John, Capt., and Susanna Putnum of Sutton, int.Dec.27,17末.

John and Lydea Gale of Watertown, int.Apr.12,1736.

Joseph and Sarah Wood, Dec.3,1741.

Stephen and Elizabeth Tanter of Westborow, int.Oct.末,1750

Ebenezer and Zubeah Brown of Leicester, int.Dec.22,1753.

Joseph and Hannah Robason of Mendon, int.Dec.18,1756.

Joseph and Hannah Palmer, Sept.26,1758.

Sarah and Edward Rawson, July19,1764.

Mary and Peter Hazeltine, Jan.9,1766.

Benjamin and Bathsheba Ward, May3,1770.

Susana and Jacob Perham, Oct.4,1770.

Lydia and Seth Wood, Apr.30,1771.

Elizabeth and Silas Taft, Sept.8,1772.

Joseph and Lydia Daniels of Mendon, int.Nov.17,1772.

Rebeccah and Able Munroe, Nov.23,1773.

Hannah and Daniel Fisher of Townsend, NY, Feb.1,1774.

Seth and Olive Battle, Oct.25,1774.

Abiel Jr. and Elizabeth Warren, May28,1776.

Abiel and Mrs.Anna Saltmarsh of Hopkinton, int.July27,1776.

Sarah and Amos Wood, July24,1777.

Azubah of Grafton and Benjamin Perham 3rd, int.May2,1781.

Joseph Jr. and Mrs.Molley Hayden of Hopkinton, int.Mar.9,1782.

Abiel Jr. and Anna Sadler, int.Dec.20,1783.

Anna and Abiel Sadler Jr., int.Dec.20,1783.

Stephen, Capt., and Mrs.Elizabeth Pratt of Worcester, Mar.21,1787.

Mary, Mrs.[], and Elisha Taft Jr., Apr.5,1787.

Barthshebath and John Green, June17,1787.

Benjamin and Polly Stockwell of Sutton, int.Dec.9,1787.

Jemima, Mrs.[], and James Viall, Jan.10,1788.

John and Mrs.Priscilla Gorse of Mendon, int.Aug.23,1789.

Joanna, Mrs., and Ephraim Whitney Jr., int.Apr.25,1795.

Benjamin and Mary Clamons, int.July8,1796.

Polly and Adams Morse, Mar.25,1802.

Rebekah [] and Ephriam Forbush, Mar.29,1803.CR

Benjamin and Lucretia Stearns, Apr.15,1804.

Samuel and Polly Baker, May17,1810.

Lois and Levi Sanders, Sept.1,1811.

Marilla [] and Joseph Perry, June20,1815.

Prescila and Joseph B. Chapin, July21,1816.

Ira, Lt., and Silvia Wood, Oct.2,1816.

Roxy and Asa Lackey, int.Aug.21,1817.

Augusta and Warren Rawson of Uxbridge, May11,1823.

Benjamin and Permelia Rawson of Uxbridge, int.May14,1825.

Mary and Elijah Nelson, June12,1825.

Moranda [] and Ziba Cook of Uxbridge, June28,1829.

Julia [Julia Ann. int.] and Ebenezer Chamberlain, Feb.14,1831.

Benjamin Jr. and Mary Buck, Jan.3,1832.

Mary H. and Job B. Moore, int.Aug.10,1833.

Susan [Susan W. int.] and John Waterman of Grafton, Oct.19,1834.

Eli B. and Mary P. Brown of Sutton, int.Mar.12,1837.

Samuel and Elizabeth Wiswell, Feb.21,1839.

Catherine F. of Grafton and George E. Brown, int.末蔓20,1844.

Lucy Maria and James Wiswall, Nov.29,1847.

Mary Angenett and Thomas J. Hall, Apr.12,1849. In Milford.

Albert and Martha A. Pierce, Nov.29,1849.


Anna, Mrs., of Hopkinton and Abiel Sadler, int.July27,1776.

SANDERS (Saunders)

Levi and Lois Sadler, Sept.1,1811.

Asa and Mary Winter of Northbridge, Dec.15,1811.

Levi and Salona Aldrich, Sept.20,1824.

Alexander R. and Fidelia Walker, int.Aug.17,1833.

Levi and Electa Evans, Jan.4,1835.

Lydia R. and Ezekiel E. Alexander, Apr.6,1835.

Samuel R. of Ward and Elizabeth Beals, Apr.26,1835.

Sylvia W. and Austin Gleason, int.Oct.23,1841.

Mary of Milford and Nathaniel S. Taft, int.Dec.18,1842.

Clarissa and Joel D. Batchelor, Oct.22,1843.

Olive D. and Silas L. Alexander, Dec.29,1846.


Juliana C. of Attleboro and Lemuel G. Morse, int.Feb.12,1842.

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

Austin of Waltham and Nancy Bolton, Mar.20,1820.

Sarah E. and Joseph W. Alexander, Oct.20,1842.


John and Sally Hayward, Mar.末,1820.

Susan [Susan F. int.] and Melville Mann, Aug.25,1823.


Whitman of Providence, RI, and Catherine Starkweather, May25,1837.


Sally, Mrs., of Uxbridge and Joel Bolster, int.July1,1789.


Rowland and Mary Fremon of Rochester, int.Nov.11,1738.


James M. and Huldah M. Cummings, Apr.30,1840.

SHEARMON (Sherman, Shermon)

Moses of Grafton and Comford Warren, int.Apr.末,1802.

Polly of Grafton and Edward Baker, int.Aug.20,1803.


Isaac [Sheifield of Holliston. int.], and Abigail Wood, Nov.24,1768.


Elmira and Independence Gore, Mar.7,1834.

Origin and Mary Beals, Oct.16,1834.

Mary C. [] and Naaman Torrey of Weymouth, Aug.12,1846.

SHERMAN (Shearmon)

Olive of Holden and Loell Eames, int.Nov.6,1827.

SHERMON (Shearmon)

Betsey and Elisha Fisk, June20,1799.


Eliza B. [Shurtliff. int.], and Moses C. Hayden of Grafton, Nov.27,1838.


William and Candace A. Hall of Grafton, int.Mar.9,1839.


Rufus of Grafton and Elvia Fisk, Jan.1,1811.

Elva F. and Adonirum F. Pike, Aug.4,1835.


Ruth of Rantham and Claton Alexander, int.Dec.26,1741.

[Mathew, Martha ?] and Israel Taft Jr.,末蔓末,1743.

Joseph and Mary Potter, Mar.11,1774.

George of Grafton and Dinah Downer of Milford, May31,1792. In Milford.*

Abner of Bellingham and Jamima Fisk, June3,1800.

Lucretia and Emory Albee, June19,1818.

Mary B. and Otis C. Wood, Nov.25,1840.

Ann Maria and Trussent M.L. Coffin of Mendon, int.Jan.17,1847.

John R. and Susan E. Baker, Nov.8,1848.

Ann Maria and Marvel Otis Inman, Feb.10,1849.

Joseph G. and Betsy W. Perry, int.Sept.12,1849.


Elizabeth and John Perham, Jan.14,1803. [1802CR]


Joel and Anna Trask, int.Dec.22,1799.

Abigail and John Plummer, Apr.3,1825.

William [Jr. int.] and Roxalana Taft, Aug.14,1826.

Catherine and Henry Green of Uxbridge, Dec.13,1829.

Mary and Benjamin M. Oilman, Aug.26,1830.

Charlotte N. [or V.] and Joseph McFarland, Nov.27,1834.

Susan A. and Aaron Farrington, Nov.4,1838.

William Jr. and Mrs.Sarah Ruggles, Nov.28,1844.

Sophia T. and George G. Rogers, Apr.30,1846.

Mary Marsh and Russell Eames, int.Sept.12,1847.


John [of Uxbridge. int.] and Hannah Crosby, May27,1767.


Lois and Israel Taft, Mar.5,1799.


Lydia and Pitt Farrar, Oct.19,1831.CR

Susan and Danniel Tenney, Apr.17,1843.


Manda M. and Ezra T. Rockwood, int.June9,1842.


Marriam C. and Elisha B. Fisk, Sept.17,1829.

Catherine [Katherine A. int.] and Whitman Sayles of Providence, RI, May25,1837.

Chloe B. and John H. Lesure, Nov.4,1840.

Sarah A. and Ezekiel B. Stoddard, May24,1844.

STEARNS (Sternes)

Lucretia [] and Benjamin Sadler, Apr.15,1804.

Josiah and Hipsabeth Whitney, Apr.5,1809.

Daniel and Hannah Gould, Apr.3,1810.

Amos and Mary Pease, Mar.18,1816.

Stiles and Satira Batchelor of Northbridge, int.Aug.10,1816.

Ebenezer and Widow Lydia Norcross, Mar.30,1819.

Alanson and Moriah Gibson of Hopkinton, int.Mar.9,1826.

Daniel and Lucinda Hill, Apr.13,1826.

Stinson and Katherine D. Brooks, Aug.6,1833.

Mary A. Ann and John Welch, Apr.12,1838.

Ann Maria of Hopkinton and Arba P. Wood, June10,1847.CR

Daniel M. and Sarah W. Batchelor, Oct.11,1847.


Betty and Nathan Wheelock, both of Mendon, Dec.9,1783*

STERNES (Stearns)

Ebenezer and Rebecca Lackey, int.May29,1772.


Benjamin and Deborah Righdor of Holeston, int.Mar.2,1754.


Joseph and Jane Wilson, int.Dec.8,17末.

Patiance and John Watkin, Jan.4,1736-37.

Susannah and Stephen Rolph of Grafton, int.Jan.25,1743-44.

Lucy [Luce. int.] and John Willson, May10,1757.

James and Lois Allen of Medway, int.Jan.2,1761.


Polly of Sutton and Benjamin Sadler, int.Dec.9,1787.

Nathaniel of Sutton and Elizabeth Taft, int.Sept.1,1799.

Marcy of Sutton and Joseph Taft, int.Sept.29,1815.

STODDARD (Stodder)

Elijah and Zilpah Nelson, Aug.18,1809.

Polly [Stodder. int.], and Asa Wood of Millbury, Oct.24,1813.

Lyman and Apphia Colburn of Lebanon, int.June20,1819.

Electa and William Hale, Sept.12,1819.

Lucretia and Samuel Moore of Milford, Apr.17,1821.

Hartford and Sarah Taft, Sept.28,1829.

Rebeckah and Isaac M. Ruggles, May27,1830.

Ann Mariah and Charles H. [or A.] Batchelor of Grafton, Nov.12,1833.

Lucy J. and Sylvanus B. Aldrich of Northbridge, Apr.24,1836.

Lois N. and Joseph S. Farnam, Dec.30,1841.

Ezekiel B. and Sarah A. Starkweather, May22 [or 24 dup.], 1844.

STODDER (Stoddard)

Ezekiel and Lucy Forrester of Bellingham, int.Oct.30,1784.

Sarah, Mrs., and Ebenezer Wood Walker, Oct.4,1807.

Lucy and Daniel Forbes, June16,1808.


Elisha and Lucinda Kelley, int.Apr.10,1813.

Lucinda C. and Hiram Ward of Hopkinton, int.Feb.26,1840.

Newell and Mrs.Betsey Judd, Mar.23,1848.


Elizabeth and Samuel Warren, both of Grafton, Nov.18,1790. In Grafton.*

Sarah of Grafton and David Fisk, int.May18,1807.

Polly of Sherburn and Ephraim Forbush, int.May21,1807.

Jonathan W. of Grafton and Mary Hunt, Sept.11,1831.


Ruth and Turner Aldrich, both of Northbridge, Oct.3,1790.*


Mary of Milford and William W. Devenport, int.Sept.12,1830.


Nathaniel and Rebeckah Vial, Nov.19,1808.

Angel and Hannah T. Taft of Uxbridge, int.Sept.7,1817.

Mercy and John Bosorth [], Mar.30,1818.

Angel and Mrs.Mary A. Holroyd of Uxbridge, int.Apr.12,1825.

Joanna [B. int.] and Stephen S. Viall, June15,1828.

Robert B. and Amelia Buffum of Burrillsville, RI, int.Sept.6,1828.

John C. and Sarah Redfield of Northbridge, Mar.29,1842.


James [Snoling. int.] and Relief Vent [], Aug.31,1820.

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