Almira B. and Cambridge Day, Nov.11,1823.

HAGAR (Hager)

Lucy and Thomas Wheeler Jr., May27,1783.

Washington of Phillipston and Abigail Bush, int.Aug.26,1820.

HAGER (Hagar)

Joseph and Susanna Wyman, int.Mar.25,1802.

Azubah H. (d.Elisha and Lovina, R. 21) and William A. Swallow, both of Hubbardston, Apr.13,1845.*

HAILD (Hale)

William of Shelburn and Sarah Osgood, Nov.24,1773.

Abel and Aznbah Burpee of Sterling, int.Dec.6,1794.

Oliver and Hannah Kendall, Apr.22,1795.

Isaac and Betsey Byam, int.Aug.15,1802.

Isaac and Sally Hartwell, Jan.23,1803.

Mary and Joel Richardson, Jan.1,1815.

Daniel of Winchendon and Sophia Bacon, Nov.21,1816.

HALE (Haild)

Rowland of Hubbardston and Clairssa Rice, June13,1833.

Lucy of Hubbardston and Daniel Wilkinson, int.June22,1833.

Merritt of Winchendon and Harriot Johnson, Aug.20,1833.

Luke and Sophronia Wyman, June7,1842. At Winchendon.

Elmira S. of Winchendon and Charles C. Dadmun, int.Aug.13,1842.


Betsey M. of Sidney, ME, and Abner Piper, int.Aug.7,1847.


Persis of Newbraintree and Ephraim Cutter, int.Nov.3,1797.

John and Susa Whitcomb, Jan.24,1798.

Rufus and Sally Bacon, Sept.19,1802.

Artemas and Phebe Whitney of Athol, int.Nov.16,1811.

Hezekiah Jr. and Betsey Stone, July27,1817.

Semira and Amos Wood, Feb.15,1824.

Sally, Mrs., and Samuel Byam, Nov.13,1825.

Levi and Fanny Thompson of Royalston, int.Feb.5,1831.

Benjamin F. and Hannah Jacobs of Royalston, int.May7,1831.

Moses and Sally L. Alger oC Winchendon, int.Jan.6,1832.

Artemas and Sally Hinds, int.Aug.1,1835.

Olive and Asa Richardson of Gardner, Sept.27,1835.

Ozro and Nancy A.F. Grant, Oct.29,1836.

Susan [Mrs.int.] and Stephen Knowlton, Apr.11,1837.

HANES (Haynes)

Stephen and Sarah Butler, int.Jan.4,1775.

Samuel and Susanna Roe (alias Munroe), Sept.19,1776.


Daniel of Stow and Rebeckah W. Davis, Oct.18,1831.

Daniel and Clarissa Dearth, Mar.30,1836.


James of Lowell and Catharine Hosmer, June19,1833.

Samuel L. [Lee. int.] and Catharine Bond, June18,1839.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Henrietta, of Lancaster and John Locke, Dec.23,1772. In Lancaster.

Nathaniel Jr. of New Braintree and Mary Reed, int.Sept.22,1838.

HARRIS (Hanes)

Stephen [Hanes?] and Sarah Butler, Dec.28,1775. In Bolton.

Samuel [Hanes?] and Susanna Roe, int.Sept.16,1776.

Lydia of Fitzburgh and John Saunderson, int.May29,1819.

Joseph of Royalston and Hannah Fisher, Dec.28,1819.

S[terns] D. Witt (s.Rufus and Susan(Witt), a.22, bookkeeper) and Lucy G. Davis, July30,1846.

HARTWELL (Heartwill)

Sally and Isaac Haild, Jan.23,1803.

Betsey and Nelson Witt of Hubbardston, int.Nov.5,1842.

HASKEL (Haskell)

Sarah [Haskiel. int.] and Nathan Church, Apr.24,1777.

Josiah and Sarah Kilburn, Mar.22,1778.

Joseph and Hannah Gary, int.Oct.30,1780.

HASKELL (Haskel)

Betty and Samuel Brown, June5,1776.

Sarah and Stephen Rugg, Apr.10,1781.

Oliver and Betty Davis, Apr.17,1782.

Olive and Joseph Morse. 2d of Fitzwilliam, May29,1805.

Betsy and Samuel Burpee, Mar.31,1807.

Calvin and Lucy Farnsworth, Dec.30,1808.

Calvin and Polly Seaver of Gerry, int.May25,1811.

Jacob of Harvard and Mrs.Sarah P. Tucker, Oct.10,1812.

Sally and Stillman Brown, Oct.11,1814.

Asenath and John Goulding of Chelmsford, Oct.18,1814.

Moses and Lucy Knowlton, Apr.15,1817.

Oliver and Lydia Farwell of Fitchburg, int.Aug.16,1820.

Susan and Alvan Cohurn of Dedham, int.June25,1824.

Lucy and Peter Moore of Princeton, Nov.28,1832.


John and Mary B. Combs of West Brookfield, int.Aug.25,1832.


Mary L. and Gardner W. Stone of Winchester, formerly of Fitzwilliam (NH.), Nov.25,1841.


Isaac and Sarah Goddard of Petersham, int.Oct.24,1774.

Abigail and John Farmington Walker of Mason, NH, int.Jan.9,1823.

Charlotte and Willard Pierce of Groton, NY, Jan.24,1830.

Almira and Peter Lund, Jan.24,1836.

Mary Jane of Barre and William G. Kilner, int.Apr.17,1846.

HAWKES (Hawks)

Thomas B. and Marilla Clapp of Southampton, ME, int.Dec.5,1835.

Abigail L. and Dr. Thomas F. Marshall of Fitzwilliam, NH, Dec.3,1836.

HAWKS (Hawkes)

Benjamin J. and Harriot E.R. Woodbury of Rutland, int.Aug.19,1834.

Edwin and Fanny Johnson of Petersham, int.Mar.2,1840.

George P. (s.Benjamin and Polly, a.22, mechanic) and Esther F. Crosby, Jan.17,1847.

HAYNES (Hanes)

Jonas and Betty Anderson, July28,1795.

Jonathan P. and Candace A. Mann of Hubbardston, int.Oct.9,1823.

HAYWARD (Haywood, Heywood)

Thomas and Elisabeth Young of Hopkinton, int.Jan.18,1713.

Anna and Jonathan Jackson, Dec.3,1772.

Thomas Jr. [Howard?] and Betty Whitney, int.Jan.13,1783.

Betty and John Sprague, June末,1785.

Bethiah and William Child, Apr.7,1788.

Samuel [Howard?] and Patty Bruce of Gerry, int.Dec.27,1801.

Grata [Haywood.int.], and John Manning, Sept.8,1822.

Hannah, Mrs., and Stephen Holman of Royalston, Dec.31,1822.

HAYWOOD (Hayward, Heywood)

Prudence of Concord and Thomas White, int.Nov.17,1766.

Eliezer and Keziah Shedd of Thombelston, int.Mar.1,1784.


Martin and Julia Nooan of Boston, int.Mar.28,1847.

HEARTWILL (Hartwell)

Emeline, of Hubbardston and Thomas Jefferson Coleman, int.Aug.11,1832.

HEIGLEY (Higley)

Edson and Mary Fales, Oct.22,1833.


Rufus of Barre and Lucy Taylor, Aug.23,1815.

Israel of West Boylston and Persis Johnson, int.Apr.9,1825.

HERRINGTON (Harrington)

Mary and Henry Jineson, Aug.14,1808.


Samuel S. of Sterling (s.Caleb and Clarisa, a.33. chairmaker) and Abigail A. Church.Apr.5,1848.

HEYWOOD (Hayward, Haywood)

John [Haywood.int.] of Gardner and Molly Hutchins, Feb.1,1787.

Betty and Ahio Temple, both of Gardner, May12,1789.*

HIGLEY (Heigley)

Edson (widr., s.Jordan and Margaret, a.38, mechanic) and Sarah W. Swallow, Jan.21,1846.


Rachel and Richard Stoddard, int.Jan.27,1772.

Naomi of Shutesbury 4nd Rev. Ebenezer Sparhawk, int.Nov.29,1773.

Hannah and Elias Patch, int.May20,1775.

Levi and Mary T. Greenleaf, Sept.17,1826.

Maria E. of Royalston and Charles M. Flagg, int.Aug.15,1844.


Moider and Becca Oliver of Barre, int.Jan.1,1781. [Negroes.Barre VR.]


Adah and James Richardson, Jan.12,1800.

Sally and Artemas Hancock, int.Aug.1,1835.


Rebecca of Westminster and Peltinh`[Pelatiah] Everett, int.Apr.26,1773.


David and Polly Turner, Feb.27,1791.


Jerry [Dr. Jesse. int.] and Mary Simkins Tucker, July21,1813.

John W. of Oakham and Catharine Upton, Apr.13,1831.


Rachel of Marlborough and Joseph Osgood Jr., int.Nov.3,1792.

Moses and Meriam Allen of Princeton, int.Jan.4,1798.

Patty and John Upham, Apr.10,1800.

Martha, Mrs., of Halifax and Lewis Brigham, int.May9,1834.


Robert and Joanna Whitcomb, Feb.23, [1787?].

Jonathan and Lydia Richardson, Nov.28,1793.

Jonathan and Sarah Crocker, May5,1795.

Deborah and Roland Colman of Stephenson, New York State, Jan.20,1799.

John and Sally Lyon, int.Mar.2,1808.

Lydia and John Richardson of Fairfax, Franklin Co., VT.末蔓末, [int.Jan.27], 1816.

Eunice and Luther Sever of Gardner, June25,1822.

Sarah, Mrs., and John Chamberlin of Royalston, int.Oct.3,1828.

Susan and James Crocker. Apr.7,1829.

John and Hannah Chamberlain of Royalston, int.May23,1829.

Nancy and Francis Winn of Worcester. Nov.6,1833.

Adoniram Judson and Eunice Selecta Flagg of Royalston, int.Feb.1,1838.

Elizabeth and James W. White of Grafton, Sept.11,1838.

Milly [Mrs.int.], and Dea.Samuel Kendall of Barre [or Oakham?], Mar.14,1843.

Caroline V. and William H. Davis of Royalston, int.Jan.11,1845.


Mary of Harvard and John Wilder Jr., int.May21,1787.


Jonathan and Olieve Far, June3,1765.

David and Olieve Read, int.Oct.28,1771.

Susanna and Isaac Gregory, int.Apr.8,1785.

Jonathan Jr. and Zilpah Sawyer, Mar.12,1786.

Olive and Benjamin Richardson Esq. of Sterling, int.Oct.16,1790.

Betsy and Dr. Jason Ayers of Gerry.June9,1791. In Gerry.

Jonathan [Capt. int.] and Lucy [Susan?] Greenleaf, Dec.11,1817.

Stephen of Royalston and Mrs.Hannah Hayward, Dec.31,1822.

Fanny of Fitzwilliam, NH, and John Flint, int.Nov.12,1824.

Benjamin F. and Mary Marshall, Apr.20,1828.

Sidney of Royalston and Myra Fisher, Jan.8,1833.

HOLMES (Homes)

Oliver and Olive Read, Nov.30,1768.

Sally [Homes.int.], and George Fitts of Athol, June27,1809.

HOMES (Holmes)

Lydia of New Braintree and Moses Wieley, int.Apr.13,1794.


Polly of Rutland and Charles B. Wesson, int.Jan.17,1795.

Adaline of Rutland and Chauncy Newell Day, int.Apr.5,1821.

Juliann and Amos Wait, Apr.23,1829.


Asa and Betsey Stockwell of Sterling, int.Sept.20,1828.


Adonijah and Susanna Horton, int.Jan.29,1716.

Ann and John Sergant Chase, Mar.27,1770.

Jonathan and Ruth Knight of Bolton, Feb.25,1772. In Bolton.

Joseph Jr. and Hannah Ross of Lancaster, int.Feb.13,1775.

Susanna and Adonijah Horton, int.Jan.29,1776.

Simeon and Tabitha Byam, Dec.15,1779.

Adonijah of Chester, VT, and Olive Rugg, Feb.25,1788.

Patience and John Simonds, Sept.17,1801.

Ebenezer of Jaffrey, NH, and Ruth Foster, int.Nov.12,1802.

Simeon and Betsy Tarbox, Nov.29,1804.

Polly and Cyrus Cheney of Phillipston, Dec.22,1814.

Levi and Hannah Anderson, Sept.24,1818.

Joseph and Dorothy Knights, Apr.6,1831.

Nancy and Samuel Temple, Apr.6,1840.

Maria H. and Henry Chapman, lateal Keene, NH, May31,1842.

Lucy (d.Levi and Hannah, a.19) and Benjamin R. Lewis, Sept.28,1846.

Minerva (d.Elijah and Arethusa.a.19) and William N. Walker, Apr.19,1849.


Josiah and Abigail Barrett of Winchendon, int.Jan.27,1783.

Eunice and David Rice of Winchendon, int.Oct.8,1790.

Asa and Lucy Sawyer, Nov.6,1793.

Josiah Jr. and Relief Parker, May21,1807.

Ssa?[Asa] and Jerusha Goddard of Orange, int.Sept.29,1827.

Bathsheba and Gillman Day, Oct.16,1828.

Joshua and Mary Goddard, int.Apr.20,1833.

Catharine and James Harding of Lowell, June19,1833.

Edward and Ambry B. Day of Winchendon, int.May8,1835.


Asa Jr. and Lucy Bryant, Apr.17,1837.


Keziah and Caleb Piper, July6,1772.

Catherine of Sterling and Dr. David Tainter of Gardner, Apr.7,1788.

Lydia and Cyrus Cook, Feb.6,1798.

Sarah of Lancaster and Ephraim Sawyer, Jan.16,1799. In Lancaster.

William Richards of Concord, NH. (s.Josiah and Lora, a.22, merchant) and Sarah Elizabeth Goodnow, Oct.28,1846.


Eliza of North Oxford and Joshua Wood, int.Apr.25,1845.

HOW (Howe)

John of Petersham and Mary Needham, Aug.9,1715.

John and Hannah Newton of Athol, Dec.13,1769. In Athol.

Sally Preston and Elisha Tucker of Winchendon, Mar.20,1791.

Betsey and Amos Gay, May1,1792.

Lydia and David Hunt of Ashburnham, Feb.21,1793.

Thomas and Sally Follet of Hubbardston, int.Dec.30,1795.

Josiah, Dr., and Lucy Barron Shattuck, July19,1796.

Lucy and Lemuel Mann, int.Dec.22,1806.

Samuel of Holden and Persis Knight, Nov.29,1808.


Stephen and Ruth Densmoor of Lancaster, int.Mar.2,1771.

Samuel [Hayward?] and Patty Bruce of Gerry, Jan.21,1802.

Patty and Joshua Wright, int.Apr.16,1808.

Daniel of Concord and Olive Brown, Dec.1,1809.

Josiah and Lucy Brown of Winchendon, int.Feb.10,1818.

Asa L. (s.Amos and Rebeckah, a.25, chairmaker) and Sarah A. Carter, both of Westminster, Apr.22,1847.*

Apollos Jr. and Elsie M. Stockwell of Royalston, int.Apr.29,1848.

HOWE (How)

Peter of Gerry and Susannah Stone, Mar.14,1792. In Gerry.

Ephraim and Rutha Thompson, Aug.31,1797.

Sylvanus [Silvanus.int.] and Meriam Bragg of Petersham, Feb.25,1798. In Petersham.

Polly [Patty.int.] and Samuel Byam, Dec.20,1798.

Fisk and Rachel Davis, Jan.1,1799.

Washington of Barre and Silence Richardson, int.Apr.4,1806.

Elizabeth and Joseph Upham, Apr.8,1806.

John of Boston and Bathsheba Cobleigh, Jan.29,1807.

Nabby and William Stearns of Epping (NH.), Jan.3,1809.

Winslow and Patty Kimball of Rindge, int.June3,1809.

Rachel and Jesse Wilkinson, Sept.17,1809.

Dolly Brigham and Nathan Warren of Hubbardston, Dec.17,1815.

Catherine and Artemas H. Brown, Nov.10,1819.

Lucy B. and Dr. John White of Westminster, Dec.4,1821.

Sally of Rindge, NH, and Eliphaz Allen, int.Feb.7,1824.

Thomas and Lucy Fay of Walpole, NH, int.Sept.23,1824.

Lemuel B. and Ruth Ann Richardson, Jan.1,1828.

Lambut of Petersham and Sarah M. Newton, Nov.8,1831.

Clarisa and David Wilder, Nov.7,1833.

Stillman of Rindge, NH, and Melinda Streeter, Sept.12,1836.

Martha Ann and Granville Barnard of Boston, July5,1837.

George Cheyne Shattuck and Mary Anne Buttrick, Dec.25,1838.

Avery F. and Eliza T. Dodge of N. Bridgewater, int.Sept.1,1842.

Sarah (a.36, dressmaker) and Luke Bowker of Fitzwilliam, NH. In Gardner, Nov.28,1844.

David and Sally M. Ray of Gardner, int.Apr.19,1845.


Chester and Mary R. Danforth of Hardwick, Mar.7,1844. At Hardwick.


Ezra of Petersham and Relief Atherton. July23,1764.

Jerusha and Henry Sawtelle, Apr.4,1768.

Thomas and Susanna Dolbear, Feb.11,1777.

Susanna, Mrs., and Amos Richardson, June16,1779.

Ezra and Sarah Brooks of Ashburnham, int.Jan.17,1835.

Ezra and Arvilla Sawtell of Rindge, NH, int.July23,1836.

Ezra (widr.s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, a.54, shoemaker) and Bridget Spaulding of Westminster, Apr.21,1846.

Ezra and Caroline Jones of Ashburnham, int.Oct.29,1847.


Noah of Littleton and Mary Parker, Jan.29,1809.


Betty 2nd Benjamin Patch, Jan.14,1788.

Oliver and Mary Fairbank, June13,1789.

David of Ashburnham and Lydia How, Feb.21,1793.

Abel and Margaret Corue [Carew?] of Ashburnham, int.Sept.28,1799.

Elihu and Rebekah Richardson, July17,1803.

Annis and Gillam Wilder, Jan.25,1820.

Margaret, Mrs., and Ebenezer Burpee of Sterling, int.Nov.30,1820.

Aaron and Lucinda Whitakur, Nov.2,1826.

末末 [Hunt. int.], Rebekah and Ephraim Wilder, Apr.12,1827.

Aaron and Laurice Ann Prouty, July9,1829.


Comfort of Wendall and Miss Abigail Bruce, Apr.29,1810.


William and Polly Stone, Mar.16,1809.

Seth and Nancy Davis of Phillipston, int.Oct.10,1814.


Thomas and Sarah Hutchins, July4,1784.


Jerusha and Gideon Fisher of Winchendon, int.Sept.26,1779.


Sarah and Thomas Hurd, July4,1784.

Molly and John Heywood of Gardner, Feb.1,1787.


James of Stafford, VT, and Mary Bryant. Jan.19,1817.

Ezra and Adaline Everett, Jan.1,1834.

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