Joanna and Philip Hefferan, Aug.16,1846.


Eliza and Charles Cummings, July28,1842.

Mary Ann, Mrs.and Nathaniel Tead, Mar.16,1843.

WAIT (Waite)

Andrew J. and Sarah Hurd, Dec.21,1837.

Anna and Daniel Heywood Jr., Nov.29,1753.

Cynthia L. and Smith E. Brown, Dec.1,1828.

Elizabeth of Ward and Zedikiah Belknap, Sept.8,1778 (In Holden).

Esther and Jacob Kidder, Oct.22,1800 (At Sutton).

Fanny and Dana Hastings, Mar.29,1813.

Gershom of Sutton and Elizabeth Wheeler, Nov.14,1781.

Hannah and John Elder, May1,1795.

John Jr. and Rachel Case of Sutton, Dec.24,1772 (In Sutton).

Louise (widow) and Phelix Brown, Feb.24,1847.

Lydia and David Chadwick, July29,1759.

Mary E. and Charles L. Smith, Jan.27,1848.

Rebecca and Phineas Gates, Mar.10,1788.

Samuel and Sarah A. Battelle, Nov.25,1838.


Amy F. and Solsden Heald, both of Millbury, Dec.5,1843.

Orra and Melinda Hall, Sept.10,1838 (In Grafton).


George of Framingham and Jemima Very, Nov.29,1759.


Martha of Lancaster and Levi Lincoln, Nov.25,1781 (In Lancaster).


William N. of Franklin and Mary R. Gates, Feb.15,1844.


Adam and Rosanna McFadden, Jan.31,1760.

Adam of Keene, NH, and Fidelia S. Geer, Nov.27,1815.

Adeline of Millbury and Harold Whittemore, Apr.30,1833.

Agnes, Mrs.and Joseph Brooks, July31,1767.

Amanda of Millbury and Caleb Nichols of Sturbridge, Oct.2,1838.

Asa A. and Mary Ann Gould of Holden, Mar.24,1847.

Benjamin and Mrs.Chandler Allen, Nov.7,1837.

Catherine and Reuben King, July1,1800.

Catherine and Shepard Pratt of Shrewsbury, Nov.26,1801.

Cato and Dido Chandler, Nov.24,1771 (colored).

Cato and Prudence Williams, Feb.26,1778 (colored).

Cato and Dinah Kneelee alias Nealon of Sudbury, Jan.22,1783 (In Sudbury).

Charles W. of West Boylston and Dency Maria Fuller, Apr.12,1837.

Daniel of Brookfield and Mary Lovell, Nov.29,1753.

Elizabeth R. and James S. Clark, Aug.8,1830.

Fidelia S., Mrs.and Oliver Clapp, May9,1824.

Hannah and Thomas Axtell of Grafton, Oct.10,1808.

John and Mary Willard, Aug.7,1776.

Julia Ann of Douglas and Parley Putnam of Sutton, Feb.3,1841.

Lawrence W. of Boston and Sarah H. Cloyes, Oct.15,1835.

Lovell of Hopkinton and Sophia Perry, Oct.30,1808.

Levina and Oliver M. Adams, Sept.15,1847.

Loana and Nathan Bond, Mar.16,1830.

Margaret and John L. Smith, Oct.27,1847.

Mary and Robert Oliver of Rutland District, Oct.13,1763.

Mary and John Taylor, Oct.30,1804.

Samuel of Danvers and Sophia Wheeler, May末,1807.

William, Dr., and Molly Chadwick, Oct.8,1777.

William and Lucy Gray, Nov.18,1798.


Caroline K. and William L. Leavens, May11,1843.


Isaac Russell and Sarah Flagg, Nov.27,1806.


Eleanor and David Cunningham, Aug.10,1757.

Elizabeth and William Little of Lunenburg, Dec.1,1748.

Emerson and Mary A. Cady, Oct.11,1839.


Margaret and John Reardon,末蔓末,1841.

Mary and William Henasy,末蔓末,1841.

Patrick and Eliza Lyons, Apr.1,1848.

Walter and Mary Nevin, July26,1847.


Abigail of Leicester and James Burgess, Mar.15,1840.

Artemas and Mary Ann Barber, May14,1816.

Artemas and Sarah H. Fife, Oct.5,1817.

Artemas 2d and Huldy P. Reed, Dec.8,1842.

Asa and Hannah Heywood, Nov.6,1771.

Asa Jr. and Sally White, Apr.3,1802.

Azubah, Mrs.and John Green, Dec.26,1758.

Delia and John Manning, Dec.14,1825.

Eliza and William Warden of New Haven, CT, Apr.15,1822.

Easter and Josiah Ball, Feb.26,1768.

Hannah and Daniel Hayward, Sept.25,1718 (In Marlborough).

Henry and Lydia Mower, Jan.2,1752.

Joanna and Leonard Arnold of Grafton, Dec.16,1841.

John of Westminster and Mindwell Harrington, July10,1774.

John and Sally Bigelow,末蔓末,1793 (In Shrewsbury).

Jonas and Sarah Draper, Nov.8,1768.

Lydia and John Ball, Aug.12,1769.

Lydia and James Trowbridge, June22,1779.

Patty and John Snow of Pittsfield, Oct.末,1785.

Mary and Samuel Curtis, Mar.30,1757.

Mary S. and Meltiah B. Green, Oct.25,1837.

Mary G. and George Lovell, May4,1843.

Nahum and Anna Kennedy,末蔓末,1796.

Nathaniel and Jane Adams, Mar.10,1839.

Phinehas and Eunice Cutting, Apr.22,1752.

Relief and William Paine of Leicester,末蔓末,1797.

Richard and Lydia Wheelock, Jan.1,1718 19 (In Sudbury).

Samuel of Lancaster and Dolly Chandler, Dec.26,1767.

Samuel of Woodstock, VT, and Sarah Chandler, June25,1816.

Sarah and Moses Baker of Woodstock, Apr.14,1767.

Sally and Samuel Wiswall, Feb.12,1778.

Sarah, wid.and Uriel Johnson, Mar.5,1817.

Sarah and William M. Bickford, Dec.8,1842.

Sarah J. and Gardner Stone, both of Sutton, Dec.5,1847.

Susan E. and Lewis I. Mason of Oxford, Oct.23,1843.

Uriah and Jemima Harrington, Dec.5,1767.

William and Mary Coggin of Framingham, Feb.20,1732-3 (In Framingham).

William and Elizabeth Moore, Apr.15,1756.

William and Sarah Trowbridge, Nov.7,1765.


Abigail and Pearly Healy, Feb.11,1802.

Catherine H. and Wilson Wheeler of Orange, May26,1830.

Samuel and Tamisin Harrington, Jan.22,1797.

William of New Haven, CT. and Eliza Ward, Apr.15,1822.


Anne J. and Azor R. Phelps, both of Shrewsbury, Nov.18,1833.

Joseph S. and Isabella McCabe of St. John, NB., Feb.15,1841.

Leonard of Holden and Elizabeth A. Moore, Nov.6,1846.

Thomas of Conway and Nancy L. Shepard, Mar.19,1833.


Horace and Elmira Holbrook, Apr.18,1841.


Asael and Margaret Spence, Jan.21,1771.

Austin and Marietta Orcott, Aug.16,1842.

Calvin and Nancy Hodgkins, Apr.5,1843.

Charles and Mary Wesson, Nov.16,1808.

Charles W.H. of Sutton and Eleanor Patch, Mar.21,1810.

Betsey and Aaron Pratt,末蔓末,1796.

John of Sudbury and Elizabeth Carson, July24,1776.

John and Mindwell Hicks,末蔓末,1795-6.

John P. of Wardsborough, VT, and Lucy M. Wheelock, Oct.11,1820.

Joseph G. and Jane Flagg (widow), Jan.21,1847.

Lewis and Maria S. Parmenter, Aug.1,1841.

Luke and Mary E. Patch, Apr.8,1830.

Minerva A. and Frederick F. Elliott, Apr.29,1846.

Rebeckah and Thaddeus Bigelow, Mar.28,1754.

Susanna and James Sanderson of East Sudbury, Dec.31,1799.


Ashael of Leicester and Dolly Hamilton, Aug.9,1796.

Eliza A. and Philip L. Moen of Brooklyn, NY, Nov.17,1846.

Emily and Eli Johnson, Sept.20,1837 (In Rutland).

Ichabod and Ann G. Brown, Oct.6,1823.

Ira of Auburn and Phoebe Clough (widow), June12,1844.

Lucretia and Henry W. Cleveland, Oct.28,1847.


Charles C. of New Bedford and Mary Montgomery, Aug.18,1835.


Adeline and Samuel Lovell, Apr.14,1846.

Augustus and Caroline Patch, Mar.17,1834.

Charles J.B. of Holden and Mary Bixby, Mar.9,1835.

Elizabeth and Joseph Goffe, both of Sutton, Nov.20,1796.

Hannah and John Read of Cummington,末蔓末,1797.

Jane B. and Daniel F. Fellows, Sept.7,1845.

John L. and Anne Smith, Nov.9,1848.

Martha Ann and Theodore S. Haven, Apr.6,1837.

Nathaniel of Sutton and Eunice Bancroft, Oct.13,1763.


John and Kezia Holton, Dec.13,1753.


John F. and Martha L. Rice, Nov.25,1847.


Benjamin Jr. of Leicester and Chloe Chapin, Dec.11,1817.

Lydia of Cambridge and Thomas Shepard, Nov.25,1790 (In Cambridge).

Mary Ann and Richard P. Noyes, Oct.20,1844.

Rosanna and Jacob Hill, Nov.7,1799.

Samuel of Brookfield and Martha Mower, Nov.8,1781.

Samuel B. and Olive D. Lawrence, Nov.3,1840.

William of Leicester and Hannah McFarland, Nov.13,1806.


Prudence and Nathan Butler (colored), Nov.1,1792.


Horatio B. of Windham, CT. and Electa L. Strong, Sept.21,1847.


Adaline and Caleb Tebbetts, Jan.7,1818.

Albert of Roxbury and Diantha Canada, May30,1841.

Anna and Silas Flagg, Mar.18,1790 (In Holden).

Eliza and James P. Pike, July26,1819.

Emily and George Shores, Mar.18,1827.

Frink and Sally Duncan, Aug.27,1809.

Harriet and Thomas N. Adlington, Jan.19,1817.

Huldah of Holden and Aaron Smith, Nov.25,1784 (In Holden).

Maria and Leonard Patch, July26,1819.

Matilda and James Low of Paxton, Aug.6,1828.


Beman and Sally Moore, Sept.17,1834.

Lorenzo and Sophia Hill, Oct.8,1830.

Lucia Ann and Charles A. Chamberlain, Aug.21,1847.


Betsey and Brown Johnson, Dec.4,1796.

Mary and William Robbins,末蔓末,1797.

Thomas S. and Mary L. Wheelock, Jan.15,1844.

William and Julia Ann Corning, Jan.31,1841.


John of Watertown and Sarah F. Jennison, Apr.9,1844.

WELCH (Welsh)

Ann and John Dempsey, Jan.7,1844.

Ellen and Patrick Welsh, Dec.2,1848.

Henry and Martha Pierce, Nov.8,1815.

Jane and Charles Nugent, Dec.28,1848.

Katharine and David Rice, Dec.6,1792.

Patrick and Ellen Welch, Dec.2,1848.

Patrick and Mary Hurley, Dec.25,1848.


Ezra Waldo of Springfield and Polly Wheeler, Mar.24,1790.

Sarah D. and Ebenezer Harrington, Jan.28,1846.

WELLINGTON (Willington)

Anna and Josiah Knight, Nov.8,1768.

Clark and Clarissa Harrington, Mar.30,1808.

Daniel and Rebecca Putnam, Feb.7,1775.

Daniel and Mrs.Vashti Wheelock of Shrewsbury, June7,1801.

David and Patty Crawford, Dec.23,1782.

David of Dudley and Caroline Wood, Sept.7,1848.

Dolly and William Fiske, Aug.4,1799.

Ebenezer Jr. and Easter Boyden, Nov.20,1771.

Ebenezer 3d and Mary Gleason, Feb.6,1799.

Elizabeth and Curtis Rice, Nov.25,1818.

Esther and Oliver Gale of Holden,末蔓末,1795.

Hannah and David Bigelow Jr., Apr.10,1775.

Jane and Joshua Freeman, Jan.12,1847.

John and Priscilla Heard of Holden, June2,1763 (In Holden).

John P. and Lavinia Smith, July8,1798.

John and Vashti Wheelock, Feb.6,1815.

Josiah and Polly Hutchinson,末蔓末,1794.

Lucretia and Eber Gleason of Heath, Mar.8,1824.

Mary and Alvin Howe of Shrewsbury, Apr.21,1779.

Polly and James Curbee, June21,1803.

Mindwell and Silas Harrington, Nov.25,1773.

Oliver and Lucinda Claffin, Mar.19,1842.

Sarah and Edmund Hurd, June20,1765.

Sarah and Jonathan Gale Jr., both of Boylston, Sept.8,1786.

Sarah and Gardner White of Heath, Feb.16,1814.

Timothy W. of Shirley and Augusta T. Fiske, Sept.3,1848.

Tyler and Lucretia Gleason, Nov.12,1801.

William and Lydia Pierce, Nov.30,1808.


Enos B. and Nancy A. Garfield, Sept.6,1842.


Samuel of Boston and Rhoda Wheeler Vose, Oct.12,1847.


Jonathan and Nancy Fiske, Oct.12,1819.

N. Maria and Isaiah D. Russell, Apr.7,1846.

Nancy, Mrs.and George Jennison, Apr.5,1835.


Jane of Hopkinton and James Thompson, Jan.15,1735 (In Hopkinton).


Joseph S. and Ann E. Puffer, Oct.21,1846.


Abel of the Gore and Jemima Mills, Jan.21,1793.

Catherine and Chauncey Livermore of Providence, RI, Jan.6,1846.

Charles and Mehitable Frost, Sept.4,1832.

Cornelia B. and Henry H. Harrington of Shrewsbury, Feb.3,1833.

David of New York City and Anna Burbank Nov.末,1827.

Jesse and Polly Covel, July9,1799.

Joel and Hannah Bigelow, May23,1770.

Mary and Charles Warren, Nov.16,1808.

Mary Sophia and Henry Fisher Flagg, Sept.17,1844.

Mary Jane and Nathan M. Muzzy, Sept.17,1845.

Nathan and Rebecca S. Shumway, Oct.6,1835.

Rebecca of Worcester and Gore Benjamin Baker of Shrewsbury, May14,1777 (In Shrewsbury).

Rufus of Grafton and Betsey Baird, Sept.18,1808.

William R. and Betsey Miller, July9,1818.


Benjamin of Charlestown, NH, and Mary Maccarty, Jan.18,1785.

Charles E. of New York and Elizabeth G. Giles, Apr.24,1843.

Lorenzo of Petersham and Mary A. Claflin, Aug.30,1842.

Otis L. of Cincinnati, 0. and Lucy Brown, Oct.25,1831.


Theophilus B. and Charlotte Robinson, Oct.18,1830.


John Jr. of Worcester Gore and Mehitable Elliot of Grafton, Jan.11,1785 (In Sutton).

WETHERBEE (Witherbee)

Esther and Josiah Flagg, June30,1788 (In Holden).

Hannah of Lunenburg and Josiah Flagg, Nov.16,1769 (In Lunenburg).


Eliza A. and Charles R. Corey of Boston, Apr.23,1844.


Mary and James Dee, Aug.12,1841.


Reuben of Leicester and Nabby Partridge of Paxton, Apr.1,1802.


Bernard and Margaret Crowley, Nov.11,1848.


Abigail and Leonard Woods of Newbury, Oct.8,1799.

Abraham and Elizabeth Millet of Mendon, July13,1756.

Amos and Mary Belcher Henshaw of Leicester, May20,1762 (In Leicester).

Amos Jr. and Martha Read of Northbridge, June2,1785 (In Northbridge).

Charles E.L. and Sarah Willard, Dec.1,1847.

Daniel G. and Elizabeth D. Sweetser of Lancaster, Sept.23,1799 (In Lancaster).

Daniel and Eunice Child, May17,1815.

David Jr. and Lucy R. Stevenson, Dec.12,1844.

Elizabeth and Gershom Wait of Sutton, Nov.14,1781.

George W. and Harriet Stowell, June2,1836.

Greenleaf and Elizabeth Grosvenor, Nov.14,1802.

Henry and Mary H. Thaxter, July12,1826.

Hiram M. of Shrewsbury and Maria H. Palmer, Oct.18,1840 (In Shrewsbury).

Joseph Jr. and Lucy Sumner of Shrewsbury, Jan.13,1793 (In Shrewsbury).

Joshua of Barre and Anna Grout,末蔓末,1794.

Josiah W. of Barre and Fidelia A. Wilson, Apr.21,1841.

Mary and Ebenezer Millet, Apr.6,1761.

Polly and Ezra Waldo Weld ofSpringfield, Mar.24,1790.

Mary L. and William Jennison, Aug.22,1825.

Millicent of Sudbury and Samuel Eaton, Apr.18,1748 (In Sudbury).

Paul of Wardsborough, VT, and Mary Read, Feb.23,1803.

Rebecca A. and Lyman Burrill of Boston, Mar.1,1837.

Sarah M. and Joseph Todd of Boston, Oct.26,1841.

Sophia and Samuel Walker of Danvers, May末,1807.

Theophilus and Elizabeth Lynde, Apr.4,1790.

Thomas and Mrs.Mary Graves, Nov.23,1790.

Wilson of Orange and Catherine H. Warden, May26,1830.


Abigail A. and Horace Mason of Amsterdam, NY, Dec.5,1845.

Asa of Wardsborough, VT, and Abigail Read,末蔓末,1797.

Catherine M. and Elisha Muzzy, Apr.9,1846.

Clarendon and H. Church Perrin (widow, d.Harmon Chamberlin), Sept.18,1848.

Dolly G. and Horace Thayer, Oct.27,1848.

Ezra and Hannah Croxford, Sept.16,1809.

Fanny and John C. Cogswell, Jan.5,1834.

Gershom and Abigail Flagg, Jan.1,1718 19 (In Sudbury).

Jonathan and Sophia A. Hastings of Boylston, Nov.27,1833.

Joseph and Sally Slater, Mar.9,1786 (In Grafton).

Lucy M. and John P. Warren of Wardsborough, VT, Oct.11,1820.

Lydia and Richard Ward, Jan.1,1718-19 (In Sudbury).

Mary of Sutton and Daniel Stearns, Mar.15,1781 (In Sutton).

Mary and Rufus Prentice of Grafton, Feb.25,1823.

Mary and Joel Dewing, Apr.18,1832.

Mary L. and Thomas S. Weeks, Jan.15,1844.

Rachel and Daniel Willard, Mar.2,1743 (In Shrewsbury).

Samuel of Shrewsbury and Dorcas Tenny, Apr.16,1754.

Sarah S. and William Putnam, Sept.1,1847.

Vashti, Mrs.Shrewsbury and Daniel Willington, June7,1801.

Vashti and John Willington, Feb.6,1815.


Patrick and Mary Phelan, Jan.25,1845.


Emily O. and Elijah H. Smith, Sept.29,1842.

Eunice and Jonathan Rice, Jan.14,1761.


Adin and Mary Anne Flagg, Nov.29,1832.


Ann Eliza and William Tenny 24 of Marlborough, NH, Feb.20,1837.

Lyman and Eliza Curtis, Sept.26,1837.

Mary E. of Boylston and John B. Gough, Nov.24,1843.

William and Susan L. Ripley, Jan.2,1848.


Avista C. and George I. Page, Oct.13,1833.

Charles of Peterborough and Sarah Gray, June10,1777.

Chloe and Bailey Clements, Dec.3,1818.

Eliza H. and Simeon Dwight of Belchertown, Sept.2,1840.

Emily of Mansfield and Matthew S. Magoun, Sept.26,1841 (In Mansfield).

Eunice and Samuel Gates 2d, Feb.14,1805.

Gardner of Heath and Sarah Willington, Feb.16,1814.

Hannah D. and Samuel C. White, both of Uxbridge, Sept.27,1838.

John and Olive Harrington, Sept.11,1793.

John and Sally Goodenow, May4,1818.

Jonas and Jane E. Derby, Jan.2,1848.

Leonard and Emily E. Gates, Oct.25,1837.

Lucy A. of Oxford and John W. Tuft, June13,1846.

Mary of Newton and Samuel Whitney, Nov.24,1762 (In Newton).

Nancy and Samuel Harrington, Apr.23,1812.

Nathan of Uxbridge and Eunice Chapin, Jan.14,1779.

Nathan and Rebecca Baldwin末蔓末,1824.

Parnel and Jonathan Osland, Feb.18,1779.

Peter and Sarah Harrington, Feb.6,1812.

Rutha J. and George M. Rice, Jan.23,1832.

Samuel C. and Hannah D. White, both of Uxbridge, Sept.27,1838.

Sarah of Newton and Benjamin Whitney Jr., Jan.29,1765 (In Newton).

Sally of Methuen and James Wilson, Sept.26,1795 (In Methuen).

Sally and Asa Ward Jr., Apr.3,1802.

Sarah and Daniel Stone of Ward, Apr.8,1819.


Rufus W. and Maria F. Brown of West Boylston, Nov.5,1834 (In West Boylston)

Timothy of Lancaster and Mary Osgood, May10,1756.

William C. and Eunice Flagg, Jan.4,1843.


Martha, Mrs.Bedford and Nathaniel Adams, Dec.10,1751 (In Bedford).


Aaron F. and Mary Ann Reed, Dec.25,1844.

Abigail and William Oak, Oct.29,1756.

Abigail and Jonas Hartshorn, Aug.10,1848.

Amos and Polly Kingsbury, Nov.20,1793.

Amos and Betsey Parker of Shrewsbury, Oct.1,1800.

Benjamin Jr. and Sarah White of Newton, Jan.29,1765 (In Newton).

Charles of Norwich, CT. and Elizabeth P. Day, Jan.23,1840.

Dolly and Joseph Adams,末蔓末,1798.

Eliza and David Fiske of Framingham, Jan.28,1846.

Betsey and Luther Legg, both of Upton, Aug.28,1832.

H.S. and Flora Stocking, Aug.19,1846.

Fanny and William R. Fiske, Apr.14,1846.

Gracy and John Ranks, Mar.8,1797.

Henry S. of Stafford, CT. and M. Pratt, Sept.10,1839.

Henry of Richmond, VA. and Jane H. Puffer, Apr.21,1846.

Israel and Lucy Mahan, Feb.23,1800.

John and Marietta Parks, Nov.25,1847.

Joshua and Abigail Wood of Rutland, Mar.13,1797 (In Rutland).

Joshua and Caroline Pope, Sept.28,1839.

Julia and John C. Greenleaf of Warren, NH, Jan.2,1828.

Levi and Susan Sweetser, Mar.31,1846.

Lois and William Taylor, both of Leicester, Aug.24,1754.

Lucy and Thaddeus Chapin, June29,1780.

Lucy M. and Asa Thayer Jr. of Paris, ME, May28,1832.

Lydia and Joseph Gleason, May9,1751.

Lydia and Josiah Boyden, Apr.16,1766 (In Shrewsbury).

Lydia and John Elder Jr., Feb.15,1792.

Marshall of Hopkinton and Caroline W. Baker, Oct.15,1839.

Mary and Jonathan Sawin, Feb.15,1759.

Mary and Samuel Whitney, June24,1778.

Mary and Calvin Flagg of West Boylston, Apr.22,1834.

Phineas of Leicester and Sarah Harrington, May20,1770.

Prudence A. and William Hovey, Feb.27,1812.

Samuel and Mary White of Newton, Nov.24,1762 (In Newton).

Samuel and Mary Whitney, June24,1778.

Samuel N. and Mrs.Elvira Lewis, Jan.13,1841.

Sally and Rev. David A. Grosvenor of Uxbridge, May5,1835.

Sumner A. and Sarah L. Chaplin, Jan.5,1848.

Thaddeus L. and Elizabeth S. Knights, Feb.3,1846.


Samuel and Lamira Hines of Grafton, Jan.24,1843 (In West Boylston).


Jeremiah and Dianah H. Doane, Oct.24,1825.


Asa D. and Elizabeth Stearns, Oct.20,1835.

Charles and Jane B. Allen, Oct.5,1835.

Clark and Polly Moore, Nov.21,1797.

Clark and Abigail Williams, June26,1832.

Deborah and James Johnson (negroes), Jan.12,1812.

Harold and Adeline Walker of Millbury, Apr.30,1833.

Harriet A. and Samuel B. Grout of Winchendon, June27,1839.

Martha R. and Solomon Bixby, Jan.7,1835.

Mary C. and Benjamin F. Smith, Apr.29,1829.

Prescott of Lancaster and Lucy Rebecca Geer, Dec.15,1811.

William A. of Northborough and Eunice Flagg, Jan.9,1832.


Joseph D. of New York and Julia Ann Porter, May26,1823.


Anna R.C. and Wendall W. Drury, Nov.25,1847.

John of Providence and Eliza Miller,末蔓末,1794.


Abigail and Thomas Davenport, Oct.25,1759.

Alexander H. and Harriet Eaton, Nov.10,1835 (In Upton).

Ann E. and Francis L. Cutting of West Boylston, Jan.14,1847.

Charlotte and Sewall Randall of Belchertown, Feb.13,1839.

David and Celia C. Burt, Apr.25,1833.

David of Wendell and Azuba Powers, Jan.17,1839.

Esther and Stephen Gould, Nov.1,1768 or Jan.5,1769.

Ruth and Dana Mixer, Oct.7,1802.

WILEY (Willey)

Elizabeth of Oxford and John Thomas, Nov.12,1747 (In Oxford).

Elizabeth and Jonathan Gray of Pelham, Mar.8,1774.

George and Mrs.Mary Adams, Aug.24,1831.

Jane and Samuel Nichols of Templeton, Oct.14,1769.

Moses of Templeton and Phebe Fitts, June14,1774.

Samuel and Eunice Conkey of Pelham, June3,1783 (In Greenwich).

Thomas Jr. and Emily L. Johnson, June10,1846.


Archibald and Lucy Ranks, Mar.22,1821.

Archibald and Betsey Knight, Apr.6,1848.

Benjamin of Walpole, NH, and Lucy Tanner, July25,1786.

Clark and Lucy Trask of Sutton, Apr.6,1796 (In Sutton).

Daniel and Rachel Wheelock, Mar.2,1743 (In Shrewsbury).

Elizabeth of Grafton and John Stearns Jr., Apr.4,1767.

Betsey and John Bixby of Holliston, Mar.29,1797.

Emeline and Robert D. Field, Apr.27,1848.

Eunice, Mrs.and Leonard Moore, June14,1843.

Fitzroy and Frances G. Blake, Jan.27,1836.

Isaac and Mary Dudley, Sept.3,1768.

Isaac H. and Emeline A. Sawyer, Feb.4,1847.

Jacob of Holden and Charlotte Moore, Nov.6,1797 (In Holden).

James and Abigail Hayward of Sutton, Jan.5,1773 (In Sutton).

James and Mrs.Parthenia Lord, Mar.30,1837.

Jane and David N. Hill, Feb.6,1848.

John and Lucy Davis, Jan.19,1773.

Jonathan and Hannah Putnam of Sutton, Nov.25,1773 (In Sutton).

Joseph and Laura Coolidge of Leominster, Sept.30,1841.

Louisa A. and Ira R. Fairbanks, Dec.30,1847.

Lucretia and Nathaniel Stowell, Jan.26,1816.

Lucretia and Thomas Dyer, Apr.22,1829.

Lucy and Elisha Newton, Nov.18,1783 (In Sutton).

Lucy and Andrew Gates, Aug.30,1817.

Lucy and Daniel J. Griffin, Jan.4,1844.

Lydia and Addison Paine, Apr.29,1847.

Mary and John Walker, Aug.7,1776.

Molly and James Hayward of Sutton, Mar.30,1786 (In Sutton).

Polly of Holden and Alpheus Fairbanks, Jan.24,1790 (In Holden).

Mary Ann and James E. Belden, Feb.4,1841.

Nancy and Rufus Barrows, Aug.13,1835.

Phebe and Gardner Johnson 2d, May7,1812.

Sarah and Micah Johnson Jr., Nov.13,1776.

Sally and Whipple Patch, Feb.10,1813.

Sarah and Charles E.L. Wheeler, Dec.1,1847.

Solomon and Lydia Johnson, Dec.25,1777.

Sophronia and George W. Lowd, Jan.8,1846.


Aaron and Sally Kendall, Aug.9,1801.

Abigail and Clark Whittemore, June26,1832.

Abigail of Grafton and Royal Keith of Sutton, Nov.2,1848.

Avice C. and Henry Stiles, Sept.21,1824.

Charles A. and Lydia Hatch, Jan.25,1833.

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Millet, Apr.30,1789.

Eliza and Aaron Earle of Grafton, Apr.11,1824.

Eliza Ann and Andrew F. Henderson, Oct.10,1842.

George B. and Margaret O'Brien, Sept.12,1847.

Henrietta, Mrs.and Franklin Colburn, July19,1834.

James and Polly Gould, Mar.21,1811.

Jerusha of Oxford and Abel Howe, Apr.18,1796.

John of Boston and Hannah Chandler, Nov.10,1778.

Juba and Hager Eveleth (negroes), Dec.1,1778.

Lucy and Charles Stiles, June12,1823.

Martin R. and Priscilla Ballou, Nov.7,1837.

Montague and Chloe Dunbar, June27,1802.

Obed and Adaline Gardner, Apr.4,1842.

Prudence and Cato Walker, Feb.26,1778 (colored).

Sarah A. and Charles H. Geer, Dec.4,1825.

Sarah D. and Almond Brewer, Oct.9,1837.

Sarah R. and Samuel C. Brigham of Oxford, Mar.27,1847.

William and Eunice Pierce, July9,1826.


John and Elizabeth McGrath, Jan.17,1847.


John and Mary Chaplin of Lunenburg, Dec.2,1772 (In Lunenburg).


Samuel and Mary D. Phelps, Mar.29,1842.


Charles F. and Dolly Burnett, Dec.24,1844.

Charles and Flora L. Wilson, Feb.12,1846.

Fidelia A. and Josiah W. Wheeler of Barre, Apr.21,1841.

Flora L. and Charles Wilson, Feb.12,1846.

Hugh and Sally Trowbridge, Oct.6,1808.

James and Sally White of Methuen, Sept.26,1795 (In Methuen).

Lydia, Mrs.and Micah Johnson, Feb.18,1802.

Mary of Sudbury and Samuel Sawin, June19,1760.

Nancy and Willard Jones, Jan.7,1847.


Ralph and Mirriam Sprul of Sudbury, Sept.27,1731 (In Sudbury).


Sarah and Edward Newton, both of Shrewsbury, Feb.5,1760.


Emily M. and Jonas Chaffin, both of Holden,末蔓末,1848?


John C. of Spencer and Judith E. Davis, Apr.29,1840.

Worcester and Phillis Parkis of Lancaster, Apr.5,1780 (In Lancaster).


Hannah and George P. Flagg, Jan.25,1843.

Hopey B. and Marshall S. Howard, Jan.2,1839.

Lewis and Betsey Plimpton, Nov.25,1829.


Daniel and Sally Tower, Feb.9,1803.

Elizabeth and Amherst Eaton, Dec.12,1795.


Benjamin and Dorothy Bright, June8,1777 (In Leicester).

Hannah and John Ephraim of Natick (Indians), Oct.16,1775.


Ebenezer and Sally Mahan of Boylston, Dec.25,1792 (In Boylston).

Henry and Betsey Salter, Jan.12,1797.

Iranah and Silas Gates, Apr.23,1786.

Samuel and Sarah Dyer, July18,1759.

Samuel and Sally Ward, Feb.12,1778.

Samuel and Catherine Curtis, Jan.7,1802.

Saria and Nathan A. Lombard, May6,1834.


Nancy P. and Thayer Temple of Boylston, Apr.23,1844.


Sarah and John N.P. Johnson, Mar.28,1839.

WOOD (Woods)

Abigail of Rutland and Joshua Whitney, Mar.13,1797 (In Rutland).

Amanda and Jonathan Collier, Nov.3,1847.

Caroline and David Wellington of Dudley, Sept.7,1848.

Charles of Concord, NH, and Abigail S. Woodward, Jan.末,1828.

Charles and Harriet E. Crane, Nov.25,1847.

Clara M. and Isaac Fiske, Dec.11,1844.

Elizabeth and Levi Newton, Sept.22,1769.

Betsey and Cornelius Stowell, June14,1814.

Francis and Elizabeth Woodward, May9,1833.

Harriet S. and Daniel Flagg, Apr.5,1842.

Joseph of Rutland and Mrs.Abigail Cutting, Dec.12,1790 (In Rutland).

Lefa Ann and Alonzo S. Putnam of Sterling, May31,1848.

Leonard of Newbury and Abigail Wheeler, Oct.8,1799.

Mary B. and James Russell, Apr.5,1836.

Samuel W. and D.C. Aldrich, both of West Boylston, Nov.29,1843.

Sally F. and Henry A. Howard, both of Lancaster, Nov.8,1847.

Thomas of Leicester and Losina Dore, Feb.17,1845.


Nancy and Samuel Rice, Sept.12,1793.

Sarah and Ebenezer Perkins of Newburyport, Feb.26,1782 (In Newbury).


Ruth and Charles Stearns, Dec.8,1791.

William of Holden and Sally Mann, Dec.1,1808.


Jane and James N. Smith of Wendell, Aug.31,1848.

Mary and Corey McFarland of Springfield, Nov.8,1848.


Abigail S. and Charles Wood of Concord, NH, Jan.末,1828.

Calvin of Millbury and Susannah Gould, Dec.6,1846.

Cynthia S. of Westford, CT. and Daniel S. Erving of Westfield, June20,1841.

David of Millbury and Martha Moore,末蔓末,1825.

Elizabeth and Levi Newton, Oct.26,1769 (In Sutton).

Elizabeth and Amos Lamson of Brookfield, Feb.7,1790.

Elizabeth and Francis Wood, May9,1833.

Eunice of Needham and Samuel Hubbard, Jan.4,1737-8 (In Needham).

John and Ruth Smith, Apr.29,1762.

John and Abigail Gates, Mar.31,1773.

Jonas and Rachel Holmes, Jan.16,1759.

Joseph and Rebecca Johnson, May31,1801.

Kezia and Eli Flagg, May29,1787.

Mary and Alvin Boyden, Jan.21,1799.

Pomp of Sterling and Polly Harry, June3,1800.

Samuel and Submit Hager of Sutton, Feb.8,1769 (In Sutton).

Solomon and Priscilla Holmes, Feb.3,1762.

Solomon and Lydia Trewel, both of Sutton, Nov.4,1798.


Arad Jr. of Leicester and Sarah Burgess, Dec.19,1838.

James S. and Amelia Stowell, Oct.2,1832.


Ephraim of Framingham and Anna Bigelow, Feb.20,1789.


Isabel C. and Edward P. Fletcher, Aug.14,1848.

Samuel H. and Lucy A. Pike of Leicester, Dec.31,1846.


Fanny F. and John F. Annabel, both of Springfield, Apr.24,1844.

Hiram C. and Alona M. Drury, Oct.17,1843.

Jane, Mrs.alias Doolittle, and Josiah Perry, Mar.16,1756.

Tabitha and Smith Butler, June9,1799.


John and Bridget Brady, July4,1847.


John B. and Maria S. Bradley, Nov.22,1843.

Sarah and Charles S. Stanley, Dec.28,1845.

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