Henry and Eloisa Proctor (colored), Oct.20,1825.

Henry and Martha Moore, July26,1843.

Levi and Adeline S. Pratt of Shrewsbury, Nov.10,1842.

Lydia of Leicester and James Carlyle, Sept.26,1757 (In Leicester).

Thomas and Susannah Anum?, Mar.4,1801.


Elizabeth A. and William D. Thayer, Mar.30,1847.

Hannah and Nathaniel Holmes, July3,1811.


Constance and Digory Sargent, Oct.13,1693 (In Boston).

Harriet A. and Leander W. Fiske, Sept.24,1840.

Ruth C. and Palemon Moore, both of Brimfield, Nov.29,1845.


Madeline E. and Simon W. Osgood, Apr.7,1840.


Diana and George Southerd (colored), Apr.7,1822.

John and Dinah Leonard (blacks), Nov.3,1801.


Frances A. and George W. Quinn, Feb.15,1843 (In Leicester).

Maria E. and George Evans, July7,1844.

Sarah of Townsend and Edward Knight, Feb.13,1796 (In Townsend).


Horace L. and Caroline M. Louk, Apr.27,1847.

John of Spencer and Pamelia E. Rider, June4,1845.


Isaac and Mitty Newton, Mar.26,1782.

Sarah and Josiah Hayward of Southbridge, Oct.5,1841.


George and Mrs.Nancy Wentworth, Apr.5,1835.

Israel and Margaret Coolidge of Boston, Dec.26,1776. (In Lancaster).

Katharine of Shrewsbury and Asa Newton, Dec.23,1784.

Mary and Silas Moore, Feb.4,1761.

Mary E. and John Bangs of Springfield, Jan.6,1847.

Rebecca and David Baldwin of East Sudbury, Apr.28,1818.

Relief and Abel Stowell, Nov.22,1781.

Samuel and Rebeckah Curtis, Dec.19,1782.

Sarah F. and John Weiss of Watertown, Apr.9,1844.

William and Sarah Sumner of Shrewsbury, Oct.30,1788 (In Shrewsbury).

William and Mary L. Wheeler, Aug.22,1825.


Joseph and Jemima Bosworth of Shrewsbury, July10,1770 (In Shrewsbury).


Charlotte and John Kelley, Sept.26,1838.


Rachel and Simon Leonard, Feb.6,1789.


Abigail and Aaron Farnsworth of Groton, Aug.22 or Sept.17,1767.

Abigail and Daniel Mann, Nov.21,1811.

Abigail and Benjamin Eager of Shrewsbury, Aug.18,1837 (In Shrewsbury).

Abby L. and Charles M. Foster of Grafton, Mar.30,1842.

Amos and Rebeckah Goodwin, May1,1781.

Anna and Daniel Bigelow of Petersham, Apr.20,1783.

Anson and Roxana Smith, Nov.15,1818.

Ashbell and F. Porter of Leicester,末蔓末,1770.

Benjamin and Lydia Stearns,末蔓末,1796.

Brown and Betsey Weeks, Dec.4,1796.

Catherine, Mrs.and Ebenezer S. Geer, June28,1837.

Charlotte and Richard Hill, Mar.12,1823.

Charlotte A. and Francis Nadeau, Nov.26,1845.

Clark and Patta Goulding, Oct.26,1791.

Daniel and Lucy Lane of Hingham, Nov.19,1754 (In Hingham).

Daniel and 末末 Childs, July19,1800.

Eleanor and Joseph Parmenter, Dec.13,1847.

Eli and Emily Washburn, Sept.20,1837 (In Rutland).

Elisha of Southborough and Sarah Perry, June9,1778.

Elisha of Southborough and Mary Stowell, May24,1842.

Eliza and Horace Earl, Apr.6,1831.

Betsey and Levi Rice, Apr.29,1810.

Elizabeth and Thomas Harback, June22,1836.

Elvira and Charles Blanchard of Barre, Aug.21,1833.

Emily L. and Thomas Wiley Jr. of Boston, June10,1846.

Gardner 2d and Phebe Willard, May7,1812.

Hannah and Asa Gates, Dec.11,1817.

Harvey Jr. and Abigail Prouty, Jan.14,1836 (In Spencer).

Henry and Abigail B. Simmons, both of Millbury, Sept.6,1836.

Hepzibeth and Robert Earle of Leicester, Mar.23,1756 (In Leicester).

James and Deborah Whittemore (negroes), Jan.12,1812.

James C. and Sarah J. Toney (colored), Jan.27,1848.

John and Lydia Johnson, Mar.8,1786.

John and Susan P. Hill, Nov.28,1832.

John N.P. and Sarah Witherby, Mar.28,1839.

John W. and Ann D. Boynton, Jan.10,1847.

Joshua and Lydia Brown, May28,1758.

Lucretia and Francis Henry of Rutland, Apr.8,1840.

Lucy L. and Benoni Smith, Sept.20,1820.

Luther and Betsey Chadwick, Apr.9,1812.

Lydia and Solomon Willard, Dec.25,1777.

Lydia and John Johnson, Mar.8,1786.

Lydia, Mrs.and Jonah Newton of Paxton, May9,1803.

Lydia W. and Charles Blanchard, Sept.8,1842.

Maria P. and George H. Haven of Shrewsbury, Mar.22,1838.

Patty and Walter Follett, Mar.9,1791.

Mary and 末末 Morse of Leicester, Sept.2,1779 (In Leicester).

Polly and Adolphus Taft, Oct.19,1807.

Polly and Alpheus Eaton Jr., May23,1808.

Mary and William Farnsworth, Dec.19,1811.

Polly and Obediah Adams of Medway, Jan.14,1812.

Mary W. and Harding Pierce, Oct.2,1845.

Mary E. of Northfield and Elias Lyman of Winchester, NH, Sept.9,1847.

Mary W. and Leonard Adsit, Feb.28,1848.

Micah and Phebe Moore, May8,1754.

Micah Jr. and Sarah Willard, Nov.13,1776.

Micah and Mrs.Lydia Wilson, Feb.18,1802.

Michael and Abigail Gleason of Sutton, Dec.19,1781 (In Sutton).

Milley and Thomas Gray, Nov.29,1796.

Nathaniel K. and Nancy K. Cook, Dec.18,1843.

Obediah and Azubah Harrington, Nov.2,1784.

Peter and Abigail Parks, Oct.12,1758.

Rebecca and Robert Barber, Dec.26,1784.

Rebecca and Joseph Woodward, May31,1801.

Relief and Thomas Corbin, Dec.8,1799.

Roxana and Samuel Nichols of Andover, Oct.28,1805.

Rufus and Harriet Green of Leicester, Mar.1,1809.

Rufus and Julia Ann Howard, Dec.1,1841

Samuel and Mary Spence, Aug.14,1760.

Samuel and Eunice Stearns, Apr.22,1789.

Sarah and John Chadwick Jr., Nov.8,1756.

Sarah and Alpheus Eaton, Apr.6,1786.

Sarah and Isaac Mills, June15,1823.

Sarah and Seth Banister of Boylston, Sept.29,1836.

Sarah E. and Daniel Tainter, May22,1840.

Susannah and Ebenezer Hammond of Charlton, Feb.6,1765.

Thomas and Sarah Eaton, Mar.30,1789.

Timothy and Lucinda Goulding, Mar.6,1792.

Timothy and Polly Holbrook, June13,1810.

Uriah and Polly Hazeltine, Sept.4,1793.

Uriel and Widow Sarah Ward, Mar.5,1817.

William and Sarah Baldwin, Oct.11,1770 (At Salem, NH,).

William of Westborough and Marcy Taylor, Nov.13,1776.


Martin and Anne Fineran, May10,1848.


Aaron of Templeton and Merriam Brewer Apr.29,1772.

Abigail and Daniel Stone of Charlton, Nov.5,1777.

Artermas B. and Abigail M. Garfield, Feb.22,1848.

Betsey and James H. Stone, both of Lancaster, Feb.22,1848.

Harriet M. and Aaron P. Richardson of Boston, Jan.24,1844.

John and Harriet Haynes, Dec.10,1817.

John O. and Almira Rowena Julietta Estabrook, Mar.20,1844.

L. Ann and Rev. David Metcalf of Oxford, Mar.29,1843.

Luke and Lucy K. Brigham, Apr.3,1842.

Luke and Hannah Geer, Apr.11,1845.

Lydia and John Pierce, Aug.16,1770.

Mary and Josiah Harrington Jr., Jan.10,1764.

Mary and Seth Caldwell of Barre, Mar.13,1782.

Noah and Deborah Holbrook, Apr.25,1781.

Phinehas and Katharine Gates, Apr.21,1772.

Prudence and Simon Glasco, Aug.1,1776.

Rebecca and Daniel Denny of Leicester, Feb.14,1722-3 (In Watertown).

Rebeckah and James Moore, Jan.1,1768 or Feb.8,1769.

Relief and Archelus Phinemer, Sept.22,1804.

Sally and Seth Nelson of Milford, Mar.8,1802.

Sally and Daniel Tyler of Western, Apr.2,1817.

Timothy and Hannah Hutchinson, Jan.7,1790 (In Sutton).

Willard and Nancy Wilson, Jan.7,1847.

William of Westminster and Sarah Curtis, Oct.5,1779.


Lewis and Catherine Lovely, Jan.20,1845.


Patrick and Bridget Beans, Jan.2,1848.


Benjamin and Almira H. Clements, Dec.21,1847.

Nelly and Anthony Heard, Aug.30,1790.


Charlotte H. and Salmon Goddard of Royalston, Nov.2,1842.


Martin and Anne Fineran, May10,1848.

Walter and Margaret Dunn,末蔓末,1844.


Augustin and Gertrude Klaim, June23,1847.

Catherine and John Price, Jan.31,1847.

Margaret and Valentine Mengle, Jan.24,1847.

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