GARDNER (Gardiner)

Jesse, rep. s.Jesse and real s.Rachel Chillson, July10,1797.

Marietta Brown, d.Emerson and Mary, July5,1829.

William Emerson, s.Emerson, bp. Mar.1,1836.CR2


Albert W., s.Joshua and Helena(Lowell), Dec.3,1837.GR1

Albertt William, s.Joshua and Helena(Lowell), June22,1843. [June25,1843.GR1

Andrew N., Dec.3,1837.GR1

Charles H., s.Joshua and Hellena(Lowell), Jan.7,1848.

Elizabeth A. `(Graves),末蔓末,1847.[Aug.27, in England, d.John & Sarah (Entwistle). Find A-Grave]

Henry Augustus, s.Joshua and Helena(Lowell), June5,1845. [June2,1845.GR1]

James A., s.Joshua and Helena(Lowell), Sept.6,1836.GR1

Kaiara M., d.Joshua and Helena(Lowell), Nov.23,1833.GR1

GASKILL (Gaskil)

Amy(Ballou), w.Benjamin, 24:11m:1745.CR4

Anna Estella, d.Asa B. and Melissa M.(Mowry), Sept.2,1842.

Anne D., d.Joseph and Issabella(Mowry), Mar.1,1827.

Asa B., s.Ezekiel and Elizabeth, 30:6m:1810.CR4

Benjamin, 19:10m:1734.CR4

Caroline Josephine, d.Joseph and Issabella(Mowry), June25,1840.

Daniel, s.Benjamin and Ama(Ballou), May9,1774.

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Hannah, 25:6m:1777.

Eliza Ann, d.Varney and Prisse, 9:12m:1827.CR4

Elizabeth, w.Ezekiel, 12:7m:1775.CR4

Emily Cook, d.Varney and Prisse, 9:9m:1835.CR4

Eunice, d.Ezekiel and Elizabeth, Oct.22,1807.

Ezekiel, s.Benjamin and Amy(Ballou), 12:12m:1769.CR4

Ezekiel Paul, s.Varney and Prisse, 13:5m:1832.CR4

George Henry, s.Asa and Melissa(Mowry), Aug.22,1845.

Hannah, w.Jonathan, 12:6m:1739.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, 14:5m:1769.CR4

Hannah, d.David and Phebe, July9,1782.

Hosea, s.Benjamin and Ama(Ballou), Mar.9,1779.

Isabella(Mowry), w.Joseph, 12:2m:1805.CR4

Joanna, d.Benjamin and Amy(Ballou), 9:1m:1768.CR4

Jonathan, 22:5m:1739.CR4

Joseph, s.Joseph, Aug.29,1801.

Joseph, s.Ezekiel and Elizabeth, Aug.29,1801. [29:7m:1800.CR4]

Joseph G., s.Joseph and Isabella(Mowry), 14:8m:1845.CR4

Lindley M., s.Joseph and Isabella(Mowry), Sept.17,1847. [7:4m:1847.CR4]

Levina, d.Benjamin and Amy(Ballou), 27:9m:1765.CR4

Levina, d.Ezekiel and Elizabeth, June6,1805.

Levina D., d.Asa B. and Melissa M.(Mowry), Sept.16,1846.

Loviza, d.Jonathan and Hannah, 15:6m:1775.CR4

Lucy, d.Benjamin and Ama(Ballou), May16,1784.

Melissa M.(Mowry), w.Asa B., 28:8m:1811.CR4

Nathan, s.Benjamin and Ama(Ballou), Aug.5,1776.

Nathan, s.Ezekiel and Elizabeth, Apr.29,1803.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Hannah, 6:5m:1771.CR4

Otis, s.David and Phebe, Dec.27,1778.

Patiance, d.Benjamin and Ama(Ballou), Feb.12,1771. [1772.CR4]

Patience, d.Jonathan and Hannah, 18:7m:1781.CR4

Prisse, w.Varney, 3:4m:1794.CR4

Ruth Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Issabella(Mowry), Apr.28,1830.

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Hannah, 30:10m:1763.CR4

Sarah, w.Joseph, 5:11m:1722.CR4

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Ama(Ballou), June10,1781.

Silas, s.Jonathan and Hannah, 22:7m:1773.CR4

Submit, rep. d.Samuel and real d.Lydia Keith, May26,1783.

Susan Anne, d.Joseph and Issabella(Mowry), Oct.28,1837.

Tamar, d.Jonathan and Hannah, 11:7m:1765.CR4

Varney, s.Jonathan and Hannah, 14:3m:1767.CR4

Verney, s.Ezekiel and Elizabeth, July20,1798.

Verney, s.Benjamin and Ama(Ballou), June22,1786.


John F., s.Henry, b. in England, and Mary E., b. in Ireland, in Burrillville, RI, Feb.9,1849.


Mary A.,末蔓末,1837.GR2


Polly Draper, d.John, of Providence, and Bethiah, bp. Providence, June26,1751.CR1


Mary T.(Anson), w.Hiram O.,末蔓末,1834.GR1[Dec.2. Uxbridge VRs]


末末, twin d.James W. and Uranah(Gifford), Mar.28,1848.

末末, twin d.James W. and Uranah(Gifford), Mar.28,1848.

Annanias, s.Seth and Ann, Feb.27,1783.

Charles B., s.James W. and Uranah(Gifford), July1,1845.

Daniel, s.Seth and Ann, July10,1791.

Farnum, s.Seth and Ann, Aug.7,1778.

Joanna, 20:11m:1717.CR4

Joanna, d.Seth and Ann, Mar.1,1789.

John F., s.Farnum, May7,1823.

Joseph, s.Seth and Ann, Dec.20,1787.

Joseph Hiram, s.Farnum, Oct.22,1821.

Mary Ann, d.Farnum, Apr.5,1816.

Mary Ann, d.Farnum, July22,1819.

Moses, s.Seth and Ann, July4,1786.

Prudence, d.Ananias and Sarah S.(Thayer), Feb.2,1825.

Sarah, d.Seth and Ann, Sept.6,1780.

Sarah, d.Seth and Ann, Feb.7,1797.

Seth, s.Seth and Ann, Apr.7,1794.

Seth B., s.Farnum, Jan.9,1818.

Seth Hastings, s.Ananias and Sarah S.(Thayer), Feb.4,1823.

Susan Ann, w.末末, 2:3m:1826.CR4

Urania Farnum, d.Farnum, Oct.18,1824.

Waity Ann, d.Ananias and Sarah S.(Thayer), Mar.8,1828.


Mary Ann, d.Francis and Rosanna, both b. Ireland, Nov.17,1849.


Barbara(Dick), w.Edward,末蔓末,1828.GR1[May5, in Scotland, d.George & Mary.Death certificate]



Hannah, d.Thomas and Ellen, both b. Ireland, in Northbridge, May2,1849.

GOLDTHWAIT (Goldthwaite, Gouldwait)

Mary, d.Stephen and Patience(Very), bp. July8,1764.CR1[b. May10. Sutton VRs]

Abigail, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. Aug.10,1766.CR1

Abby Sophia, d.Stephen and Polly(Wheelock), Aug.18,1841.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Jerusha, bp. May26,1771.CR1

Daniel, s.Joseph and Mary, bp. Aug.10,1766.CR1

Ellery M., s.Stephen and Polly(Wheelock), Dec.27,1837. [in Northbridge. dup.]

Francis J.,末蔓末,1829.GR1[Oct.30. Northbridge VRs]

Henry M., s.Stephen and Polly(Wheelock), Sept.3,1839.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, bp. Feb.5,1769.CR1

Mehitabel, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. Apr.5,1767.CR1

Merrick,s.Stephen and Polly (Wheelock), Dec.29,1831.GR1

Nathan, s.Stephen and Patience(Very), bp. Nov.2,1766.CR1

Perry Orin, s.Stephen and Polly(Wheelock), Nov.12,1843.

Rebecca, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. Aug.10,1766.CR1

Ruth, d.Stephen and Patience(Very), bp. Nov.15,1761.CR1

Ruth, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. May2,1773.CR1

Samuel, s.Stephen and Patience(Very), bp. Nov.15,1761.CR1

Sarah, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. Aug.10,1766.CR1

Stephen, s.Stephen and Patience(Very), May30,1762.CR1

Stephen, s.Stephen and Polly(Wheelock), July8,1846.

Thomas, s.Stephen and Patience(Very), bp. May14,1769.CR1


James C.H. [James Caspar Henry.CR2], s.David W. and Mary L.(Stone), Oct.31,1845.


Daniel, s.John and Ann, May4,1847.


Naomi, d.Stephen and Ruth, bp. Sept.6,1772.CR1


末末, d.Harrison and Sarah, Sept.1,1845.

GRAVES (Greaves)

John, Aug.14,1818.GR1

Phineas, s.Joseph, bp. Mar.2,1734-5.

GREEN (Greene)

Alvin Cook, s.Samuel H. and Judith, July17,1834.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Polly, May13,1786.

Benjamin, s.Israel and Sabra, Nov.20,1808.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Merrill and Maria, June6,1841.

Dianthia Lorindia, d.Charles J. and Abigail, Sept.21,1826.

Elizabeth, d.Israel and Sabra, July18,1819.

Ellen Maria, d.Merrill and Maria, Mar.7,1837.

Emily, d., Israel and Sabra, May26,1824.

Emma F., d.Merrill, b. Burrillville, RI, and Maria, July23,1849.

George W., s.George and Lucy, Dec.23,1843.

Hannah, d.David and Lucy, May6,1798.

Henery, s.Benjamin and Marcy, Jan.14,1770.

Israel, s.Benjamin and Polly, Oct.13,1784.

Jabez, s.David and Lucy, Dec.20,1791.

James, s.David and Lucy, Jan.15,1800.

James, s.Israel and Sabra, Oct.6,1811.

John, s.Benjamin and Polly, Dec.29,1788.

Joseph, s.Israel and Sabra, Jan.16,1810.

Judith, w.Samuel H., Apr.12,1805.GR1

Lucy, w.David, 22:4m:1767.CR4

Martha Carpender, d.Benjamin and Polly, Apr.14,1781.

Martha Ann, d.Israel and Sabra, July25,1822.

Molley, d.Benjamin and Marcy, May28,1772.

Mary, d.David and Lucy, in Mendon, Sept.12,1788.

Mary Ann, d.Israel and Sabra, Nov.5,1815.

Merrill, Feb.12,1812.GR1

Moses, s.Israel and Sabra, Aug.30,1813.

Nancy [Nancy C.GR1], d.Benjamin and Polly, Jan.20,1783.

Olive, d.Benjamin and Marcy, Sept.19,1775.

Sarah J., d.Merrill and Maria, June8,1847.

Stephen Carpender, s.Benjamin and Polly, Feb.6,1780, in Providence.

Stephen, s.Israel and Sabra, Dec.13,1817.

William Merrill, s.Merrill and Maria, Nov.2,1834.

William Merrill, s.Merrill and Maria, July21,1843.

William, s.David and Margaret, Dec.5,1844.


John, Oct.11,1826.GR1

Joseph, s.Edward and Maria, Oct.13,1845.

Louisa Adelaide, w.John, May12,1830.GR1

Mary e., d.John, b. England, and Louisa A., Aug.17,1848.


Hamilton Byron, s.Ralph B. and Catharine E., Apr.28,1847.


Abby R., Dec.20,1818.GR1

Nabby Richmond, d.John and Nabby, Dec.20,1818.

Cyrus, s.John and Rhoda, July13,1786.

Dorinda, d.Cyrus, Aug.19,1810.

John, s.John and Rhoda, Nov.26,1789.

Susan [Susanna.CR1] Adams, d.John and Nabby, Feb.5,1821.

Waity Arnold, d.John and Rhoda, June30,1779.


Eliza I., w.Oliver A.,末蔓末,1839.GR1

Oliver A.,末蔓末,1840.GR1


Ellen Maria, d.George and Mary E., July21,1845.

Eugene A. [Eugene Augustine.CR2], s.George and Mary E., Jan.19,1847.


Mary E. Baylies, w.George,末蔓末,1825.GR1

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