PAGE (Paige)

Sally and Zeba Simonds, Feb.25,1811.

Mary Ann of Winchendon and James C. Breed, int.Aug.30,1833.

PAIGE (Page)

Rebekkah S. of S. Woodstock, VT, and Joshua C. Upham, Mar.22,1842.

Timothy of Ludlow, VT. (s.Martin and Mary Ann, a.26. mechanic), and Rebecca Richardson Osborn, Dec.26,1844.


Harriet and Jonathan Bozworth of Gardner, int.Apr.22,1848.


Timothy and Sarah Bacon of Natick, Feb.17,1790. In Natick.

Dexter and Betsey Brown, Dec.7,1798.

Sylvester of Westminster, VT. and Alice Davis, Feb.6,1800.

Abigail and Oliver Stone of Bakersfield, VT, Mar.8,1804.

Relief and Josiah Hosmer Jr., May21,1807.

Mary and Noah Humphrey of Littleton, Jan.29,1809.

Luther and Dolly Byam, Jan.末,1822.

John and Mary Anne Fales of Shrewsbury, int.Aug.7,1823.

Sally of Worcester and Jotham Goodnow, int.Oct.14,1826.

Robert of Worcester and Martha Cutting, June1,1829.

Lucinda of Hubbardston and Eli Gray, int.Aug.4,1832.

Susan of Hubbardston and Sumner Davis, int.Jan.23,1835.

Henry C. and Betsey B. Trask, Mar.9,1840.

Daniel W. and Sarah B. Warren of Leicester, int.Oct.26,1847.


Maryann of Milford and Preston Thayer, int.Dec.12,1807.

Phinehas of Lebanon, NH, and Persis Kendall, May28,1809.

Paul K. and Almira J. Partridge, Dec.1,1836.


Mehitabel and Jacob Symonds, int.Jan.4,1783.


Persis S. of Hubbardston and Joel D. Powers, int.Nov.4,1847.


Anne and Rufus Whitcomb. both of Gardner, Feb.25,1807.*

Grata and Jonas Rice, Mar.2,1815.

It[hamar ?] and Harriot Allen of Foxborough, int.Feb.1,1817.

Maria M. and William Bartlett, Oct.14,1817.

Harriot and Luther Baker of Gardner, Dec.2,1819.

Herman and Betsey Jones, Apr.10,1823.

Lucy and Abel Davis, Nov.20,1823.

Hannah and Uriah Merritt, May23,1824.

Anna P. [Palmer. int.] and Nelson Symonds, Oct.2,1828.

Maynard of Royalston and Mary H. Upham, Apr.13,1831.

Amanda and Uriah B. Moore, May19,1831.

Mary and Augustus A. Jones, June5,1831.

Unity and Charles Richardson, Feb.28,1832.

Edward E. of Spencer and Sarah Spear, Oct.23,1834.

Delina Ann and Nathaniel Goddard, May8,1836.

Almira J. and Paul K. Parkhurst, Dec.1,1836.

Maranda and Ezra Kendall of Boston, June15,1837.

Caroline [Patridge. int.] and George W. Jones, Jan.24,1839.

Harriot L., [Patridge. int.], and Jordan H. Russell of Fall River, Mar.5,1839.

Angeline and Joshua Sawyer Jr., July1,1839.

Elizabeth and Ardin Welles, Nov.10,1839.

Charlotte (d.Ezekiel and Anna.a.27) and Joseph A. White of Boston, June10,1844.


Mary of Stow and James Andersen, int.June4,1770.

Elias and Hannah Hill, int.May20,1775.

Benjamin and Betty Hunt, Jan.14,1788.

Benjamin and Ruth Norcross, July15,1790.

Sarah and Ebenezer French Jr., Nov.2,1790.

Jonathan Jr. and Sally Sawyer, June23,1801.

Lydia of Fitzwilliam and Joseph Church, int.Feb.7,1805.

Betsy and Amasa Lamb of Gerry, Dec.21,1806.

Sukey of Fitzwilliam and John Anderson, int.Aug.31,1811.

Stephen P. of Ashby and Maria M. Felton, Dec.29,1840.


Mary of Shutesbury and Gillam Wilder, int.Mar.10,1814.


David L. (s.Calvin and Eunice, a.22, shoemaker) and Deantha C. Amsden, both of Petersham, May8,1846.


Chauncy of Boston and Jemima Bush, June13,1824.

Susan of Onmge and Lewis Damon Rich, int.June10,1841.


Ellis of Petersham and Mrs.Mehitable Larned, Jan.1,1792.

Hubbard of Petersham and Arathusa Johnson, Nov.24,1825.

Alfred and Hannah Ball of Athol, int.Dec.13,1840.

Anson (widr., s.Mordecai and Polly, a.27, farmer) and Sophia Gage, Apr.1,1845. In Gardner.

Lucy of Dana and Eleazer S. Whitney, int.Mar.20,1847.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Jonathan of Petersham and Sybil Dodge, Oct.1,1778.

Abigail of Woburn and Abijah Kendall, int.Aug.29,1807.

Sally of Royalston and William Wright, int.June9,1827.

Charlotte of Royalston and Lucien Bryant, int.Apr.6,1833.

George (s.Robert and Maria, a.21, mechanic) and Caroline Watts, July27,1846.


Joseph and Martha K. Shumway of Oxford, int.Apr.8,1840.

Esther of Shelburn and Eden A. Baldwin, int.June7,1841.


Levina of Gardner and Uriah Merritt, int.Nov.30,1804.


Asa and Mary Kendall of Gardner, int.Sept.14,1821.

Asa P. and Lucy Ann Austin of Gardner, int.July25,1846.


Susan of Gardner and Increase Sumner Merritt, int.Sept.14,1822.

Tabitha C. of Gardner and Granville C. Williams, int.Oct.31,1823.


Abijah and Grace Locke of Rutland District, int.Mar.8,1773.

William and Rebbecah Levrett (Sweett ?), July19,1813.

Catherine M. of Worcester and Luther Alden, int.Apr.30,1831.


Benjamin of Andover, VT, and Lucy Simonds, June27,1821.


Jonas and Abigail N. Gray, Oct.25,1840.

Samuel M. of Bmintree and Martha W. Newton, int.Feb.27,1846.


Lydia, Mrs., and Robert Bradish of Winchendon, Oct.14,1779.

Jonathan Jr. and Dolly Sherwin of Winchendon, int.Nov.30,1820.

Jonathan and Catherine S. Baldwin, Oct.15,1822.

John and Olive H. Foye of Winchendon, int.May3,1823.

Eliza S. and Zenas Stoddard, Aug.30,1827.

Sophia and Joel Bartlett of Cambridge, Nov.19,1833.

Levi and Submit Taft of. Fitzwilliam.Sept.26,1835.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Charlotte M. of Royalston wid., d.Zelotes and Lovina,末蔓末, 末末. ? a.27 [Royalston VR], and Thomas B. Giles of Athol, Sept.1,1846.

Albigence of Strafford (VT.) and Lucy Bryant, Jan.7,1813.

Peter of Winchendon and Sophia Anderson. Dec.13,1814.

Azuba and Farwell Nichols, both of Gardner, May27,1824.

Willard of Groton, NY, and Charlotte Hastings, Jan.24,1830.

Lucy Anderson and Jonathan Goodwin Goldsmith, Apr.20,1837.

Hannah of Royalston and Samuel Dadmun Esq., int.Oct.7,1837.

Albigence, Dr., (widr., s.Willard and Susanna, a.59. physician) of Stratford.VT, and Mrs.Louisa Bryant, Nov.15,1848.

Peter (s.Peter and Sophia, a.31, merchant) and Mary Burney, July11,1849.


Lefa (Susan. int.) and Solomon Davis, Oct.11,1792.


Docas and Junethan Wyman, Sept.21,1780.

William and Lucinda Bates of Worcester, June21,1809.

Mary and Luther Moore of Gerry, May9,1811.


Hannah of Bolton and Abner Sawyer. May26,1763. In Bolton.

Caleb and Keziah Houghton, July6,1772.

Noah and Sarah Newton, int.Mar.39,1773.

Ruth and John Shattuck, June39,1775.

John of Westboro and Mary White, Jan.8,1777.

John and Sarah Willington, Aug.1,1784. In Athol.

Louisiana of Royalston and Elisha Child, int.Aug.31,1827.

Porter of Fitchburg and Martha Baldwin, May14,1833.

Lois and Heman Forbush of Royalston, int.Sept.27,1834.

Abner and Betsey M. Hammond of Sidney, Maine, int.Aug.7,1847.


Nancy of Warwick and Cyrus Brown, int.Jan.3,1804.


Chester W., [], of Brattleboro, VT, and Frances Townsley, Mar.16,1831.


Betsey of Wrentham and Abiathar Fales, int.June12,1817.

Lucy of Hubbardston and Rufus McClanathan, int.Mar.18,1820.

Betsy R. of Westminster and Joel Newton, int.Oct.21,1823.


John M. and Sally Stimson, Sept.21,1843. At Winchendon.

Phebe H. of Winchendon (d.John M. and Olive, a.18, tailoress) and Henry N. Baldwin, Oct.31,1844. In Winchendon.


Bennett Jr. and Louisa Wright of Hubbardston, int.Dec.10,1836.

Hartford and Kerza [Thursa?] M. Mervin,末蔓末, [1837 or 1838.]

Abiather F. [] and Caroline Willis, Nov.6,1839.

John and Martha Jennison, Dec.25,1839.

Chloe E. (d.Bennett and Chloe, a.24) and Harrison C. Wesson of Phillipston, Dec.26,1844.


Elijah and Harriet Negus of Greenwich, int.Oct.21,1825.

Lydia of Phillipston and Franklin Norcross, int.July16,1836.

Joel D. and Persis S. Parmenter of Hubbardston, int.Nov.4,1847.


Sarah and Samuel Shattuck of Conway, int.Mar.1,1775.


Justina and Nahum Mace, int.Apr.21,1849.


Eunice of Lancaster and Joshua Whitcomb, Feb.26,1772. In Lancaster.

Jonas, Dr., and Ruthy Kidder of New Ipswich, NH, int.Nov.17,1794.

Nancy and Horatio Mason of Buckston (Maine), Oct.31,1808.


Sylvester and Elizabeth K. Wright, Aug.9,1835.

Franklin T. (s.D. and Abigail, a.26, fanner) and Abigail Coolidge, both of Gardner, May28,1845. In Gardner.*

Abigail Irene (d.Lewis and Abigail, a.21) and Rufus Wilkins of Marlboro, Sept.2,1846.

Betsey S. (d.Lewis and Abigail, a.20) and Jonas Mirriam 3d of Westminster, Mar.18,1847.

Sarah L. of Littleton and Rev. Edwin G. Adams, int.Oct.20,1848.


Joseph H. of Athol (s.Joseph and Mary H., a.26, manufacturer) and Lucia O. Baldwin, June7,1848.


Joseph of Athol and Mary Orcutt, Jan.15,1811.


Laurice [], Ann and Aaron Hunt, July9,1829.


Jacob and Sarah Gibson of Stow, int.Apr.21,1766.


Lurinda and Asa Fairbanks, int.Feb.22,1823.


Samuel of Groten and Susan Brown, Sept.18 or Oct.31,1838.

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