. Tourtelott, int.Dec.27,1845.

Susan S. (d.Amos and Lemira, a.19), and Levi Greenwood Jr. of Winchendon, Apr.25,1844.

Winsor and Clarisa Fisher, Nov.10,1825.


Harriot E.R. of Rutland and Benjamin J. Hawks, int.Aug.9,1834.

John of Rutland, and Elizabeth Greenleaf, Oct.31,1816.

Martha M. of Fitchburg and Allen Loud Newton, int.Aug.3,1842.

Rebekah H. of Fitchburg and Mark Woodbury Ray, int.Aug.10,1839.

WOODS (Wood)

Charles (s.Stephen and Silence, s.25. mechanic) and Abigail L. Davis, both of Fitzwilliam, NH, July3,1849.*

Lois and William Fletcher, int.Aug.20,1787.

Philander of Barre and Sarah B. Brigham of Petersham, May22,1833.*


Asa and Ann Chase, Jan.3,1793.


John Wright and Lucy Jones French, Jan.23,1840.

Marth, Mrs., of Royalston ahd Alexander Parkman Davis, int.Nov.14,1785.


Abigail and Hervey Alden, Aug.19,1830.

David and Maria Ann Warner, Feb.7,1793.

Edwin (s.Phineas and Betsey, a.23. tanner and currier) and Rebecca Watson Sprague, Sept.14,1845.

Elizabeth K. and Sylvester Priest. Aug.9,1835.

Elvira of Hubbardston and James Goring, int.Jan.30,1826.

Emely B. of Winchester, NH, and Lucius Brainerd, int.Apr.6,1845.

Esther H. and Simeon Bruce of Phillipston, int.Nov.23,1839.

Joshua and Olive Church, Nov.29,1764.

Joshua and Patty Howard of Gerry, int.Apr.16,1808.

Louiza and Hiram Clark, both of Gardner, May2,1822.*

Louisa of Hubbardston and Bennett Potter Jr., int.Dec.10,1836.

Lucy and William Rice, May24,1786.

Lucy and Thomas Richardson Jr. of Fitzwilliam (NH.) Jan.26,1826.

Martha [Martha Ann. int.] and Elijah B. Newton, June24,1830.

Milla and Jonathan Whctcomb Jr., May25,1790.

Phinehas of Westford and Betsey Whitcomb, July4,1814.

Rufus and Elisabeth Kendall, Mar.5,1786.

Simeon B. and Hannah K. Richardson, Dec.11,1837.

Thomas and Jemima Knowlton. Feb. [Mar. ? int.Feb.19, and certificate given Mar.7] 7,1791.

William and Sally Peirce of Royalston, int.June9,1821.


William of Brookfield and Sally Dean, Sept.2,1808.


Abigail and Stephen Smith.Sept.29,1781. In Petersham.

Almeda of Winchendon and Orren Norcross, int.Apr.10,1845.

Amos of Fitchburg and Lydia L. Lovering, Feb.1,1828.

Amos and Betsey Dolbear, int.Feb.21,1846.

Eunice of Woburn and Ephraim Stone, Esq., int.June21,1822.

Judethan and Docas Pike, Sept.21,1780.

Jonathan and Olive Alger. both of Winchendon. Apr.19,1812.*

Joseph and Hannah Stone, Dec.24,1795.

Olive of Winchendon and Erastus W. Clark, int.Feb.11,1835.

Sophronia and Luke Hale, June1,1842. At Winchendon.

Susanna and Joseph Hager, int.Mar.25,1802.

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