Kezia and David Pierce, July2,1778.

Susannah and Samuel Sturtevant, July6,1779.

Ellen and Francis Hovey, Dec.13,1847.


Reuben of Holden and Caroline Merrifield, June2,1796.


Maria and Samuel A. Porter, Apr.5,1831.

George I. and Avista C. White, Oct.13,1833.

Henry A. of Boston and Eliza W. Bigelow, Sept.1,1842.


Sophia F. and Austin W. Bixby, Mar.15,1836.


Jabez of Leicester and Elizabeth Hubbard, Feb.19,1754.

Sarah and Ephraim Curtis, Dec.4,1763.

Hannah and Ebenezer Bradish of Cambridge, Oct.22,1772.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Chandler, Dec.18,1785.

Sarah and James Perkins Jr. of Boston, Jan.11,1786.

Elizabeth and Joseph Trumbull of Petersham, Feb.14,1786.

Esther Orne and Joseph Cabot of Salem, Nov.15,1795.

William of Leicester and Relief Ward,末蔓末,1797.

Harriet and Joseph Rose of Island of Antigua, Mar.17,1802.

Gideon and Polly Boins, Dec.17,1806.

Wales and Nancy Duncan, Oct.13,1814.

Charlotte and Timothy P. Bradish of Natchez, LA, Sept.23,1818.

Rufus Jr. and Sylvia Allen, Nov.26,1818.

Hannah and Levi Gates, Feb.20,1820.

Rebecca and Edward Curtis, Oct.1,1834.

Mary D. and Owen W. Brigham, Nov.30,1835.

Nancy and Benjamin Thayer, Oct.4,1837.

Eunice (widow) and Samuel Lefayour Robbins, Oct.18,1845.

Julia A. and Jeduthan Newton, July5,1846.

Addison and Lydia Willard, Apr.29,1847.


Sarah and John Carney, July28,1846.


Nathan of Charlton and Lucy Farrar, Apr.12,1807.

Maria H. and Hiram M. Wheeler of Shrewsbury, Oct.18,1840 (In Shrewsbury).

Mercy B. and Dexter Rice, Nov.27,1845.

Henry and Mary E. Thompson, May12,1847.

Martha Ann and William P. Hastings, Nov.2,1847.


Lucy and Dionysius Hinckley, June9,1846.

PARK (Parks)

Abigail and Peter Johnson, Oct.12,1758.

Amariah and Elizabeth Holland, both of Sutton, Feb.8,1759.

Mary Ann and Benjamin F. Thomas, Oct.1,1835.

Mary Anna and Horace W. Cleasby of Litchfield, CT, Apr.24,1839.

Louisa J. and Rev. Edward B. Hall of Providence, RI, Oct.1,1840.

Rebecca J. and Alonzo C. Squeirs, both of Millbury, Sept.2,1846.

D.H. and Lura M. Stone, Sept.26,1846.

Marietta and John Whitney, Nov.25,1847.


Elizabeth and Benjamin Stowell, Oct.23,1755 (In Framingham).

Sarah and Jonathan Phillips of Oxford, Mar.6,1760.

Elizabeth and Robert Cook Feb.1,1770.

Anna and John Phillips of Lancaster, Feb.5,1771 (In Lancaster).

Aaron of Holden and Ruth Smith, Apr.2,1794.

Betsey of Shrewsbury and Amos Whitney, Oct.1,1800.

John and Mitty Houghton, Feb.3,1802.

Joshua of Mansfield, CT. and Eleanor Fisk, Mar.4,1804.

Timothy Jr. of Holden and Sophia Patch, Feb.19,1805.

Catherine of Holden and George Moore, Feb.21,1805.

Leonard Moody of Charlestown and Martha Lincoln, May23,1814.

Lucy L. and Jarod Pike, Apr.15,1819.

Hetty L. and Simon Smith, both of Fitchburg, May5,1823.

Henry of Millbury and Matilda Perry, Apr.末,1828.

Philip of Detroit and Caroline Upham, Sept.10,1832.

Elizabeth W. and Francis H. Kinnicutt, Oct.26,1837.

William G. and Louisa H. Streeter of Holden, June3,1838 (In Southbridge).

Adeline and John S. Case, Dec.18,1838.

Wyman and Dolly A. Flagg, Mar.21,1839.

Jane E. and Liberty Bowen, Oct.14,1839.

Sarah and Daniel Holden, Apr.6,1841.

John of Millbury and Jane Bullock of Holden, July10,1844.

Alfred and Elizabeth M. Brooks, May1,1845.

Mary and David Thuck ? May8,1846.

Sarah Rebecca and Joseph Mason, Nov.10,1846.

Samuel and Thirza B. Ballard, Nov.24,1846.

Maria L. and John Heath Knight, Dec.27,1846.

George R. of Norwich, CT. and Harriet C. Dudley, Oct.21,1847.

Charles L. of Southborough and Abbie Penniman, Dec.26,1847.


Mary Ann and Lewis Barnard of Springfield, Sept.2,1839.

Lucretia and William L. Clark, Dec.21,1843.

Almira and Samuel Chism, Oct.3,1847.


Phillis of Lancaster and Worcester Winslow, Apr.5,1780 (In Lancaster).


Bathsheba and Jonas Rice 3d, Dec.3,1751.

Roswell of Petersham and Sarah Slater, Oct.9,1816.

Abigail and Samuel Sturtevant, May6,1840.

Maria S. and Lewis Warren, Aug.1,1841.

Fanny E. and Jonas Monroe, Sept.18,1842.

Joseph and Eleanor Johnson, Dec.13,1847.


William and Margaret H. Seaver, Aug.26,1847.

Orris and Abigail Corbin, wid., of Oxford, Oct.7,1847.


Nabby of Paxton and Reuben Wheaton of Leicester, Apr.1,1802.

Elizabeth and Nathaniel H. Stow, Sept.24,1823.

Horace and Abigail Morse, Dec.7,1828.

Joel of Jamestown, NY, and Azubah Goodale, Feb.15,1831.

Abigail H. and Israel G. Moore, Mar.17,1831.

Elbridge G. and Mary W. Black, May18,1831.

Albert A. and Mary A. Taft Apr.17,1837.

Elbridge G. and Lois W. Harrington, July28,1842.

Harriet E. and Charles L. Tucker of Webster, Sept.15,1847.

Elizabeth J. and Albert H. Gleason, Oct.11,1847.


Nathan of Ipswich and Eunice Adams, Dec.26,1760.

Henry and Hannah Moore, Feb.8,1781.

Joseph and Hannah Flagg, Nov.7,1782.

Sally and Samuel Porter, Apr.19,1790.

Hannah and Tappan Mar. of Sutton, July4,1791.

Joshua and Rebecca Bemis, Apr.21,1794.

Anna and Jonah Newton Knapp, Sept.27,1802.

Eunice and Phinehas Howe, Nov.7,1802.

Sophia and Timothy Parker Jr. of Holden, Feb.19,1805.

Mira and Thomas Stevens, June18,1807.

Eleanor and Charles W.H. Warren of Sutton, Mar.21,1810.

Bathsheba and John A. Lazell of Providence, RI, June14,1811.

Whipple and Sally Willard, Feb.10,1813.

Hannah and Benjamin Chapin, July29,1818.

Leonard and Maria Webb, July26,1819.

Evelina and Austin Harrington, Feb.21,1821.

Joseph and Polly Keyes of Northborough, Mar.31,1825.

Cynthia and Loring Lyon, Mar.17,1829.

Mary E. and Luke Warren, Apr.8,1830.

Rebecca B. and Horatio N. Tower, May26,1831.

Caroline and Augustus Waters, Mar.17,1834.

Laura Ann and Jonas Hartshorn, Sept.22,1835.

Eveline and Jonathan Lyon of Sturbridge, Sept.1,1836.

Leonard A. and Elizabeth Brown, Dec.30,1841.

Sarah and Cyrenus Aldrich, Feb.25,1845.

Mary E. and Enoch P. Rice, June1,1847.


John of Western and Elizabeth McFarland, Oct.14,1772.

Johnson of Ware and Martha McFarland, Mar.6,1787 (In Holden).

Sarah and Cyrus Gale of Northborough, Apr.24,1823.


Andrew of Sudbury and Elizabeth Bond, Oct.22,1761 (In Sudbury).

Sarah A. and Alexander H. Drake, Mar.16,1843.

Martha and John Chickering, Oct.31,1844.


Katharine of Roxbury and Henry Lee, Dec.25,1725 (In Boston).


Augusta and Elijah F., Feb.26,1842.


Edward and Abby F. Fuller, both of Lynn, Oct.13,1848.


Robert M. of Brookfield and Ann Allen, Dec.24,1797.

Ann M. and David T. Brigham, Nov.24,1831.

Jasper C. of West Bloomfield, NY, and Mary C. Snow, Mar.12,1844.


Paul and Fidelia Perry, Jan.11,1842.

Elizabeth and Samuel T. Field, Aug.24,1847 (At Kingston).


Lewis and Mary Laflesh,末蔓末,1841.


Israel and Isabel Brown, both of Paxton, Mar.15,1799.

Abbie and Charles L. Parker of Suthborough, Dec.26,1847.


Elizabeth of Wenham and John Caldwell, Jan.8,1740 (In Wenham).

Ebenezer of Newburyport and Sarah Woodburn, Feb.26,1782 (In Newbury).

James Jr. of Boston and Sarah Paine Jan.11,1786.

Henry G. of Westminster and Martha W. Swaim, Dec.25,1840.

Mary and Charles A. Harrington, Mar.2,1842.

Charles and Lavina A. May, Jan.3,1847.


Joseph and Josephine Robert, Sept.2,1848.


George and Hannah C. Chamberlin, Oct.13,1828.

Diana and Pitt Holmes, May22,1844.

H. Church, wid., and Clarendon Wheelock, Sept.18,1848.


Josiah and Mrs.Jane Wright als Doolittle, Mar.16,1756.

Josiah and Lydia Flagg, Apr.3,1777.

Sarah and Elisha Johnson of Southborough, June9,1778.

Josiah and Prudence Harrington, July6,1780.

Mary and William Harrington, May29,1781.

Moses and Hannah Hall of Uxbridge, Apr.2,1791 (In Uxbridge).

Hannah and Elias Hayden of Sutton, June9,1791.

Simeon and Betty Dodds, both of Holden, Sept.16,1792.

Josiah and Sally Metcalf, Nov.22,1796.

Betsey of Hanover and Joseph Smith, Feb.18,1798.

Lydia and Francis Harrington, May13,1801.

Marcy and John McCendry of Guilford, VT, Oct.19,1808.

Josiah of Spencer, NY, and Lucy Goodenow, Oct.30,1808.

Sophia and Lovell Walker of Hopkinton, Oct.30,1808.

John and Lydia Pierce, Oct.19,1817.

Sarah and Abel Greenwood Jr. of Framingham, Dec.6,1821.

Samuel and Mary Harrington, Dec.8,1823.

Miranda and George W. Houghton of Lancaster, Apr.3,1827.

Matilda and Henry Parker of Millbury, Apr.末,1828.

Catherine M. and Luther Alden of Templeton, May17,1831.

Julia and Josiah Rice, Apr.5,1832.

Mary M. and Dexter Carr, Oct.11,1832.

Frederick A. and Fanny L. Smith, May31,1836.

Dexter H. and Elizabeth A. Baker, Dec.17,1839.

Louisa and Phinehas Howe of Marlborough, VT, Feb.26,1840.

Fidelia and Paul Peckham Jan.11,1842.

Sarah T. and John Ames of Hudson, NY, Oct.12,1843.

Hezekiah of Monson and Harriet Howland, Mar.11,1845.

Mary A. and Sewall Thayer, Apr.16,1845.

Rowland Jr. and Mary H. Tucker, Oct.2,1846.

Elizabeth A. and Alexander K. Richmond, Apr.13,1848.

Hannah H. and Elisha J. Stone of Auburn, Nov.2,1848.

Caroline E. and William S. Barton of Holden, Nov.30,1848.


Moses and Ruth Bucknam of Sutton, Dec.23,1746 (In Sutton).


Mary and Patrick Whelan, Jan.25,1845.


Susan and John Goodell of Millbury, May25,1817.

Benjamin and Eliza Andrews, May19,1818.

Azor R. and Anne J. Ware both of Shrewsbury, Nov.18,1833.

Mary D. and Samuel Wilmarth, Mar.29,1842.

Harriet and Christopher Gray, Mar.31,1842.

Joseph E. and Julia A. Clark, Nov.15,1842.

Adeline A. and Silas I. Brimhall, Mar.30,1843.

Henry and Elizabeth F. Burt, May22,1844.

Henry and Elizabeth S. Eaton, Sept.7,1847.


Jonathan of Oxford and Sarah Parker, Mar.6,1760.

John of Lancaster and Anna Parker, Feb.5,1771 (In Lancaster).

Moses D. and Charlotte Foxcroft, Apr.10,1838.

Frinda F. of Hubbardston and Danforth Benson Jr., Aug.29,1841.

Silas and Lucy M. Bartlett, both of Shrewsbury, Apr.6,1848.


Archelaus and Relief Jones, Sept.22,1804.


John K.L. of Somersworth, NH, and Elizabeth Shepard, Aug.15,1826.


Moses of Weston and Mehitable Rice, Feb.10,1752.

David of Waltham and Huldah Harrington, Jan.22,1755.

Susanna and Isaac Chenery of Holden, July or Sept.15,1768 (In Holden).

Sarah and Cyprian Stephens, Mar.2,1769.

John and Lydia Jones, Aug.16,1770.

David and Kezia Packard, July2,1778.

Lydia and Calvin Glazier of North Shrewsbury, May18,1780.

Abijah and Sarah Bond of Boylston, Mar.20,1789 (In Boylston).

Levi and Persis Robinson of Holden, Apr.9,1789 (In Holden).

Hannah and John Ball Jr. of Northborough, Apr.19,1792.

Sally of Paxton and Hermon Healy, Oct.24,1792 (In Paxton).

Abijah and Nancy Gay, May28,1797.

Seth of Hardwick and Mary McFarland, Apr.16,1799.

Abijah and Chloe Merrifield, Apr.25,1804.

Lydia and William Willington, Nov.30,1808.

Mary and Joseph Crosby of Holden, Aug.30,1809.

Sarah and Jason Mann of Holden, Nov.13,1811.

Martha and Henry Welsh, Nov.8,1815.

Lydia and John Perry, Oct.19,1817.

Clara and James Ramond, Mar.11,1819.

Lucinda B. of Pawtucket, RI. and Henry Earl, Aug.1,1824.

Otis of Dorchester and Sarah Fiske, Apr.5,1825.

Eunice and William Williams, July9,1826.

Isabella and Elihu T. Beaman of Wendall, Sept.5,1836.

George W. of Millbury and Eunice Dodge Fuller, Apr.12,1838.

Keziah and John A. Mirick of Princeton, Oct.5,1842.

Ann Eliza and Nahum Tainter, both of Smithfield, RI, May28,1845.

Harding and Mary W. Johnson, Oct.2,1845.

James R. and Maria L. Stowell, Dec.9,1845.

Martha H. and Otis Conant, Dec.10,1846.

Nancy W. and Charles A. Dinsmore of Grafton, Jan.13,1847.

Albert T. of Fitchburg and Nancy M. Heald of Millbury, July20,1847.


Elijah of Sterling and Mary Brown, Oct.3,1790 (In Boylston).

Jarod and Lucy L. Parker, Apr.15,1819.

James P. and Eliza Webb, July26,1819.

Mary H. and Joseph Seaver, May3,1826.

Eliza, Mrs.and Jeremiah Folsom, Oct.7,1834.

Nathan T. and Ann Maria Hartwell, May5,1846.

Lucy A. of Leicester and Samuel H. Wortman, Dec.31,1846.


Betsey and Lewis Winter, Nov.26,1829.


Catherine and James McScully, May19,1847.


Simon and Betsey Brigham, Mar.10,1819.


Thomas of Boston and Betsey Corbett, Nov.14,1779.

Alice E. and Daniel R. Goodale, Apr.20,1843 (In Holden).


Mary A. and William H. Harris, May7,1845.

Susan M. and Joel B. Harris of Springfield, Dec.30,1847.


Edward and Eunice Goodrich of Lancaster, Nov.11,1769 (At Lancaster).


Caroline and Joshua Whitney, Sept.28,1839.


F. of Leicester and Ashbell Johnson,末蔓末,1770.

Samuel and Sally Patch, Apr.19,1790.

Sarah and John Boies of Waltham, Oct.5,1803.

Rufus and Relief Stowell, Apr.1,1813.

Eliza and Jeremiah Healy of Augusta, GA, Aug.16,1817.

Julia Ann and Joseph D. Wickham of NY, May26,1823.

Samuel A. and Maria Page, Apr.5,1831.

Mary W. and Sewall Holbrook, Oct.18,1837.

Lewis and Angeline Lansway, Nov.26,1848.


Henry and Jane Rowlin, Apr.25,1751.

Lavinia and James Orphin, Oct.5,1834 (In Leicester).

George E. and Martha Draper, both of Sutton, Apr.9,1837.

Adeline and John Mixter, Feb.16,1841 (In Holden).

Lucy and Michael Cooney, Apr.4,1842.

Emeline and Appleton W. Sanderson of Rutland, Apr.20,1842.


Nichols and Sarah Knight, Feb.11,1787 (In Holden).

Azuba and David Wilder of Wendall, Jan.17,1839.

Clark W. and Clarissa E. Allen, Aug.27,1845.

Bridget and Timothy Lynch, Feb.22,1848.


Isaac and Hannah Newton of Southborough, Dec.8,1785 (In Southborough).

Isaac of Ward and Betty Bixby, Feb.21,1786 (In Ward).

Aaron and Betsey Warren,末蔓末,1796.

Shepard of Shrewsbury and Catherine Walker, Nov.26,1801.

Elnathan and Cornelia Bush, May1,1805.

Nathaniel of Sutton and Polly Harrington, Dec.20,1809.

John of Fitchburg and Sally Coes, Dec.29,1811.

Joseph and Caroline Chamberlin, Oct.末,1827.

Stedman and Elvira Bishop, Jan.3,1833.

Catherine and Jason Putnam, Aug.22,1833.

Daniel R. and Ann M. Bryant, Sept.13,1838.

M. and Henry S. Whitney of Stafford, CT, Sept.10,1839.

Susan and James Kettell, Oct.4,1842.

Adeline S. of Shrewsbury and Levi Jackson, Nov.10,1842.

Caroline A.E. and Maturin L. Fisher, Dec.12,1842.

Mary A. and Adam L. Harrington, Apr.17,1843.

Nancy R. and Talliaferro P. Shaffner of Louisville, KY, Oct.9,1845.

Sylvanus and Harriet D. Atkins, Aug.29,1848.


John of Ward and Rebecca Richardson, Nov.9,1779.

Sarah and Zechariah Richardson, both of Ward, Feb.11,1783.

Rufus of Grafton and Mary Wheelock, Feb.25,1823.

Mary T. of Northbridge and Freeman Fuller, Feb.15,1844 (In Sutton).


John and Eliza Rice, both of Shrewsbury, May8,1832.


Anna of Beverly and Lemuel Richardson, Oct.13,1757 (In Beverly).

Charles of Killingly, CT. and Sarah S. Chase of Millbury, May21,1821.

Eleazer F. and Julia Ann Holman, Apr.11,1839.

Samuel and Elizabeth R. Quinn, May24,1841.


John and Catherine Justin, Jan.31,1847.


Caroline D. of Brookfield and Charles A. Mirick, June1,1835 (In Brookfield).

George of Bradford, VT, and Elizabeth F. Brooks, June5,1844.


Peter of Littleton and Mary Ball, June25,1761.

Mingo and Fanny Lewis, Nov.13,1823.

Eloisa and Henry Jackson, Oct.20,1825 (colored).

Harriet D. and Alzirus Brown, Nov.16,1843.


Richard and Jemima Barrell, Mar.1,1801.

Louise and John Smith, Jan.29,1809.

Sophia and John Hall Jr., Mar.27,1834.

Abigail and Henry Johnson Jr., Jan.14,1836 (In Spencer).

Chloe and Henry H. Sparks, both of North Brookfield, May21,1844.

Joseph H. and Olive Tatman, Oct.1,1846.


Phinehas of Sudbury and Mary Ann Noyes, Nov.26,1840.

Maria G. and Barzellai Spencer of Hartford, CT, May2,1842.

Edmund A. of Monson and Almira E. Hoar, Sept.1,1842.

Jane H. and Henry Whitney of Richmond, VA, Apr.21,1846.

Ann E. and Joseph S. Wesby, Oct.21,1846.


Margaret and David Carroll, Oct.6,1841.

Ann and Mark Mihan, July24,1847.


James and Elizabeth Chandler, Sept.20,1754.

Eleanor and Rufus Chandler, Nov.18,1770.

Hannah of Sutton and Jonathan Willard, Nov.25,1773 (In Sutton).

Rebecca and Daniel Willington, Feb.7,1775.

Lucretia and John Nichols 2d of Oxford, May2,1785 (In Ward).

Ebenezer of St. John, NB. and Elizabeth Chandler, Dec.2,1786.

Rebecca and Andrew Adams of Wilbraham, Sept.13,1789 (In Ward).

Jonathan and Lucy Heywood of Concord, June16,1795 (In Concord).

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Newton Jr. of Southborough, Oct.9,1798.

Abner of Shrewsbury and Nancy Stearns, Oct.6,1801.

Sally and Thomas Baird, Oct.13,1805.

Joel and Thankful N. Salter of Shrewsbury, Dec.25,1814.

Charles and Sarah Bragg, Oct.20,1816.

Abner and Patty Carey of Oxford, Oct.末,1822.

Mary and Horace Blackman of Berkshire, NY, Feb.2,1830.

Horace of Leicester and Clarinda Boice, Oct.4,1830.

Jason and Catherine Pratt, Aug.22,1833.

Jonathan R. of Shrewsbury and Sarah Ann Bowen, Sept.24,1834.

George and Amanda M. Fitts, Nov.1,1840.

Parley of Sutton and Julia Ann Walker of Douglas, Feb.3,1841.

Darius and Sarah P. Brigham of West Boylston, Jan.3,1843.

Susan F. and Samuel A. Goss, Mar.23,1843.

Mary Ann and Martin Lathe, Dec.26,1845.

Marietta A. and Marshall L. Drury, Dec.31,1846.

William and Sarah S. Wheelock, Sept.1,1847.

Eunice Elizabeth and Brigham Converse, Nov.25,1847.

Alonzo S. of Sterling and Leafa Ann Woods, May31,1848.


George G. and Mary Bagley, Nov.4,1848.

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