Warren and Sarah B. Noyes, Jan.1,1840.

Sarah B. and John S. McKay of NY. City, Oct.12,1843.


Austin and Elizabeth Gates, Sept.24,1839.


Nathaniel and Mrs.Martha Whitmore of Bedford, Dec.10,1751 (In Bedford).

Abigail of Sutton and Nathaniel Child, Oct.23,1756.

Eunice and Nathan Patch of Ipswich, Dec.26,1760.

Rachel and Nathaniel Tatman, Dec.2,1762.

Charles, Jr. and Abigail Drury of Shrewsbury, Feb.8,1764 (In Shrewsbury).

Sarah and William Jenison Stearns July11,1767.

Mary and Luke Brown, Jr., Jan.1 or 26,1769 (In Hardwick.).

Mary and Lewis Allen of Shrewsbury, Sept.26,1770.

Andrew of Wilbraham and Rebecca Putnam, Sept.13,1789 (In Ward).

Joseph and Dolly Whitney,末蔓末,1798.

Obediah of Medway and Polly Johnson, Jan.14,1812.

Isaac of Boston and Mary Stowell, Oct.30,1822.

Susan and Horatio N. Hair, Apr.12,1825.

Rufus and Mary Moore, Sept.22,1825.

Seth of Providence and Sarah Bigelow, May19,1830.

Andrew and Mary Childs, Aug.24,1831.

Mary, Mrs., and George Willey, Aug.24,1831.

Adeline of Barre and John F. Boice, Mar.6,1838. (In Leicester)

Jane and Nathaniel Ward, Mar.10,1839.

Azubah and Wm.Rogers of Paxton, Mar.22,1841.

Andrew of Auburn and Pauline E. Smith, Mar.5,1842.

Mary and Elisha Inman, both of Uxbridge, Jan.23,1843.

Alpheus of Shrewsbury and Sarah M. Lesure, Apr.26,1843.

Mary S. of Barre and John W. Corbin of Boston, May19,1847.

Judith and Franklin G. Lufkin, May22,1847.

Oliver M. and Levina Walker, Sept.15,1847.

William F. of Newton and Amelia R. Merrifield, Sept.28,1848.


Thomas N. and Harriet Webb, Jan.19,1817.

Arthur, Jr. and Ann E. Gates, June5,1828.


Leonard and Mary W. Johnson, Feb.28,1848.


Thomas and Ellen Carney,末蔓末,1836.


Martin or Maurice and Joha Maloney? May13,1848.


Charles W. and Hannah G. Bride, July14,1841 (In Boston).


Lampetia F., Mrs., and John Atkins of Natick, Nov.28,1839.


Luther of Templeton and Catharine M. Perry, May17,1831.


Charlotte of Mendon and Hosea Fuller, Nov.18,1798 (In Mendon).

Elizabeth and Jonas Brooks, Mar.9,1817.

D.C. and Samuel W. Wood, both of West Boylston, Nov.29,1843.

Cyrenus and Sarah Patch, Feb.25,1845.

Sarah and Christopher C. Tracy, Sept.20,1848.


Jane and Matthew Blair of Blandford, Feb.21,1754.

William and Anna Campbell, Oct.9,1804.

Mary C. of Hope, ME. and Artemas Gardner Nov.末,1832.

Cincinnatus N. and Elvira S. Garfield, Apr.21,1840.


Lewis of Shrewsbury and Mary Adams, Sept.26,1770.

Hannah and Reuben Knight Nov.24,1785 (At Holden).

Ann and Robert M. Peck of Brookfield, Dec.24,1797.

Joseph of Hardwick and Polly Gray, Sept.30,1800.

Betsey and Enoch Flagg, Sept.25,1811.

Sylvia and Rufus Paine, Jr., Nov.26,1818.

Caroline and Enos Dorr, Oct.2,1825.

Asa M. of Spencer and Harriet Smith, Jan.28,1829.

Sarah and Albert S. Tanner of Millbury, Oct.31,1832.

Jane B. and Charles Whittemore, Oct.5,1835.

Chandler, Mrs., and Benjamin Walker, Nov.7,1837.

Josiah W. of Boston and Nancy A. Hinds, June10,1839.

Alfred A. of Ware and Elizabeth Bullard, Oct.28,1840.

Ruth T. and Henry W. Dana of North Scituate, RI, May18,1842.

David R. of Springfield and Emeline Bigelow, Jan.11,1843.

Asa M. and Elizabeth A. Richardson Apr.4,1843.

Lucinda of Millbury and Oliver H. Boyd, June14,1843.

Willard E. and Lucy M. Flagg Apr.25,1844.

Clarissa E. and Clark W. Powers Aug.27,1845.

Joseph A. and Lucretia Sawtell, Oct.31,1847.

Elizabeth and Lewis Babbitt, Nov.24,1847 (At Quincy).

Winslow and Louisa Nash, Nov.14,1848.

Chloe E. and Ralph H. Crane, Nov.30,1848.


Asa of Rutland and Eleanor Vashti Bratz, Sept.9,1798.

John of Hudson, NY, and Sarah T. Perry, Oct.12,1843.


John and Elizabeth McCrackin, Oct.25,1757.

John M. of Sutton and Parnel Hastings, Oct.9,1832.


Anna and Timothy Bigelow, July7,1762, Province of New Hampshire. Married by Ward Cotton.

Elizabeth of Danvers and Edmund Heard, June1,1772 (In Danvers).

Benjamin and Sarah Blair, Feb.10,1785 (In Holden).

Samuel and Katy Cushing of Hingham, Jan.2,1794 (In Hingham).

Eliza and Benjamin Phelps, May19,1818.

William and Emily Brooks (both colored), Sept.24,1837.

George and Julia A. Hooker, Feb.1,1848.


Juliann S. and Benedict DuColle, Feb.21,1848.


Elizabeth and Joseph Gangier, Feb.28,1848.


John F. and Fanny F. Wright, both of Springfield, Apr.24,1844.


Susannah and Thomas Jackson, Mar.4,1801.


Dinah and James Leonard of Grafton, Sept.24,1789 (In Grafton).


Jenny and Thomas Lewis of Lancaster, July8,1798 (In Lancaster).


Joshua M. and Caroline Brewer, Jan.23,1839.


Nathan and Polly Knight, May4,1807.

Henry of Grafton and Sally Leonard, Nov.13,1817.

Elizabeth of Lancaster and William Nowell, Apr.12,1818.

Benjamin and Nancy Clarke, July23,1840.

Leonard of Grafton and Joanna Ward, Dec.16,1841.


Paul and Paulina D'Aigle, Apr.1,1845.


Oliver and Henriett Lariviere, Nov.8,1841.


John of Natick and Mrs.Lampetia F. Albee, Nov.28,1839.

Harriet D. and Sylvanus Pratt, Aug.29,1848.


John and Ann Butterfield, Apr.3,1833.

George A. and Martha H. Burgess June9,1847.


Joseph of Plymouth and Sarah Thaxter, Aug.30,1815.

Eunice and Henry Mixter, Oct.18,1826.


Thomas of Grafton and Hannah Walker, Oct.10,1808.


John of Rutland and Julia A. Grout, May2,1838.


James of Boston and Betsey Hall, Oct.13,1840.

Horace and Caroline M. Corbett, Nov.19,1844.

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