Joseph of Salem and Esther Orne Paine, Nov.15,1795.

Joseph S. of Salem and Martha S. Stearns, Aug.2,1843.


Mary and Joseph LaMora,末蔓末,1841.


Mary A. and Emerson Wallis, Oct.11,1839.


Mary and Dennis Murphy, Nov.13,1845.


Mary and Daniel Donahoe, June28,1847.

Mary and Thomas Donahoe, Jan.4,1848.


Albia and Michael Shea, Sept.24,1845.

Bridget and Jeremiah Croynen, Jan.11,1845.

James and Mary Ann Keating, Dec.25,1845.

Jeremiah and Mary Reilly, Oct.21,1846.

Matthew and Catherine Canary, June15,1846.

Sylvester and Mary Bigelow,末蔓末,1836.


Ellen and John Connoly, Sept.26,1848.


George of Rutland and Elizabeth Hart, Jan.29,1767.

John and Elizabeth Perkins of Wenham, Jan.8,1740 (In Wenham).

Seth of Barre and Mary Jones, Mar.13,1782.


Alexander of Leicester and Eleanor McFarland, Jan.18,1759.


Sarah and James McPherson, Feb.15,1756.


S. Frances and Lucius N. Holton, Oct.28,1847.


Anne and Thomas Nolan, Aug.19,1848.


Ellen and John Hogan, Nov.25,1847.

Jeremiah and Mary Carter, Aug.10,1846.

Jeremiah and Joana Launders, Sept.9,1847.

Jerry and Catherine Roach, Aug.31,1848.

Joana and Dennis Kelly, Dec.26,1846.

Joana and Edmund Hannegan, Aug.22,1847.

Julia and Patrick J. Mara, Jan.20,1848.

Mary A. and Martin Byrnes, Jan.23,1845.


Duncan and Mary Smith, May8,1766.


Anna and William Alexander, Oct.9,1804.

Charlotte and Israel Rice, Dec.22,1811.

Daniel and Beulah Stow of Framingham, Sept.22,1780 (In Sherborn).

Duncan of Oxford and Elizabeth Stearns, Jan.27,1749-50.

Eleanor and Preserved Bruce (transient), Feb.28,1808.

James of Sutton and Anna Gleason, Feb.7,1781.

James and Joanna Sheehan, Oct.3,1846.

John of Westborough and Elizabeth Elder, Feb.21,1765.

John of Oxford and Martha Stevens, Jan.16,1777.


Diantha and Albert Webb of Roxbury, May30,1841.


Michael and Margaret McNamara, Jan.21,1845.


Catherine and Matthew Cahill, June15,1846.


John and Catherine Moran, Jan.23,1847.


Mary Ann and Patrick Tourney, May18,1842.


Adeline S. and Hiram F. Mann, Feb.5,1843.

Francis M. and Maria M. Fellows of Boston, Oct.8,1847.

Harriet M. and Edwin W. Nye,末蔓末,1845.

Martha and Ariel G. Cheaver of Medway, May15,1832.


Jane and James Flemming, Nov.2,1848.

John F. of Shrewsbury and Abigail P. Garfield, June16,1840.

Patty of Oxford and Abner Putnam, Oct.末,1822.

Patrick and Hannah Doody, June24,1848.

Sophia C. and Solon P. Davis of Holden, Mar.27,1848.


David of Walpole and Nabby Stowell,末蔓末,1795.

Lettice of Lunenburg and Samuel McCrackin, Dec.8,1752 (In Lunenburg).


James and Mary Mahan, Dec.25,1754.

James and Lydia Jackson of Leicester, Sept.26,1757 (In Leicester).


Catherine and James Nearny, Feb.14,1847.

Ellen and Thomas Aherin,末蔓末,1836.

John and Sarah Paling, July28,1846.

John and Elizabeth Doran, Sept.27,1846.

John and Anne Gately, May6,1848.

Mary and Patrick Hayden, Nov.23,1843.

Mary and Daniel Clifford,末蔓末,1844.


Anthony E. and Barbara Hawes, Sept.1,1844.

Catherine and Patrick Flanigan Nov.18,1847.

Ephraim W. and Sarah A. Fuller of Grafton, Sept.1,1846.

Galen and Louisa Howland, Apr.9,1839 (In Brookfield).

Maria (Boyden), wid., and John Howland, Apr.3,1845.

Mary Ann and Philip Laverty, Apr.4,1847.

S. Verstall and L. Jane Brown, both of Auburn, May10,1847.

William W. and Elizabeth Fuller, both of Millbury, Feb.23,1846.


Dexter and Mary M. Perry, Oct.11,1832.

Thomas and Bridget Kelly,末蔓末,1841.


Deborah and Benjamin P. Rice, Oct.26,1830.

Elizabeth and George Hobart, Jan.11,1831.


Nathaniel of Sutton and Rebecca Goulding, Jan.6,1795. (In Ward).


Bernard and Honora Fallon, July15,1848.

David and Margaret Purcell, Oct.6,1841.

Hugh and Carridan Kelly, Jan.6,1847.

James and Rosanna Cloyne, Aug.14,1844.

John and Catherine Foster, Oct.29,1847.

Mary and Dennis Duggan, Oct.21,1843.

William and Bridget Connoly, Oct.9,1848.


Joseph of Orrington District, ME, and Almira Barker, Oct.3,1802.


Elizabeth and John Warren of Sudbury, July24,1776.


Daniel, Jr. of Berlin and Hannah Stow, Apr.8,1817.

Eleazar W. and Alona M. Boynton, Aug.9,1848.

Hester and Thomas Hatherly of Boylston, Feb.11,1793.

Margaret and Patrick Torrey, Feb.17,1848.

Mary and Jeremiah Callahan, Aug.10,1846.


Rosanna and Hugh O'Rourke, Dec.25,1846.


John S. and Adeline Parker Dec.18,1838.

Rachel of Sutton and John Waite, Jr., Dec.24,1772 (In Sutton).

Samuel of Sutton and Persis Blake, Dec.8,1790.


Elizabeth and James Doodey, Jan.12,1847.

William and Mary Galvin, Oct.3,1847.


Charles and Mary Kavanagh, Dec.28,1848.

Michael and Eliza Grady, July15,1845.

Sarah and Patrick Burns, Aug.4,1844.


Christopherus Plato (born at Scio, Greece) and Rutha H. Clark, Oct.22,1844.


Cecelia and Edward Skerret, Sept.16,1844.

Julia and Michael Daly, Nov.5,1848.


Azubah and Ebenezer Geer, Apr.18,1816.

Charlotte F. and Jonathan Gleason 3d, Feb.26,1823.

Daniel and Elizabeth Fisk, Sept.26,1779.

Daniel and Betsey Gates, Jan.5,1815.

Daniel and Mary Gray, Jan.29,1824.

David and Lydia Wait, July29,1759.

Dolly and William Chamberlain, Oct.11,1810.

Betsey and Luther Johnson, Apr.9,1812.

Eunice and Phinehas Gleason, June23,1752.

Hannah and William Eaton, June14,1795.

John and Lydia Gale, Nov.16,1749.

John, Jr. and Sarah Johnson, Nov.8,1756.

Jonathan and Hannah Sadler, Apr.27,1758.

Joseph and Dolly Bigelow, Mar.22,1792.

Lois and Asa Flagg, Nov.1,1750.

Lucy and Samuel Gates, Aug.15,1781.

Lydia and Foster Nowell of Brookfield, Sept.16,1802.

Lydia and Marcus Child of Stanstead, L.C., Oct.11,1819.

Molly and William Walker, Oct.8,1777.

Mary and Nathaniel Brooks 2d, Apr.9,1822.

Phebe and Caleb P. Stock, Aug.28,1814.

Susannah and Matthias Stone, Nov.16,1749.


Jonas and Emily M. Winn, both of Holden,末蔓末,1848 ?


Abigail and Abel Heywood, Apr.27,1780.

Charles C. of Bangor, ME, and Cordelia M. Felton,末蔓末,1836?

Charles T. and Sarah E. Hathaway, Sept.21,1841.

Charles A. and Lucia Ann Webber, Aug.21,1847.

Dolly and John Mower, Nov.10,1817.

Dulcena M. and Henry Gates, Dec.6,1846.

Eliza and Luther Burnett, Jr., June2,1823.

Emma R. and Asa W. Nickerson, Jan.4,1846.

Ephraim F. and Maria A. McFarland, July13,1847.

Jacob and Lydia Stone of Newton, June7,1744 (In Newton).

Jacob and Mrs.Anna Heywood, June3 or July4,1769.

Jacob and Lydia Buck of Sutton, Mar.18,1784 (In Sutton).

Jacob and Mrs.Mary Curtis, Apr.17,1796.

Jacob of Holden and Laura Howard, Sept.26,1832.

John and Mary Curtis, June27,1771.

Lydia and Tyler Curtis, Sept.5,1776.

Mary and Nathaniel Heywood of Shrewsbury, July1,1793 (In Shrewsbury).

Mary and Daniel Greenleaf, Apr.3,1800.

Nancy and Isaac Stone of Rindge, Nov.15,1792.

Nancy W. and A. Watson Grant, June3,1839.

Sarah and Joseph Howard of Holden, Sept.23,1770.

Sally and Elisha Flagg, Apr.28,1817.

Susanna and Benjamin Butman, Oct.22,1786.

Thaddeus and Judith Barnard, Jan.27,1774.

Thomas and Hannah Blair, Oct.30,1832.

William and Betsey Curtis, Jan.10,1791.

William and Dolly Chadwick, Oct.11,1810.


Caroline and Joseph Pratt, Oct.末,1827.

Hannah C. and George Perrin, Oct.13,1828.


Charles and Sally Mower of Leicester, Nov.15,1796.

Cumberland and Dinah Chandler, (negroes), Nov.29,1767.

Dido and Cato Walker, (negroes), Nov.24,1771.

Dinah and Cumberland Chandler, (negroes), Nov.29,1767.

Dolly and Samuel Ward of Lancaster, Dec.26,1767.

Eliza Putnam and Solomon Vose of Northfield, Sept.11,1796.

Eliza and James Rowan of Boston, Dec.8,1805.

Elizabeth and James Putnam, Sept.20,1754.

Elizabeth and Nathaniel Paine, Dec.18,1785.

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Putnam of St. John, N.B., Dec.2,1786.

Gardner and Ann Leonard of Norton, June27 or Aug.2,1767 (In Norton).

Hannah and John Williams of Boston, Nov.10,1778.

Hester, Mrs., and Thomas Clap of Scituate, May9,1745 (In Scituate).

Lucretia and Aaron Bancroft, Oct.24,1786.

Marcus M. and Melinda E. Nye, Jan.18,1848.

Polly and William Sever of Kingston, Oct.29,1785 (In Shrewsbury).

Rufus and Eleanor Putnam, Nov.18,1770.

Sarah and John Stanton, Sept.14,1780.

Sarah and Samuel Ward of Woodstock, VT, June25,1816.

Thomas and Mrs.Eliza Dana, Sept.25,1802.


Benjamin, Jr. and Dolly Moore, Sept.20,1774.

Benjamin and Hannah Patch, July29,1818.

Catherine and Ebenezer Dewing of Woodstock, CT, Nov.28,1805.

Chloe and Benjamin Watson, Jr. of Leicester, Dec.11,1817.

Coffin and Hannah Stiles, Apr.4,1793 (In Lancaster).

Cinthia and Josiah Rice, Oct.29,1801.

Dorothy and William Trowbridge, Jr., Nov.26,1812.

Edwin and Persis E. Earle, Dec.25,1848.

Betsey and Alden Blanchard,末蔓末,1824.

Eunice and Nathan White of Uxbridge, Jan.14,1779.

Huldah T. and Samuel E Bailey of Springfield, Oct.27,1840.

Jason and Lucy Goulding, Oct.10,1844.

Jemima and William Coes, Sept.14,1809.

Laurinda and Lewis C. Howlett, Sept.4,1843.

Lewis and Achsah Trowbridge, Dec.14,1814.

Polly and Luther Blake, Feb.13,1800.

Sally and Timothy Young of Ward, Nov.28,1811.

Thaddeus and Lucy Whitney, June29,1780.

Thaddeus of NY, City and Julia L. Burt, Nov.14,1844.


Mary of Lunenburg and John Willman, Dec.2,1772 (In Lunenburg).

Sarah L. and Sumner A. Whitney, Jan.5,1848.


Abel and Pamelia Rice, Aug.3,1800.

Isham S. and Ann Boulster, May24,1836.

Martha and Rufus Flagg, Nov.6 or Dec.3,1767.

Willington and Sarah Gray, May27,1839.


Amy and Antipas Earle 2d, Mar.23,1808.

Henry and Acsah H. Clements, Jan.末,1828.

Leonard P. and Mary W. Goddard, Apr.19,1847.

Polly and Moses Lovell, Apr.7,1828.

Paul of Sutton and Lucy Richardson, Apr.17,1759 (In Sutton).

Sarah S. of Millbury and Charles Preston of Killingly, CT, May21,1821.


Ariel G. of Medway and Martha Capron, May15,1832.


Isaac of Holden and Susanna Pierce, Sept.15,1768 (In Holden).


Amanda of Holden and Josiah O. Brownell, Nov.9,1836.

Jonas S. and Mary E. Davis, Apr.30,1837.

Joseph and Sarah Merrifield, Aug.31,1808.


Isaac B. of Manchester, NH, and Miranda A. Stearns, Nov.30,1843.


John and Martha Patterson, Oct.31,1844.

Shubael and Azubah Gleason, Apr.13,1806.

CHILD (Childs)

末末 and Daniel Johnson, July19,1800.

Abner and Abigail Stone of Rutland, Jan.14,1790 (In Rutland).

Amherst and Lucy Moore, June30,1790 (In Holden).

Charles and Nessa B. Baird, Feb.21,1832.

Elizabeth and Jacob Sanderson, Dec.18,1760.

Eunice and Daniel Wheeler, May17,1815.

Hannah K. and Joseph R. Cummings of Shrewsbury, Dec.18,1844.

Hepsabeth and Ezekiel Smith, Mar.13,1792 (In Holden).

John, Jr. of Holden and Mary, d.Elisha Smith, Jr., Feb.18,1762.

Joshua and Mary Hinds of Shrewsbury, June2,1748.

Marcus of Stanstead, L.C. and Lydia Chadwick, Oct.11,1819.

Martha P. and Calvin Foster, May15,1833.

Mary and Andrew Adams, Aug.24,1831.

Moses N. and Sarah Heywood, May1,1795.

Nathaniel and Abigail Adams of Sutton, Oct.23,1756.

Persis of Holden and Elisha Smith Jr., Jan.13,1774.

Zechariah of Shrewsbury and Lydia Bigelow, Oct.7,1784.


Isabella of Marlborough, NY, and J.F. Burbank, Jan.8,1848.


Samuel and Almira Parkhurst, Oct.3,1847.


Mirriam W. and Sylvanus Harris, Jr. of VT, Jan.8,1835.

Samuel D. and Charlotte G. Monroe, Dec.20,1843.


Mary and Hubbard Bigelow, Mar.8,1848.


Hannah and Benjamin Gibson, both of Hopkinton, Dec.2,1835.

Lucinda and Oliver Willington, Mar.19,1842.

Mary A. and Lorenzo West of Petersham, Aug.30,1842.


William and Jane Slarrow of Rutland, Jan.1,1736 (In Rutland).


Alice and Michael Griffin, June27,1847.


Hannah B. and Jesse Moore of Louisville, KY, Aug.12,1839.

Lucy W. and George A. Barber, Nov.29,1848.

Maynard B. and Mary C. Rice, July19,1840.

Maynard B. and Mary Shurtleff Nov.24,1842.

Oliver and Mrs.Fidelia S. Walker, May9,1824.

Thomas of Scituate and Mrs.Hester Chandler, May9,1745 (In Scituate).

W. Warren of Holden and Charlotte A. Barrows, Apr.19,1848.


Abigail and Elijah Davenport, Apr.11,1764.

Abby F. and Benjamin F. Scribner, Jan.5,1847.

Anne and Alexander McNamee, Jan.7,1848.

Dolly M. and Horace A. Smith, Jan.9,1844.

Edward S. and Martha Brigham Mar.29,1829.

Elisha and Mary Bigelow, June7,1778.

Elizabeth and Simeon Stearns May6,1772.

Ellen and Patrick Kerrigan, Oct.30,1847.

Esther and Solomon Bixby, Apr.3,1755.

Isaac of Hardwick and Patience Stearns, Jan.6,1774.

James S. and Elizabeth R. Walker, Aug.8,1830.

James W. of Boston and Catherine M. Marsh, May2,1842.

Julia A. and Joseph E. Phelps, Nov.15,1842.

Leonard and Nancy Heard, Apr.3,1815.

Leonard and Eunice Gleason, Apr.4,1819.

Louisa B. and Andrew W. Sawyer, Oct.2,1848.

Lysander C. and Lucy P. Hastings, Nov.23,1835.

Lysander C. and M.W. Hastings, Dec.30,1840.

Mary and Solomon Gates, Nov.10,1748.

Mary and James Ballard, Nov.25,1784.

Nancy H. and Nathaniel F. Cutter of Ashburnham, Oct.14,1835.

Nancy and Benjamin Arnold, July23,1840.

Oramel and M. Goodale, Aug.13,1839.

Rutha H. and Christopherus Plato Castanis (born Scio, Greece), Oct.22,1844.

Sally and Richard Fanning, (blacks), Dec.23,1801.

Sarah Brooks of Ward and John Boyden, Jan.19,1815.

William and Mary Smith, Apr.17,1739 (In Rutland).

William L. and Lucretia Parkhurst, Dec.21,1843.


Ellen and James Mahedy, Aug.4,1846.


Lucia A. and Francis N. Merrifield, Oct.4,1839.


Horace W. of Litchfield, CT. and Mary Anna Park, Apr.24,1839.


Achsah and Henry Chase, Jan.末,1828.

Almira H. and Benjamin Joslyn, Dec.21,1847.

Bailey and Chloe White, Dec.3,1818.

Eliza A. and Rufus K. Merriam of Sutton, Mar.13,1845.

Betsey and Warner Barton, Oct.5,1815.

Lucretia and Danforth H. Bundy, Apr.19,1825.

Moses, Jr. and Beulah Trowbridge, Sept.24,1807.


Warner and Lydia Cutting, Oct.19,1807.


Henry W. and Lucretia Washburn, Oct.28,1847.


Daniel and Mary Carney末蔓末,1844.

Patrick and Catherine Kennedy, June22,1848.

Young Squire and Mary Smith of Sterling, Feb.27,1847.


Anne and Michael McGowan, May9,1848.


Phoebe, wid., and Ira Washburn of Auburn, June12,1844.


Sarah and Lawrence and W. Walker of Boston, Oct.15,1835.


Rosanna and James Carroll, Aug.14,1844.


Roland of Union, ME, and Betsey T. Fay, June12,1819.


Henry and Mehitable Rice, Jan.24,1833.


Jacob of Charlton and Polly Billings of Northborough,末蔓末,1794.

Julia C. and Edward Buxton, July30,1848.


Peter and Joanna Kerrigan, Feb.23,1846.


James L. and Clarissa Rice, both of Westborough, Aug.31,1848.


Eliza M. and William S. Scarborough of Thompson, CT, Sept.23,1844.

Hannah I. and Willis Fowler of Portland, ME, Sept.28,1830.

Mary D. and Alexander Hamilton, June5,1841.

William and Elizabeth B. Hamilton, Oct.23,1839.


Aury G. and Ann S. Cutting, May29,1845.

Daniel and Roxalana Gates, Oct.26,1808.

Levi C. and Charlotte McFarland, Nov.1,1846.

Loring and Harriet R. Read, Jan.14,1835.

Rebecca S. and James E. Budlong of Providence, RI, Dec.15,1843.

Sally and John Pratt of Fitchburg, Dec.29,1811.

William and Jemima Chapin, Sept.14,1809.

William W. and Lucy H. Green, Apr.30,1835.


Patrick and Mary Day, Oct.2,1847.


Mary of Framingham and William Ward, Feb.20,1732 -3 (in Framingham).


Bridget and Patrick Houlahan, Oct.31,1846.


Harriet A. of Leicester and Aaron Sampson, Sept.2,1846 (At Leicester).

John C. and Fanny Wheelock, Jan.5,1834.


Charlotte A. of Mendon and John A. Thompson of Northbridge, May12,1847.

Franklin and Mrs.Henrietta Williams, July19,1834.

Martha A. and William A. Rugg, both of Leominster, Mar.25,1847.


Albert C. and Caroline A. Haven, Oct.16,1837.

Betsey T. and Reuben W. French of Lowell, Oct.17,1844.

George M. and Charlotte M. Fales, Feb.3,1839.

Louisa and William J. Benson, May15,1847.

Nancy and Stephen H. Tabour of Mendon, Oct.17,1844.

William and Mary J. Upham, Nov.1,1846.


Maurice and Jane Fennessey, Dec.2,1848.


Aaron C. and Zurwiller Goulding, Feb.9,1812.

Adeline L. and William Howe,末蔓末,1824.

Catherine and Peter Henry, Aug.6,1846.

John and Honora Curtis, Jan.10,1848.

William and Catherine Barry, Jan.25,1845.


Nancy L. and Frederick Edwards, Sept.26,1848.


Ebenezer and Martha Flagg, Jan.6,1809.


Eli of Spencer and Mary Ann Davoll, Sept.15,1847.

Joel and Jemima Brown of Oxford, Sept.24,1846.

Jonathan and Amanda Wood, Nov.3,1847.


Catherine and William Hickey, Apr.22,1848.

Cornelius and Margaret Hayes, Jan.11,1846.

Ellen and Patrick McElroy, Oct.30,1848.

Jeremiah and Sarah Marrion, May8,1848.

Maria of Southborough and Benjamin Barber, Nov.20,1838.

Mary Anne and Michael Sarsfield, Sept.12,1846.

Mary and Patrick Kearny, Nov.19,1848.

Terence and Catherine Crowley,末蔓末,1841.


Hannah and William F. Day, Apr.11,1842.


John and Lydia Dana, May1,1795.


Agnes and Joseph Conway, May13,1847.

Louisa and John Kendrick, Sept.11,1841 (In West Boylston).

Otis and Martha H. Pierce, Dec.10,1846.


Bridget and John Craddock, Aug.28,1846.

John and Elizabeth Elder, Nov.26,1795.

Mary and James Kelley, Nov.30,1848.


Michael and Bridget Ford,末蔓末,1844.

Samuel and Fidelia Brigham, Dec.8,1825.


Eunice of Pelham and Samuel Wiley, June3,1783 (In Greenwich).

William and Hannah Robinson, Jan.16,1843.


Henry W. and Sarah W. Lane, July10,1834.


Bridget and Thomas Devins, Jan.3,1848.

Martin and Elizabeth Gale, Sept.10,1848.


John of Leicester and Elizabeth Tracy, June26,1745 (In Leicester).


Patrick and Ann Burke, Nov.6,1843.


Catherine and James Glower, Oct.12,1845.


Ellen and William Dooley,末蔓末,1836.

Ellen and James Culleman, Dec.26,1847.

John and Mary King, Apr.20,1846.

Patrick and Ellen Burke, Mar.29,1847.

Thomas and Ellen Maher, May16,1846.


Edmund and Mitta Mixter, Oct.26,1798.

Edmund and Sarah Young, Dec.30,1834.

James and Joanna Croynon, Apr.14,1846.

Jason and Isabella McFarland, Apr.4,1833.


Daniel and Margaret Magin, Jan.22,1844.

Jeremiah and Brigitta McLaughlin, Aug.24,1845.

Jeremiah and Ellen Moriarty, Sept.16,1847.

Mary and Owen Hart, Dec.19,1845.

Mary and Timothy Hayes, Oct.3,1846.


Michael and Rosa McKean, Oct.6,1844.


John and Bridget Reardon, Feb.16,1847.


Bridget and William Carrol, Oct.9,1848.

John and Ellen Cahoe, Sept.26,1848.


Margaret and Edward Lehey, Oct.17,1845.


Brigham and Eunice Elizabeth Putnam, Nov.25,1847.


Joseph and Agnes Conant, May13,1847. Julia and John Cummings, Aug.28,1847.


Daniel 2d and Nancy K. Cook, Apr.11,1833.

Enoch and Lucy Rice of Leicester, Nov.21,1745 (At Leicester).

Hannah and Noah Harris 2d, Aug.12,1790.

Jane of Hopkinton and James Hazzard, Dec.16,1753 (In Hopkinton).

Jane and Ellis Blake, Aug.23,1778.

Josiah of Leicester and Betsey Day, Apr.22,1811.

Lucy and William Rogers, Sept.4,1796.

Lurana D. of Marlborough and John Kendrick, July11,1844 (In Marlborough).

Mary and Asa Moore, Apr.12,1764.

Nancy K. and Daniel Cook 2d, Apr.11,1833.

Nancy K. and Nathaniel K. Johnson, Dec.18,1843.

Oliver K. and Widow Charlotte A. Moulton, Jan.1,1846.

Robert and Elizabeth Parker, Feb.1,1770.

Samuel of Templeton and Mrs.Mary Tower, July2,1805.

Sarah and Timothy Green of Leicester, June10,1755.

Sophia and Stephen Shepard, Nov.5,1804.

Sumner of Holliston and Sophia Shepherd, Apr.9,1833.


Patrick and Mary McCarty, both of Saxonville, Apr.21,1841.

Welcome L. and Emily S. Hayden of Marlborough, May6,1846 (In Marlborough).


Dolly and John Eaton, Dec.30,1824

Laura Joseph Willard, Sept.30,1841.


John and Nancy Van Horn, both of Springfield, Mar.30,1847.


Margaret of Boston and Israel Jennison, Dec.26,1776 (In Lancaster).

Moses of Watertown and Hannah Stowell, Sept.25,1777.

Nathaniel and Katherine Baldwin, Nov.14,1786.

Sally and Henry Rogers, Oct.15,1809.


Julia and Dennis Shea, Apr.18,1844.


Ann and Patrick Ryan, Apr.17,1847.

James and Anne Mulligan, May4,1848.

Margaret and Michael McGrath, Oct.13,1847.

Michael and Lucy Potter, Apr.4,1842.


Elizabeth and Lemuel Fiske of Holden, Sept.16,1846.

Mary D. and Daniel S. Bartlett, Mar.29,1841.


Calista and Levi A. Dowley, Oct.29,1828.

Caroline M. and Horace Ayres, Nov.19,1844.

Charlotte and Theophilus B. Thompson of Bangor, Maine, Nov.1,1841.

Eliza and Henry P. Stevens of Augusta, ME, Aug.22,1839.

Betsey and Thomas Pollard of Boston, Nov.14,1779.

Emeline and Jonathan Day of Webster, Sept.23,1835.

Horatio N. and Caroline W. Dodge, Sept.5,1847.

Jesse and Elizabeth S. Grafton, Feb.12,1812.


Abigail, wid.Oxford and Orris Parsons, Oct.7,1847.

Hannah A. wid.and Alden H. Sears, Mar.22,1847.

John W. of Boston and Mary S. Adams of Barre, May19,1847.

Simeon B. of Southborough and Mary Gates, Jan.18,1844.

Thomas and Relief Johnson, Dec.8,1799.


Catherine and Michael Keyes, Nov.25,1847.

Maria and William McCormic, Nov.20,1841.

Mary and John Ford, June3,1846.

Mary and Daniel Galvin, Aug.3,1847.


Charles R. of Boston and Eliza A. Wetherell, Apr.23,1844.


Mary and James Gallaher, Apr.5,1848.


Julia Ann and William Weeks, Jan.31,1841.


Ellen and Robert Brown, Apr.25,1844.

Patrick and Eliza Hagerty, Oct.8,1847.


Esther and Dennis Smith, Dec.3,1824.

Polly and Jesse Wesson, July9,1799.


Simeon Sibley and Sabra Smith, Sept.9,1807.


Elizabeth and John Bradley of Holden, Jan.8,1787.

Mary and William Brown, Oct.25,1779.

Mary and William Brown Jr., Nov.29,1780.

Thomas and Experience Gray, Nov.24,1748.

Thomas and Hannah Craige of Rutland, Oct.2,1761 (In Rutland).

William and Mary Henry of Lunenburg, Sept.7,1757 (In Lunenburg).


Adah and Elias Kimpton, both of Mendon, Oct.20,1836.


Louisa Jane and Sheldon C. Moses, both of Millbury, Dec.29,1842.

Peter L. and Cordelia Crowell, Apr.30,1846 (At New Bedford).

Salome A. and George Hubbard, Feb.11,1845.


John and Bridget Coney, Aug.28,1846.


David of Weathersfield, CT. and Dorothy Curtis, Dec.5,1787.

Hannah of Rutland and Thomas Cowdin, Oct.2,1761 (In Rutland).

Sarah A.G. of Grafton and Edwin Richardson, July6,1843.


Bridget and John Ratigan, Oct.3,1845.

Harriet E. and Charles Wood, Nov.25,1847.

James and Joanna Sullivan, Feb.24,1846.

Ralph H. and Chloe E. Allen, Nov.39,1848.

Samuel and Delilah Beckey of Readfield, ME, Apr.6,1845 (In West Boylston).


Harriet and William Tate of New London, CT, May17,1841.


C.G. and I.D. Ruggles, July15,1846.

John and Martha Smith, July28,1757.

John G. and Anna Stevens, Mar.25,1801.

Margaret and Samuel Smith, Nov.19,1760.

Patty and David Willington, Dec.23,1782.

Robert and Elizabath Leitch of Lunenburg, Jan.13,1763 (In Lancaster).

Sarah and John Kelso, Sept.30,1756.


James and Eliza Locke, June14,1846.


Laura Via and Alexander Cushing, June15,1845.

Rebecca of Shrewsbury and Isaac Knights, Jan.24,1776.

Stephen and Hannah Smith, Feb.27,1787 (In Holden).


Daniel S. of Boston and Mary Hart, Oct.11,1832.


Elizabeth and Michael Donovan, June7,1845.


Elvira C. and John E. Harrington of Millbury, Sept.4,1844.

Samuel L. of Taunton and Hannah W. Thomas, June14,1825.

William Allen of Taunton and Frances C. Thomas Nov.10,1824.


David and Olive L. Shackley, Nov.25,1846.


Mary and John Sullivan末蔓末,1844.


Polly of Northbridge and Jonas Hemenway, June15,1797 (In Northbridge).


Daniel and Bridget Sullivan, June11,1846.


Ann L. and Frederick G. Stiles, June14,1848.


Abiah and John Hair, Sept.18,1798.

Ambrose of New Bedford and Hannah E. Freeman, June8,1845.

Edward and Susan Rogers, Jan.20,1842.

Elizabeth Snow and Prentice Thompson, Sept.26,1848.

Joseph of Holden and Mary Pierce, Aug.30,1809.

Katharine and Isaac Stearns, Nov.7,1751.

Rebeckah and Thomas Nichols, Jan.18,1774.


Peter and Maria Levinott, Oct.18,1845.


Harriet of Northbridge and Hugh Riley of Uxbridge, Oct.23,1826.


Cordelia and Peter L. Cox, Apr.30,1846 (At New Bedford).


Catherine and Terence Collins,末蔓末,1841.

Honora and Patrick Doyle, Oct.3,1844.

Margaret and Bernard Wheelan, Nov.11,1848.


Hannah and Ezra Wheelock, Sept.16,1809.


Jeremiah and Bridget Cahill, Jan.11,1845.


Joanna and James Conner, Apr.14,1846.


James and Ellen Connelly, Dec.26,1847.


Laurette of Ware and Ephraim Tucker of North Brookfield, Nov.25,1846.


Mary and Timothy Laden, Oct.7,1847.


Charles and Eliza Wadsworth, July28,1842.

Charles A. and Sarah C. Lynn, Nov.4,1847.

Dolly and Ebenezer Lyon, Oct.9,1796.

Emory and Elizabeth P. Howe, Aug.17,1848.

Eunice and John Smith, Oct.5,1840.

Horace of East Douglas and Elizabeth L. Baker, Oct.24,1844.

John and Julia Conway, Aug.28,1847.

Joseph R. of Shrdwsbury and Hannah K. Childs, Dec.18,1844.

Moses of Sutton and Patty Harris, June15,1780 (In Sutton).


Clarissa and Joseph Bullard, July1,1800.

David and Eleanor Wallis, Aug.10,1757.

James and Mary Buslin, Feb.14,1848.

Mary and Michael McCarty, Apr.18,1844.

Rebecca and James Blake, July14,1784 (In Holden).

William of Spencer and Rebecca McFarland, June4,1778.


James and Polly Willington, June21,1803.


Catherine E. and Jesse Thompson, Sept.3,1839.

Mary and Samuel D. Baxter of Grafton, Mar.5,1829.

Sarah Ann and Alexander Moore, Mar.24,1833.


Bridget and Jeremiah Foley, May11,1848.

Jeremiah and Ellen Brian,末蔓末,1844.


John and Ellen Fallon, Jan.10,1847.

Margaret and James McMennary, Mar.4,1848.


Arthur and Elizabeth Meyers, Aug.16,1846.


Abner of Dalton and Mrs.Persis Salter, Mar.4,1807.

Albert and Mrs.Sally K. Griffin, Oct.18,1832.

Catherine and Samuel Wiswall, Jan.7,1802.

David and Susannah Stone, Dec.5,1791.

David R. of Norwich, CT. and Sophia C.T. Lazell, June18,1845.

Dorothy and David Craige of Weathersfield, CT, Dec.5,1787.

Dolly F. and John Green, Sept.16,1823.

Edward and Rebecca Paine, Oct.1,1834.

Edward of Pawtucket, RI. and Eliza Davis, Sept.2,1835.

Eleanor and Jason Fuller of Paxton, May19,1796.

Eliza P. and Jonathan Knights, June24,1812.

Eliza and Lyman Whitcomb, Sept.26,1837.

Elizabeth and Ephraim Smith of Mohoc, Feb.21,1790.

Betsey and William Chamberlain, Jan.10,1791.

Ephraim and Mary Rice of Sudbury, Dec.23,1729 (In Sudbury).

Ephraim and Sarah Paine, Dec.4,1763.

Honora and John Coleman, Jan.10,1848.

James and Sarah Eager of Shrewsbury, May24,1770 (In Shrewsbury).

John, Jr. and Elizabeth Heywood, May15,1755.

John and Nancy Stowell, Mar.16,1807.

Joseph and Eleanor Flint of Shrewsbury, Aug.1,1774 (In Shrewsbury).

Lucretia and Aaron Flagg, Jan.1,1800.

Mary and John Chamberlain, June27,1771.

Mary and Jacob Chamberlain, Apr.7,1796.

Rebeckah and Samuel Jennison, Dec.19,1782.

Rebecca and David Long of Milford, June4,1804.

Rebecca J. and Thornton A. Merrick, May21,1844.

Samuel and Mary Ward, Mar.30,1757.

Samuel Jr. and Eunice Flagg, Aug.20,1785.

Sarah and William Jones of Westminster, Oct.5,1779.

Sally and Ebenezer Mower, Jan.28,1790.

Sally 2d and Elijah Danforth of Sutton, Nov.25,1790.

Sally and Samuel Boyden of Ward, Dec.1,1791 (In Ward).

Sarah and Ebenezer Reed Jr., Apr.2,1817.

Sophia and Samuel Smith, Jan.1,1795.

Susannah and Silas Bigelow, Dec.9,1817.

Tyler and Lydia Chamberlain, Sept.5,1776.

Tyler 2d and Maryan Flagg, Mar.18,1802.

William and Sarah Tatman Aug.25,1771.


Alexander and Laura-Via Cree, June15,1845.

Katy of Hingham and Samuel Andrews, Jan.2,1794 (In Hingham).


Daniel L. of Grafton and Harriet E. Bigelow, Feb.1,1844.

Josiah of Provincetown and Joanna Freeman, May16,1839.

Moses of Grafton and Betsey Gray, Jan.19,1797.

Samuel G. of Adams and Catharine C. Henry July4,1832.

Seth of Dimiston and Sarah Bigelow, Sept.11,1783 (In Sutton).


Nathaniel F. of Ashburnham and Nancy H. Clark, Oct.14,1835.


Abigail and Joseph Wood of Rutland, Dec.12,1790 (In Rutland).

Abraham and Elizabeth A. Rawson, Apr.19,1835.

Absolom and Kesia Rice, Jan.10,1758.

Adah Ann and Palmer Goulding of Grafton, June3,1841.

Anna and Joseph Gilbert, Dec.13,1801.

Ann S. and Aury G. Coes, May29,1845.

David and Persis Bennett, Oct.1,1793.

Betsey and William Harret of Baltimore, Sept.10,1818.

Eunice and Phinehas Ward, Apr.22,1752.

Francis L. ofWest Boylston and Ann E. Wilder, Jan.14,1847.

Henry and Mary Ann Blandin, both of Southbridge, Jan.26,1846.

John Jr. and Polly Smith, both of Boylston, Nov.30,1808.

Josiah of Templeton and Martha Mann, Apr.26,1820.

Lydia and Warner Clemmons, Oct.19,1807.

Mary Ann and Thomas Taunt, June3,1834.

Otis and Eliza Ann Baker, Oct.23,1839.

Silas and Hannah Gleason, Nov.11,1821.

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