BACHELOR (Batchellor, Batchelor)

Thomas Perce, s.Benjamin and Anna,末蔓末, 末末.

Thankful, d.David and Thankful, Sept.4,1735.

Jeremiah, s.Perin and Martha, Mar.16,1761.

Joseph, s.Perin and Martha, July29,1763,

Perin, s.Perin and Martha, Jan.4,1766.

Martha, d.Perin and Martha, Mar.30,1768.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Anna, Apr.17,1770.

Hannah, d.Perin and Martha, May14,1770.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Anna, Mar.6,1772.

Lois, d.Perin and Martha, June11,1772.

David, s.Enoch and Jemima, May25,1792.


Susanna, d.Thomas Marshall and Susanna, Mar.9,1769.

Hillel, s.Thomas Marshal and Susanna, Oct.26,1770.

Ward, s.Thomas Marshal and Susanna, Sept.23,1772.

Phila, d.Sherebiah and Clotilda, July10,1773.

Marshal, s.Sherebiah and Clotilda, Nov.8,1774.

Thankful, d.Thomas Marshall and Susanna, Jan.25,1775.

Thomas Marshall, s.Thomas Marshall and Susanna, June8,1777.

Lovel, s.Thomas Marshall and Susanna, Sept.6,1779.

Edward, s.Capt. Thomas Marshal and Susannah, Oct.16,1781.

Polly, d.Thomas M. and Susanna, May5,1784.

Harriot, d.Hillel and Hannah, Oct.26,1794.

Melita, d.Hillel and Hannah, Dec.15,1796.

Sophronia, d.Ward and Phebe, Mar.22,1799.

Almira, d.Ward and Phebe, June6,1800.

Hillel, s.Ward and Phebe, June10,1803.

Cynthia, d.Lovel and Polly, Dec.11,1804.

Narcissa, d.Ward and Phebe, Apr.12,1805.

Millot, s.Ward and Phebe, Sept.28,1806.

Fatima, d.Ward and Phebe, Jan.23,1808.

Lydia Sophia, d.Nathan and Sibel (Leland), Nov.30,1843.


Clinton Dale, s.George S. and Hannah B. (Nourse), Oct.2,1849. In Bolton.


Jane Elizabeth, d.Charles A. and Sarah E. (McFarland), Oct.31,1833.


Unis, d.Thomas and Hannah, Aug.31,1772.

Daniel, s.Thomas and Hannah, Aug.2,1775.


Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.23,1748. In Boston.

Thomas, s.John and Elizabeth, July10,1752.

Ephraim, s.John and Elizabeth, Feb.3,1756.

Abigail, d.John and Elizabeth, Aug.13,1758.

Mary, d.John and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1761.


Cyenthey, d.Job and Silence, Oct.1,1775.

BATCHELLOR (Bachelor, Batchelor)

Thankfull, d.Jonathan and Thankfull, Apr.17,1770. In Sutton.

Margery, d.Jonathan and Thankfull, Apr.18,1771. In Grafton.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Thankfull, Nov.29,1777. In Shrewsbury.

Sarah, d.Enoch and Jemima, Dec.28,1781.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Thankfull, May27,1783.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Thankfull, Mar.15,1787.

BATCHELOR (Bachelor, Batchellor)

Polly, d.Enoch and Jemime,末蔓末, 末末.

Sarah, d.Enoch and Jemime, Dec.28,1781.

Adams, s.Enoch and Jemime, Feb.28,1787.

Otis, s.Jonathan and Thankful, Nov.17,1788.

Enoch, s.Enoch and Jemime, Sept.11,1789.

Lucy Orrilla, d.Otis and Susanna, Sept.12,1809.

Betsy Rockwood, d.Adams and Sarah, Dec.21,1810.

Chloe Whitney, d.Otis and Susanna, July26,1811.

Amos, s.Adams and Sarah, May6,1813.

Czarina Dexter, d.Otis and Susanna, Sept.25,1813.

Chandler, s.Adams and Sarah, Mar.31,1815.

Warren, s.Enoch Jr. and Susan, Dec.5,1815.

Darexa Susanna, d.Otis and Susanna, Feb.6,1816.

Charles, s.Enoch Jr. and Susan, Aug.26,1817.

Daniel, s.Adams and Sarah, Feb.4,1818.

Calista Julitta, d.Otis and Susanna, June24,1818.

Eliza Ann, d.Enoch Jr. and Susan, Mar.13,1820.

Hannah Hawes, d.Otis and Susanna, Oct.19,1821.

Joel D., s.David and Levina, Apr.5,1822.

Julana, d.Enos Jr. and Susan, June7,1822.

Horace, s.Enoch Jr. and Susan, June22,1824.

Eliza Ann Maria, d.Otis and Susanna, Feb.7,1825.

Almira, d.Enoch and Susannah (Warren), Nov.28,1826.

Sally Warrin, s.Adams and Abigail (Wheeler), Dec.23,1827.

Hiram, s.Enoch and Susannah (Warren), Dec.19,1829.

Emerson E., s.Enoch and Susannah (Warren), Mar.24,1832.

David F., s.David and Levina, July16,1832.

Nathan F., s.Chandler and Cynthia (Forbush), Mar.9,1836.

Clara Maria, d.Amos and Sophronia (Wheeler), Mar.15,1838.

Mary P., d.Chandler and Cynthia (Forbush), Feb.20,1839.

Frances Jane, d.Amos and Sophronia (Wheeler), Jan.14,1840.

Eli Warren, s.Daniel W. and Ann Maria (Warren), June30,1841.

Leroy [La Roy] Dexter, s.Joel Dexter and Clarissa (Goss), Oct.22,1845.

Janette Elvira, d.Chandler and L.M. Johnson, June10,1846.

Anna J., d.Charles H., Oct.14,1846.


Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.29,1773.

Joseph, s.Micah and Urina, June4,1774.


Sarah, d.Jason and Sarah, Dec.5,1777.


Henery, s.Jason and Sarah, Sept.22,1771.


Polly, d.Nehemiah and Experience, Mar.29,1783. In Milford.

Daniel Philips, s.Nehemiah and Experience, Apr.13,1785. At Milford.

Lucy, d.Nehemiah and Experience, June4,1788.

Nathan Flagg, s.Daniel P. and Betsy, Apr.20,1807.

Eliza Ann, d.Daniel P. and Betsy, May2,1811.


Charles Harrison, s.Loring and Susannah Rogers, Jan.8,1846.


Ebenezer, s.Paul and Hannah, Oct.18,1762.

Cornelius, s.Paul and Hannah, May20,1772.


Pliny, s.Benjamin and Louis, Feb.20,1778. In Westborough.

Silva, d.Benjamin and Louis, Dec.11,1779.


Hannah, d.Abraham and Mary, July22,1750. In Sturbridge.

Samuel, s.Abraham and Mary, July13,1752.

Mary, d.Abraham and Mary, Mar.25,1758. In Wrentham.


Betty, d.Joel and Sally, Nov.9,1789.

Salley, d.Joel and Salley, Nov.10,1791.


Nancy, d.William and Nancy, Apr.30,1797. In Colrain.


Francis, Mar.2,1751.

Susanna, d.Francis and Elisabeth, Oct.14,1773.

Stephen, s.Francis and Elisabeth, May12,1775.

Betty King, d.Francis and Elisabeth, Nov.19,1776.

Sarah, d.Francis and Elisabeth, Aug.23,1778.

Mary, d.Francis and Elizabeth, Feb.11,1781.

Simeon, s.Francis and Elizabeth, Oct.28,1782.

Grace, d.Francis and Elizabeth, Sept.24,1784.

BOSWORTH (Bozworth)

Ann Maria, d.Sylvanus and Huldah, July30,1820.

George Holbrook, s.Sylvanus and Huldah, June10,1822.

Mary Helen, d.Stephen L. and Nancy A. (Bathrick), May22,1844.

Agusta Maria, d.Stephen L. and Nancy A. (Bathrick), June27,1846.

Harriet Adelia, d.Stephen L. and Nancy A. (Bathrick), Mar.6,1848.


Susanna, d.Francis and Jerusha, Mar.7,1768.

Thankfull, d.Francis and Jerusha, June28,1769.


Daniel, s.Daniel and Margery, Feb.21,1775.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Margery, Feb.10,1777.

Prudence, d.Daniel and Margery, Feb.12,1781.

BOZWORTH (Bosworth)

Stephen Legg, s.John and Mercy, Jan.4,1819.

Caleb Viall, s.John and Mercy, Feb.13,1820.

Amy Sweet, d.John and Mercy, Sept.1,1824.

BRACKET (Brackett)

Nathan, s.Nathan and Hannah, Feb.4,1750.

Hannah, d.Nathan and Hannah, Dec.4,1751.

Jonathan, s.Nathan and Hannah, Aug.1,1753.

Betty, d.Nathan and Hannah, May27,1755.

Samuel, s.Nathan and Hannah, June29,1757.

James, s.Nathan and Hannah, Jan.27,1765.

Rebecca, d.Nathan and Hannah, Feb.2,1768.

Lois, d.Nathan and Hannah, July2,1773.

BRACKETT (Bracket)

Sally, d.Nathan and Hannah, Sept.19,1759.

Benjamin, s.Nathan and Hannah, Nov.10,1760.

Nanna, d.Nathan and Hannah, Jan.14,1763.


Mary, d.James and Mary, July10,1749.

Joseph, s.Dea.James and Mary, July4,1751.

Elisha, s.James and Mary, Nov.8,1752.

Sarah, d.Dea.James and Mary, Apr.17,1754.

Elizabeth, d.Dea.James and Mary, May13,1755 [1756. dup.]

Esther, d.James and Mary, Oct.27,1757.

Levi, s.James and Mary, Mar.10,1760.

James, s.James and Mary, Feb.15,1763.

James, s.James, Feb.18,1763.

Amos, s.Dea.James and Mary, Mar.1,1765.

Caleb, s.Dea.James and Mary, Sept.14,1768.

Submit, d.Dea.James and Mary, Oct.12,1769.

Lucy, d.Elisha and Hannah, June24,1780.

Anna, d.Elisha and Hannah, Dec.12,1781.

Chloe, d.Elisha and Hannah, Sept.15,1783.

Jotham, s.Elisha and Hannah, July24,1786.

Hervey, s.Amos and Margery, Sept.29,1790.

Melita, d.Amos and Margery, Feb.18,1792.

James, s.Amos and Margery, Nov.30,1793.

Jonathan Batchelor, s.Amos and Margery, Nov.14,1795.

Malinda, d.Amos and Margery, Oct.4,1797.

Emmons, s.Amos and Margery, June4,1802.

Mary Matilda, d.Amos and Margery, Feb.19,1809.

Philander Fisk, s.Jotham and Deborah, Jan.29,1811.

Harvey Nelson, s.Jotham and Deborah, July14,1814.

Hannah Whitney, d.Jotham and Deborah, Aug.4,1817.

Nancy Ann Fisk, d.Jotham and Deborah, Mar.11,1819.

Frederick P., s.Jonathan B. and Clarisa, May17,1820.

Levi Parsons, s.Jotham and Deborah, Sept.1,1823.

James Harvey, s.Emmons and Mary, Sept.29,1825.

Elisha Ward, s.Jotham and Deborah (Ward), May8,1826.

Philander B., s.Jonathan B. and Clarissa, Jan.22,1833.

Clarissa A., d.Jonathan B. and Clarissa (Fisk), Feb.12,1834.

Harrison F., s.Jonathan B. and Clarissa (Fisk), Aug.14,1840.


Phinihas, s.Ephriam and Sarah, Feb.11,1790.

Elara [Clara ?], s.Joseph and Bettey, May21,1796.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Betty, Oct.28,1797.

Betsey, d.Joseph and Betsy, Jan.28,1798.

Cadela, d.Joseph and Betsy, Apr.3,1800.

Mary, d.Joseph and Betsey, Oct.31,1801.

Peter, s.Joseph and Betsey, June23,1803.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Betsey, Nov.30,1804.

William Newton, s.William and Hephzibath, Dec.12,1804. In Sutton.

Susannah, d.Joseph and Betsey, Apr.4,1806.

Hannah Johnson, d.William and Hephzibath, June30,1807.

Sally H., d.Joseph and Betsey, July20,1807.

Orilla T., twin d.Joseph and Betsey, Nov.20,1809.

Orvilla W., twin s.Joseph and Betsey, Nov.20,1809.

Joel Whitney, s.William and Hephzibath, Apr.27,1811.

Orrenia W., d.Joseph and Betsey, June23,1813.

Katherine Densmore, d.William and Hephzabah, Nov.17,1813.

Charles A., s.Joseph and Betsey, May24,1817.

John, s.William and Hephzibah, Dec.1,1817.

Frank A., s.Augustus and Sarah (Hatch), Sept.19,1846.


Jonah, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, Nov.10,1755.


Elijah, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Feb.19,1768. At Framingham.

Amos, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Nov.17,1769. At Westborough.

Anne, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Jan.19,1772.

Henry, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Nov.末,1774.

Charles Gates Otis, s.Ebenezer and Mary, May9,1777.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Oct.2,1779.

Ruth, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Mar.5,1781.

Susanah, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Feb.23,1783.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Mary, June9,1785.

Moses, s.Ebenezer and Mary, June14,1788.

Mehitable, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Mar.19,1790.

George Washington, s.Ebenezer and Mary, July27,1792.

Charles Ebenezer, s.末末 and Ruth, Mar.13,1806.


Charles Howard, s.Anthony and Susan (Ruggles), Oct.9,1847.


Molly, d.Ebenezer and Thankful, Aug.11,1775.

Daniel, s.Ebenezer and Thankful, Nov.3,1778.

Lucy, d.Ebenezer and Thankfull, Aug.29,1781.

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Thankfull, May12,1786.

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